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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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Adding custom terms to en Language pack 4 Mary Cooch
Hebrew Language Pack Keeps Changing 1 Robert Brenstein
How can I translate these phrases into my own language? 1 Tim Hunt
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Translation of Moodle courses 1 José Miguel Andonegi
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Customise language strings per theme 15 Séverin Terrier
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Spelling in French feedback 4 Nicolas Martignoni
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Completion activity help message error. 4 Mónica Sánchez
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How do you translate terms in a customized user profile field name 4 Giovanni Conte
Is it possible to use multilang tags in Frontpage of Moodle? 4 Mary Evans
Adobe Presenter 7 / Right-to-left support 0 alex watt
Moodle 2.3 doesnt apply language pack 2 Mauricio Salles
Language pack improvements 1 Séverin Terrier
Installed Language Packs Don't Show Up 3 Germán Valero
Entering Asian Language Scripts with Tablet? 0 John Lynch
Please vote on this. 1 Tim Hunt
Can I disable Language EN and enable EN_US? 1 Séverin Terrier
multilanguage span tags 43 Sebastien M.
Multilanguage content is OK. What about changing the titles? 8 Robert Brenstein
Language customization - error reading from database 5 David Mudrák
Less than 25 % of the lang strings are visible for students. 15 Ralf Hilgenstock
Status of language translations for Moodle 23 koen roggemans
Bulk user actions: Users in list should be sorted by lastname 0 Joseph Rézeau
Language Customisations with Placeholders (PayPal) 1 David Mudrák
Change 'Surname' labe to read 'Last name' 1 Nicolas Martignoni
Language customization error in Moodle 2.1. 11 Matthias Baume
Language settings affect only quizzes, not lessons 0 Shital Shah
language customization copy to new site 7 Sarah Jane
uploading new language - help?! 10 Sarah Jane
Moodle 2.3.1+ (Build: 20120823) chinesize not completely? 1 koen roggemans
"A required parameter (sesskey) was missing" error when trying to install another language pack. 5 Antonis Mitilinis
Error writing to database 1 Peter Ward
Chinese Language - file upload 1 koen roggemans
Time in ES appears 00:00 but in ES_MX shows 12:00 1 Germán Valero
Multilanguage support for custom menu in russian 1 Joseph Rézeau
Language customization in 2.0 5 Sarah Jane
Error reading from database in language customisation 4 Jean-Luc Delghust
Non Roman Characters in the ASCII fields?? 6 Ray Fried
Course welcome messages contain multilang tags 2 Valentin Dumitru
Problem in Language Pack 0 Omar Oumi
Change the name for "Topic" 3 Jonathan Rabson
Language-specific emails for supportemail setting? 1 Séverin Terrier
Trouble changing "enrol" to "enroll" 3 Cheryl Turner Elwell
Rieb Colegio Orientación de Lagos de Moreno 0 Eulalia Cruces
How to Make a New Language Pack? 3 Bodo Hoenen
How can I add localized course name? 1 Rosario Carcò
Simultaneous multi-language use 1 Rosario Carcò
Box with diacritics? 2 E T
add text on login page 1 Teresa Gibbison
Change header when select other language 1 Robert Brenstein
How do I go about getting the Chinese language pack uploading into my Moodle site? 2 Sarah Cater
Comunicación oral y escrita. 0 Maria Hernandez
Moodle course translation tutorial 0 José Miguel Andonegi
Importing localization into official translation 1 Mikael Kurula
Create a new language Pack! 2 Jeff Kissinger
Chinese Topics and Resources in Moodle 2.0 4 Faisal Kaleem
Adding bilingual content 4 David Mudrák
Multi-language not displaying in Chinese 0 Joni Seth
Language Repository 2 Mikael Kurula
Lang file for the TinyMCE 2 Patrick Juhl
Moodle courses translation 9 José Miguel Andonegi
Translating course content 2 José Miguel Andonegi
Terminology - what do you define as a course/subject? 8 koen roggemans
New German language package: Community 1 koen roggemans
Translating strings in non-core modules 5 David Mudrák
I have problem with Arabic text 1 koen roggemans
how to add lang (display string ) in newly created feature(patch) 1 David Mudrák
Why can` t change as default romanian language? 1 David Mudrák
How to change admin language 12 Robert Brenstein
Can't change language on login page 1 SVI eSolutions
problem with language 5 David Mudrák
Setting language during login 1 David Mudrák
Language customizations lost on upgrade 3 David Mudrák
Language-specific activities? 2 Joseph Rézeau
Error al comprobar cadenas de texto en traductor 0 Hernan Jaime
Editing multiple strings at once 0 Jaume Albaigès
Acceso a internet 0 Mario Granados
Change the name of the language pack 1 David Mudrák
Escribir en chino 1 koen roggemans
Tatat language by me 2 Oleg Mikheev
Language Editing (EN-UTF8) for MetaCourses 2 David Mudrák
Afrikaans Resources 0 John Andrewartha
Language Problems 3 Joseph Rézeau
Language Customisation only working once 9 David Mudrák
multi-language in profile 15 David Mudrák
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Problem with language install (ver 2) 3 Ashish Srivastava
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Change Email Confirmation Link not Sent 19 Can ERDOGAN
Language pack file descriptions 6 Scott Karren
Trying to develop Multi-Lang within theme settings pages 8 Fouzi Sukhilala