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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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Wrong language for imported users 1 koen roggemans
Welsh Language pack v1.5 2 Terry Jackson
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Language issues 0 Jean-Marc Leblond
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Missing help files 1 David Mudrák
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Japanese characters appear as ???? 0 Krystie A
Arabic Characters Not Displaying 9 koen roggemans
how can one contribute? 2 koen roggemans
Editng help files 3 koen roggemans
Laguage is gone 1 David Mudrák
A new Community Discussion course 1 Helen Foster
UTF-8 migration code wants language packs in dirroot/lang/ instead of dataroot/lang? 4 koen roggemans
language filters in the header 3 Jim Eckhardt
edit login block language 3 Tim Hunt
Coptic language pack for windows 1 koen roggemans
Change language titles. 3 Ralf Hilgenstock
New "Language" Pack 5 koen roggemans
Coptic language pack for windows 0 george byshay
Translation source files for Moodle 1.9 2 Leang Chumsoben
Language editing: changes in 1.9 1 Ralf Hilgenstock
old doc files and updated lang packages 1 koen roggemans
langue Française 1 koen roggemans
get_string() improvements proposal 4 Leang Chumsoben
User Profile Display error in Hebrew 2 Shai Spieler
Moodle localization methodology 13 Leang Chumsoben
Language Evaulation Project 19 Rashan Anushka
Russian and English 2 Kyösti Vaara
Moodle total messages 3 Sarveswaran Kengatharaiyer
en_us_utf8 updates needed 1 koen roggemans
Automatic update of language package while updating in 1.9 11 David Mudrák
Additional languages fail to display 1 David Mead
Croatian lang pack grammar-insensitive! 5 Tim Hunt
Customized Help Files 2 David Mudrák
language display problem 3 Leang Chumsoben
Where did it go? 1 Helen Foster
Problem with Hungarian Characters 2 Petr Gajdoš
I have created a language pack for hindi 4 mahesh patil
Login Message 2 David Barszczak
Support for double - byte characters 1 koen roggemans
Language Packs Disapear 1 Verdon Vaillancourt
Default Language and related issues in Moodle 1.8 7 Pedro salazar
Cannot access to the docs folder files... 0 Miki Alliel
Why charset changes when I'm logging ? 11 peter m
Translating problem 5 Sarveswaran Kengatharaiyer
Locale - Translation - help me 1 Séverin Terrier
Languages are making me crazy! 17 David Mudrák
Error in Portuguese Br translations. 0 Leonardo Terra
fr lang pack causing an issue 3 Nicolas Martignoni
no available language packs on langimport.php page 0 Tim Scott
Additional Modules and Lang Files. 0 Ralf Hilgenstock
How to create a new course in 'Community Discussion (in other languages)' here?? 0 Finjon Kiang
UTF8 Convertor 3 Iñaki Arenaza
characterset chart 2 Mauno Korpelainen
Got problem when install new language 6 Giovanni Borzi
Hi i have arabic data in RTF File 0 shahid Yousaf
Changing Teacher to Facilitator 2 Helen Foster
strange things on language pack 2 Juan Marín
Translators on demand? 8 Carlos Vargas
Problem when displaying arabic file names, PLZ help??? 0 Mohammed Galal
currencies.php modification request 1 koen roggemans
$ symbol instead of £ 1 koen roggemans
Unable to upload my translation on the CVS server 1 koen roggemans
2 multilanguage questions 6 koen roggemans
Quality checks of translations 1 Andy Wood
Added languages not displayed 1 David Mudrák
Local language 13 J duran
Unable to activate Prefered Language Option 1 tsukareta desu
can u change to english 0 hoang anh
Tamil language 3 usha ganesan
Important bug in lang.php fixed 6 David Mudrák
Language settings not working with SSL 1 mark furrer
Who would like to help the translation of Traditional Chinese for 1.8 ?? 0 Finjon Kiang
Problems with 1.7.1+ utf-8 migration with custom language packs (but in 1.6.3 works properly) 0 Juan Marín
Translators - please vote for the bug 8330 0 David Mudrák
Translation status checker for each language online? 1 David Mudrák
Help files in localised language pack 6 David Mudrák
Japanese language in moodle 1.7 2 robert maran
Default Language Option Issue 5 Adolfo Franco
unicode 3.1 characters (above v.2) 1 Matthias Arnold
String Names are getting longer and longer 10 David Mudrák
Urdu 3 koen roggemans
Icelandic Language for Moodle 1.7 2 Shahid Naeem
the "moodledata" folder and file names in the greek language appear in ????? 1 Shahid Naeem
being able to select a language from all pages in a site 5 Name FName
Translating Content into Multi Languages "On The Fly" 3 Name FName
Course Categories in different languages possible? 8 Nicolas Martignoni
New de_du-Language Package 5 Ralf Hilgenstock
RFC: new capabilities for language translation needed? 2 David Mudrák
Flushing the Language Cache 1 David Mudrák
Need to change the word assignment in one course 0 David Siemens
Table of the BD of moodle 1,6, equivalent in the BD of moodle 1.7 1 Gordon Bateson
strange signs instead of "ü" 8 Tormod Aagaard
hi difficulties with activity language 1 Timothy Takemoto
language problems when moving to 1.6 3 Richard Ramsay
Dataroot Path 4 shoba s
Language Import Utility Problem 1 Yu Zhang