Glossary terms in Chinese

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Glossary terms in Chinese

I'm starting a Moodle course for my students who are learning Chinese language. Whole course is using English as the first language. I would like to create a dictionary of Chinese language based on the lessons my students are learning.

I have created the categories for each lesson but the problem is that I have (which sounds most logical) when added a new entry named the concept in Chinese language (basically the word I'm introducing is the text in "concept"  (for example if I'm introducing the word "you" I would add a new entry, and under concept write "你") and then give the English explanation of the word and some examples under "definition".

This works fine, but the problem is I can't search Chinese words (even they are mentioned both in "concept" and at least once in "definition" text. All my Chinese words are put in browse under "special".

If I enter "你" as a search term ("Search full text" checked) I get "No entries found in this section".

If I search any word in latin letters there is no problem with the search.

Any idea how to make the glossary search for Chinese characters?

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Re: Glossary terms in Chinese
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Sorry to hear of your problems searching for Chinese words in your glossary.

The problem of only having one alphabet for browsing has been reported previously as MDL-22233. Please feel free to create a tracker account then you can vote for the issue to be fixed, and watch it to receive email notifications of updates.

I just tried adding a glossary entry including "你", then entered it as a search term. The entry was found. Thus it seems your problem is specific to your set-up.

I'm going to move this discussion to the Languages forum where lots of character experts hang out...
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Re: Glossary terms in Chinese
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I'm unable to replicate this issue, and it does not tie into MDL-22233 AFAIK.

Can you please confirm on a supported version of Moodle and if this is still an issue, open a new issue on the tracker for this issue.

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