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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Translations for a Gapfill example question 1 Joseph Rézeau
Multilingual content - different content for every language 3 Séverin Terrier
Language customization results in Coding error detected 3 David Mudrák
Text string for quiz 2 Robert Hegestedt
Login page language based on selected course language 2 Andreas Panagiotopoulos
No entries in AMOS for contributed plugin 4 Howard Miller
How could I change "Login into your account" and "Remember username" into Indonesian 1 Helen Foster
Language package in Italian: translation of months 1 David Mudrák
AMOS is down 2 David Mudrák
Create custom multilang footer 4 Brunetto Spinelli
Displaying default language strings instead of customized one on Moodle migration to new server 1 Séverin Terrier
Using language selection menu to redirect users to external Moodle site 4 Yannick Vrolant
Problems with dates translations 7 Jeremy Luedtke
Privacy policy in different languages 3 David Mudrák
Preferred Language option is not available into the edit profile page 4 Toungi SK
Multiple Assessment in Multiple Languages same certificate 0 Christine Hanrahan
New User Welcome EMail in Different Languages 2 Stephen Oxlade
Calendar and date in wrong language 4 Séverin Terrier
Unable to open the installed language pack for customisation 1 koen roggemans
Strings used to report SPAM are not translated 3 Helen Foster
Language not enforces 3 Helen Foster
Multilanguage in plain text fields 0 Miriam Bérubé
Confused about default language setting 8 Miriam Bérubé
Language changes only after logging out / in again (multilang filters) 4 David Mudrák
How to switch between two local languages, always keeping the English translation? 5 Visvanath Ratnaweera
en_us and en 1 David Mudrák
What is "non-privileged users"? 4 David Mudrák
Adjust Email text 1 David Mudrák
I want to change my language 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Language Pack Customization 3 Payman Zafar
Change logo according to language 6 Francis Mashalla
multilingual 1 Séverin Terrier
Multi-lang problem 1 Joost Elshoff
Character limitations greatly affect multilanguage support 10 Michael Milette
Email Notifications are in English 1 Robert Brenstein
How to customize email subject of user account confirmation message using language strings ? 5 Séverin Terrier
Importing quiz questions with answers 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Simplify access to language customisation? 5 Séverin Terrier
Mails sent in wrong language – tried seemingly everything and am at my wit's end. 2 Robert B
Find string identificator of words at message module 2 Sergio Comerón Sánchez-Paniagua
Glossary sorting mixed up with Norwegian char 'Å' and 'A' 3 Helen Foster
Preferred language reset to 'en' when using Office 365 SSO 6 Joost Elshoff
Take multilingual content to next level - Moved from Themes Forum 9 Albert Leatherman
Moodle Multilang span tags do not work with the course heading. 6 Helen Foster
Moodle weird language bug/anomaly 2 Emilis Pakur
User profile custom field in newusernewpasswordsubj 1 Dave Varon
Missing language strings after update 0 BalBino Fernández Revuelta
Change the text of the button at the front page 2 Mauricio Salvador
The English language pack cannot be uninstalled 3 David Mudrák
Using Font Awesome in Language Customization 2 Simon Irvine
Converting translation files to PO format 0 Dashamir Hoxha
Multi-lang bug with glossary 1 Helen Foster
Bug in TinyMCE? 0 John Jackson
i want to change string of "Moodle development" into spanish langaue 1 David Mudrák
Translation to another language - Traducción a otra lengua 1 Helen Foster
Translation mark up code for course titles appearing on Dashboard etc 3 Helen Foster
Error 1 David Mudrák
multilanguage in 'first time here' page 7 Helen Foster
language dropdown not displayed - Boots logon page 2 Jacques LeCavalier
Language pack - where do I find new user login information to customise/change? 1 Helen Foster
Lang pack 'nn' become 'nn_old' after update 2 Mohammad kabir
change "Course" to "Assessments" 4 Ravi Sreedharan
how to change Log In block text 2 Rahul Rai
How Language string working in moodle 2 Rahul Rai
cURL to language packs failing due to IP6 on Bluehost 0 Randy Thornton
Error when trying update language packs 14 Dinis Medeiros
Image added to firsttime string? 1 Drew Mirque
Welcome message customisation won't change text 2 Leticia Dark-rose
Multilanguage file resource 1 David Mudrák
Moodle page loading issue with Arabic language 4 Mark Brand
Accessing Language Customization 3 Helen Foster
Multilanguage static pages 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Translating the language menu itself 8 Visvanath Ratnaweera
language perferance 1 Mary Evans
Language Pack for Punjabi 2 Randy Thornton
Name sorting problems in Holland Dutch 0 koen roggemans
News Forum doesn't change language 8 David Mudrák
Multilanguage and Competencies 0 Leonide Principe
Multilang and block headers 5 Filipe Ferreira
New Language install/Add into Moodle Mobile app 1 Helen Foster
Translation is not complete 1 David Mudrák
Answer of quiz is displayed in 2 languages 0 Madelon Brouwer
Moving away from Lithuanian uni 1 David Mudrák
Want to Keep lang menu language for next page 0 Salman Zaidi
When I login to the site, i always keep getting the English language. 5 Salman Zaidi
language strings for notifications 6 ben reynolds
Edit Email Message Look 10 Helen Foster
Can't change language 3 Christian Dechler
Site tags management in Multilanguage 0 Leonide Principe
Multilanguage 8 Leonide Principe
Urdu Language Pack 9 Tajuddin Bennur
Sanskrit Language Pack 1 David Mudrák
Bug: Double "&" in the url 0 Mohammad kabir
Made Language block. How to copy language code of menu and put to my block. 4 Mohammad kabir
change text in question page in quiz 3 Fahima MO
show available courses depending on language selection 5 Filipe Ferreira
Language selective user editable string 1 Germán Valero
Change the password reset link sent in email 1 David Mudrák
Change "quiz" to "test 1 Robert Brenstein
User language preference not saved 2 Kenny Acock