how to change Log In block text

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Re: how to change Log In block text


This is the English language file for your block. If you are not an English speaker, you can replace 'en' with your appropriate language code. All language files for blocks go under the /lang subfolder of the block's installation folder.

Moodle 2.0 and above require a name for our plugin to show in the upgrading page. We set this value, along with the capabilities we created and any other language strings we wish to use within the block, in a language package as previously mentioned (the same file where we put our string for the plugin title).

The capabilities added above need descriptions for pages that allow setting of capabilities. These should also be added to the language file.

$string['pluginname'] = 'Simple HTML block';
$string['simplehtml'] = 'Simple HTML';
$string['simplehtml:addinstance'] = 'Add a new simple HTML block';
$string['simplehtml:myaddinstance'] = 'Add a new simple HTML block to the My Moodle page';

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