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PinnedMonthly Online Community Developer Meetings: Second Thursday of each month 7 Tim Hunt
How to add my own filter? 1 Richard Jones
Changing default course images for all courses 1 Yao-Ting Huang
How to add my own Editor? 0 Hervé NDOGUEFOUBA
Programming error detected. This needs to be fixed by a programmer: Output can not be buffered before instantiating table_dataformat_export_format 7 Darko Miletić
Error while duplicating course 0 Bastian Cisternas Coquedano
Cron Based Issue 10 Deependra Singh
How to get a sibling admin_category of 'Site administration' ? 1 Mike Finch
Forum Task locktimeout Error 0 Eva E
New Installation - HTTP ERROR 500 0 Petrus Vermaak
Slow IE 11 performance with YUI2 TreeView 1 Darko Miletić
Biometric authentification for exams 1 Guido Hornig
How to load image with $PAGE->theme->setting_file_url 0 Sachintha Alvitigala
unable to add my js libraries 0 nicolas bernier
How to integrate paypal for a course 2 Garrett Boone
Scheduled Tasks and Multiple Crons 8 Fred Woolard
Found more than one record in fetch() ! Error 10 Terus E-learning
Privacy API compliance question (Deletion/Export from an external source) 1 joseph malmsten
Moodle Review Apps / CD pipeline for institution going DevOps 2 Brian Merritt
How to design my own login page and course page? 1 Alan Ball
Update Badge issue date 9 James Todd
Auto-Populate Online Text Assignment 0 Alex N
Adaptable & Moodle 3.6.1 Dashboard issue 9 Nikolaos Politopoulos
BUG - when adding a permission to an activity 2 Helen Foster
Acesso negado 0 Lídia Medeiros
BUG - when submitting an activity that actions an email to be sent 2 Chris Swinney
boost fontawesome graphic changes 4 Jean-Roch Meurisse
Implementing Ontology in Moodle 6 Marcus Green
Script to run import on CLI? 6 Rex Lorenzo
CAS Authentication failed! 2 Vernan Grinch
Remove Log Link From Admin Menu Moodle 3.2 3 Neill Magill
Purchase Multiples 0 Alisa Natal
Moodle randomly crashes with iOS devices (iPhone/iPads) 3 Colin Fraser
Site asks to upgrade - Unable to proceed 1 Tim Hunt
Module name and id 1 Marco J
Moodle mobile app installation getting error. 0 Shahid Khan
Help! reversibility of moodle default jquery lib. 2 Sandipa Mukherjee
Replacement for Active Quiz? 9 Ken Masters
HEADS UP: Moodle 3.6.2 release (and other minor versions) - January 14th 0 Sander Bangma
Error after php upgrade 13 Andrew Nicols
How to use file_rewrite_pluginfile_urls function in a local plugin? 2 Sameera K
Weird behavior of curl in moodle enviroment (V3.1) 4 Tim Hunt
Call for GSOC project mentors 0 David Mudrák
Which course or education is suitable for upcoming developers or future? 0 Stellen Infotech
Plugin : Ajax call without token 12 Mathieu Domingo
profile image 0 santhosh kumar
Privacy API: user data containing other users' data 0 Zander Potgieter
New page on how to make question types work on mobile 0 Marcus Green
Paypal for contributors 6 Justin Hunt
I want to manager role restrict how i can 0 Shahid Khan
Can translate footer on HTML? 3 Emi Ser
Implementing like feature in moodle wiki 1 Stuart Mealor
Moodle for a LMS in JAVA 2 Padma Gangasani
GDPR export/delete number of records per plugin 4 Andrew Nicols
Integration of Moodle and VETtrak 1 Darko Miletić
Backporting myoverview block for moodle 3.5? 1 Andrew Nicols
In activities Dialogue plugin 0 Arun D
Help , Create New Plugin 5 Marcus Green
change in web-service api behavior: VALUE_OPTIONAL 0 Dorel Manolescu
override js function 0 Mohit Shah
Hiding the version of wiki for users 4 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Generate Path for the image. 19 Elias Espino
Override myoverview in theme 3 A Guy
calendar names of months (but not days) always show in english 3 Stamos Spiliotis
Assign badge to user depending on articulate score 0 Michał Ludynia
PSR style logger 9 Guy Thomas
Install completion progress in a 3.6 version 2 Mary Cooch
2 Examiner marks should be averaged 0 Surbhi Jain
Unable to add custom siteurl 0 Bashir uddin
Moodle - Access URL Parameters 1 Jean-Roch Meurisse
Moodle - Events Log 1 Jean-Roch Meurisse
A problem with marking up languages in titles for screen readers 2 Tim Hunt
How to refresh course module availability without purging all caches 3 Mike Finch
SCORM issue on Chrome, works fine on rest 1 Melanie Scott
Form autocomplete with jQuery 3 Justin Hunt
Showing embedded images from course to logged out user 1 Niall Sheehan
facetoface plugin 1 Davo Smith
Easy Sharing Across Courses -- Project Format & Sharing Cart 130 Don Hinkelman
Cannot display help for element within a group 1 Tim Hunt
add link to mod/quiz/view.php 0 Mohamed Mahmoud
Missing label in a forms element 0 Joseph Rézeau
Newly uploaded files in /Repository not showing in moodle's file picker 1 David Torres
Block Database Upgrade Moodle 3.5.2 3 Dave Emsley
Unable to remove user role assignments of plugin from UI 1 Madhu Avasarala
Where should I store block state for session duration? 0 Kevin Wiliarty
Useful SQL Queries? 319 Joel Mendoza Puche
How to use CSS rules only on Page Course Index with SCSS? 4 Emi Ser
Calling plugin's lib.php functions from task worker 7 Garrett Boone
adding an image url to an entry in a question type table 2 Tim Hunt
Error from externallib.php - need help debugging 5 Mike Churchward
Mustache Renderer Javascript/Ajax 5 Mathieu Domingo
Insert courses via API from external DB 1 Dorel Manolescu
Integrating rubric functionality to my moodle module 3 Marcus Green
Javascript error 2 Justin Hunt
In db/install.xml, failed to find table prefixes format_classroom 1 Mike Churchward
Invalid; expected error. 3 Nilesh Pathade
Prevent table deletion when uninstalling a plugin 1 Andrew Nicols
Moodle Developers Course 2 Richard Jones
customized web application 0 vijay krishna
Obtaining Private Files 3 Nikolay Nikolov