Moodle weird language bug/anomaly

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Moodle weird language bug/anomaly

So I noticed a bug in the moodle language pack. I'm using the lt and lt_uni 3.4 language packs.

Literally everything is fine, except month selection translated text.

The month selection manu array is displayed as "sausis,vasaris,kovas,balandis,,birelis,liepa,rugpjtis,rugsjis,spalis,lapkritis,gruodis" (the the 5'th month is missing completely (May)).

The translation in the files is "Sausis,Vasaris,Kovas,Balandis,Gegužė,Birželis,Liepa,Rugpjūtis,Rugsėjis,Spalis,Lapkritis,Gruodis".

I suspected that moodle somehow cant parse LT symbols/alphabet or something. But thats weird because everywhere else the symbols are fine and displayed correctly. So I tried everything in my power to find and fix this issue:

1. Download/Update language packs

2. Completely delete language packs (and they did, didnt even show in the language menu)

3. Added brand new ones (3.4), and they appeared alright. (but the month selection was still in broken Lithuanian)

4. Cleared cache

5. Modified the files myself (moodledata\lang\lt_uni\editor_tinymce.php & moodledata\lang\lt_uni\attendance.php)

6. Edited the "moodledata\lang" files and the "moodle\lang" also.

7. Grep'ed the entire moodle and moodledata fodlers for the correct and broken strings (only found some arrays in the files listed above).

8. Queried the SQL server with no luck...

9. Restarted the server and cleared temp/cache dirs...

10. Nothing helps... the month string arrays is still broken....and I have no clue where it's getting the data from, because I tried to replace every month in that array with "test" of the language pack files and moodle didnt update the weird.

11. Modyfing in the Site administration -> Language -> Language customisation shows that the changes have been made and they are saved, even the "lt_local" files are created, but the month array still shows old broken strings :D

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Re: Moodle weird language bug/anomaly
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I suspect it may be related to

Moodle uses the month names as given by the server's operating system, via the installed locales. In your particular case, maybe that the lt_LT.UTF-8 locales is not available on the server.

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Re: Moodle weird language bug/anomaly

Thanks for the quick reply smile This server is running Windows sadly(I'm a linux guy), so I'll try the locale settings later. Quite busy today. Will update.

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