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PinnedMonthly Online Community Developer Meetings: Second Thursday of each month 8 Manali Kadam
RFC: subplugins.php conversion to JSON 7 Andrew Nicols
execute custom function after clicking a button 0 Andreas Panagiotopoulos
why do I see 2 cron instances? 22 Jerry Lau
A new plugin needed? 3 Dan Marsden
Call for GSOC project mentors 3 Mike Churchward
Housekeeping: redundant data/data retention 2 Chris Nelson
For organization 0 Nitin Khandagale
Moodle Database Questions about gradings 0 Peter Giudes
Possible idea: get core/ajax to track whether we have a working connection to Moodle 2 Tim Hunt
3.6 install 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Frontpage available courses change layout overriding render 0 Gaizka MG
Forbidden 403 message when wanting to browse user profile 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Course View Event Not Working 4 Sooraj Singh
How to add custom price fields for the course page? 0 Gihan Nadeera
How to add a new page? 2 Colin Bernard
Privacy API for auth plugins 6 Mike Churchward
Moodle 3.5 self registration mail failed: Tried to send you an email but failed! auth_emailnoemail error 0 Benoît M
Mobile theme for existing project 0 Ilyas Ilyasov
Rendering wide table from plugin 0 Peter Eliyahu Kornfeld
Archive certificate in moodle 3.6 0 Youssef Elhanafi
Pagination 0 Amit Ringola
Moodle and clean URL's 3 Martin Mastny
Are you working on mobile support for a plugin? 0 Marcus Green
How can I get the modified content to be displayed on the page right away? 4 wind yang
Activity plugin with single page application in view.php 0 Benedikt Kulmann
Chatbot 4 Richard Jones
Filter embed word documents 4 Visvanath Ratnaweera
problem with my new course format 5 Mark Johnson
Modifying the myprofile/Logged in User block 1 Chris Pratt
Quizz - link to first question 1 Jon Bolton
Add Custom field to New Event 1 Iman Yasmin
Moodle 3.6 Certificate 1 Mark Johnson
Line exceeds maximum limit of 180 characters; contains 276 characters 1 Davo Smith
Where are the images ? / create_file_from_string function 2 Lythande Lister
The opening 2 Linda Ahmed
Assign Role search users by id along with name and email 4 Amir Mustafa
How to use $CFG->customfrontpageinclude 4 Leonardo Peçanha
Display username in flexible_table 1 Davo Smith
Popup notification of new personal messages. 0 Ruslan None
Add session value without lougout 2 Ricardo Souza
Google+ APIs and OAuth requests are being shutdown 5 Thinh Dang
Redirect user to another page if an activity is unavailable 1 Andy Smith
Additional plugin options - Quiz 2 Paul K
My activity module does not generare link to view.php 0 Alcides rodríguez
Clicking help icon launches new page instead of AJAX popup 0 Mike Finch
SQL union: Did you remember to make the first column something unique in your call to get_records? 2 Diane Soini
File API + Custom course format: Sorry, the requested file could not be found 0 Rogier Wijnands
How to edit "course/edit.php" with my custon theme ? 0 Vinicius Geo
"Failed to load task" error for non-existent plugin 4 Davo Smith
Can you override a moodle form - asked but never answered 1 Darko Miletić
Mustache - "Failed to write cache file" - HELP 0 David Lowe
How to prevent the server files from being accessible by users 15 Ken Task
Quiz review: add category name to question 2 Anatoly Klochko
Update Badge issue date 10 James Todd
file_storage class not found 1 Kirkland Seaweed
I want the values "moodle_user_info_data" of a user 1 Davo Smith
Error while duplicating course 9 Alonso Pinar Mora
Prevent Moodle Mobile app kicking users out after resetting their policy agreement value 0 Daniel Romero
Executing a bash file on server once a new signup is done 4 mina bebawy
Changing of icons in left nav bar 3 Chelsy Ann Koshy
Enrol student for a specific time 0 Payam Yasaie
Restoring a course fails with FORMAT_UNKNOWN 3 Perry Way
upgrading from 2.8 to 3.6 4 Colin Fraser
JavaScript doesn't get used in theme 0 Nico L
Fix input Error ! ? 0 basma Ezz
Moodle activities dialogue 0 Arun D
moodle_database::get_in_or_equal() does not accept empty arrays 1 Andrew Nicols
Upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4 broke our Enrolment block plugin - need help 0 Vladimir Miranovic
Modal in Moodle 2 Richard Oelmann
Updating AWS ec2-instance 0 Marios Theo
Completions: SCORM vs. Activity vs. Course 2 Olli Savolainen
Activity module in moodle 1 Neill Magill
Breadcrumbs on Overview not updating 2 Altos Agency
Extracting Information from a Moodle Course 0 Animesh KC
Setting default access restrictions 1 Darko Miletić
Moodle Rework 2 Darko Miletić
Moodle Mobile app environment set up problem for latest version 3.6.0 0 Esther Saratha
How to Override renderer : /course/classes/output/activity_navigation.php 2 Nicolas JOURDAIN
Biometric authentification for exams 2 Dan Marsden
Block regions moodle 3.1 to 3.5 0 Diane Soini
How to add my own Editor? 1 Davo Smith
How to add my own filter? 3 Helen Foster
Changing default course images for all courses 1 Yao-Ting Huang
Programming error detected. This needs to be fixed by a programmer: Output can not be buffered before instantiating table_dataformat_export_format 7 Darko Miletić
Cron Based Issue 10 Deependra Singh
How to get a sibling admin_category of 'Site administration' ? 1 Mike Finch
Forum Task locktimeout Error 0 Eva E
New Installation - HTTP ERROR 500 0 Petrus Vermaak
Slow IE 11 performance with YUI2 TreeView 1 Darko Miletić
How to load image with $PAGE->theme->setting_file_url 0 Sachintha Alvitigala
unable to add my js libraries 0 nicolas bernier
How to integrate paypal for a course 2 Garrett Boone
Scheduled Tasks and Multiple Crons 8 Fred Woolard
Found more than one record in fetch() ! Error 10 Terus E-learning
Privacy API compliance question (Deletion/Export from an external source) 1 joseph malmsten
Moodle Review Apps / CD pipeline for institution going DevOps 2 Brian Merritt
How to design my own login page and course page? 1 Alan Ball
Auto-Populate Online Text Assignment 0 Alex N
Adaptable & Moodle 3.6.1 Dashboard issue 9 Nikolaos Politopoulos