Language selective user editable string

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Language selective user editable string

Hi Moodle,

In the very useful user accesible option:  /themes/themesettings-  Custom menu items,  we can, in simple way, create top header menu, providing own strings and url's. 

How to make the option "language sensitve", i.e. to let user provide different strings, displayed depending on current  language in Moodle?

It would be extremally precious, since all the comprehensive language pack's installed in /moodledata/lang/ folders attracting particular site creation proces, while the most important is to get language adaptive site appearance. This header custom menu is an excellent navigation way, may be even set as exclusive, in many Moodle applications, so possibility of language cusomisation will make a substantial advantage.


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Germán and temudgin
Re: Language selective user editable string
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In the Documentation there are a couple of pages that might be what you are looking for:

Have you read these pages?

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