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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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language customization in file picker 2 Nyree Williams
Customisation of alternative text on smilies do not work in ver. 2.1.1+ 3 Bente Olsen
True / False Question options not translating to Italian 3 Tim Hunt
Browse the glossary by more than one alphabet 0 Joseph Rézeau
Problem with translating new field in moodle 2.0 1 Mohammad Mahmoudiyeh
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Telugu translation 3 koen roggemans
I append new file to lang pack but have an error 8 Mary Evans
Text not traslated to spanish (Moodle 1.9.13+ (Build: 20110907)) 0 Anthony M
Pirate Language Pack (Draft 1) now released 6 John Holmes
String needed for Custom feedback on a per question base 2 Joseph Rézeau
Why don't multilang class and lang work in custom settings 0 Mary Evans
Language customization in 2.0 16 Doi Tran
Can We use Urdu Language fo E Mailling 1 koen roggemans
Tips for finding the right php 7 Joseph Rézeau
database activity and french accent 0 Pierre Clavet
How do you translate terms in a customized user profile field 3 Pierre Clavet
Next-Previous Language String Customization 1 David Mudrák
Subject/Topic 2 Joseph Rézeau
lang files in 1.9 need to update link. 0 Aparup Banerjee
Uml use case diagram of Medical store software 1 Dan Marsden
Possible errors in Dutch language-pack 4 Sytske van Hasselt
M 2 Hub Server Drop Down 'enrol' 4 Anthony Borrow
Saving local language edits 4 James Hartill
Problema para recibir mensajes privados 0 Mónica Portillo
Error in language customization. 2 Emanuel Delgado
Language customization in 2.0.2 7 Prof Larsen
Creating a 'child' language pack for a non-English language 2 Simon Coggins
A gem of a tool for English teachers: Marginalia forum web annotation tool for Moodle 1.9 and Moodle 2.0. 0 Frankie Kam
Problem translating 'close' in quiz 6 Tim Hunt
dont change video installed on body when we change language 0 gunseli ozkan
inquisit 0 kirill fayn
Not changing languages? 5 LeelaVinodh Ramachandran
Multilang filter and frontpage menubar in Arctic 4 koen roggemans
multi-language spans: site name and description 1 koen roggemans
How many Moodle 1.9 lang packs are complete? 3 Nicolas Martignoni
Multilanguage content not display 0 dina patil
1 site 2 languages 2 SVI eSolutions
Error in date format - how to correct? 9 Bente Olsen
Moodle.php 3 David Mudrák
Question marks when querying DB 3 Joseph Rézeau
Modulo de lenguaje no funciona 1 Teresa Gibbison
Name and Date not Appearing with Other Languages Selected 9 Joseph Heekin
The Spanish language is not 100% translated 2 David Mudrák
Mi Moodle 2.0 no está al 100% traducido al espanol 0 Elliott Smith
When I enter content I get only question marks 31 Martyn Mayfield
Little bug in Italian translation? 1 Andrea Bicciolo
How to install and enable UNICODE?!!! 12 Andrew Osiname
Swahili lang pack empty 6 David Mudrák
Unable to install language pack 1 Joachim Vogelgesang
Using Gujarati fonts other than Unicode 3 Jitesh Tandel
MIs cuestionarios en Moodle se perdieron 0 Susana Carrera
Forum titles don't get translated 0 Valentin Dumitru
Errors when changing translations. No variable substitution. 3 Jens Jahnke
Multilanguage content 8 Jeff Forssell
Supporting multiple languages and loosing rich css formatting 0 Alex Parsy
My module isn't using the lang file 7 Victor Martin
Problem installing language 1 David Mudrák
Changes at mdl_report_customlang has no effect 4 Hartmut Tung
Links in language strings? 1 David Mudrák
Facing problem to locate language file I created 5 David Mudrák
Moodle in Punjabi 2 Helen Foster
When I edit any word I get a missing string error 4 Yoel Shapiro
problem installing dutch on 2.0.2 4 Helen Foster
problems with languages display on other pages than homepage (in not connected mode) 1 mark furrer
Edit language names in language dropdown 7 Joseph Rézeau
The problem is when you raise the file name in Arabic where it is downloading and encrypt the file name 0 abdallah abualia
Problem with Language pack 4 Juan Emilio Fuentes
Support for community contributions added into AMOS 3 Séverin Terrier
problemas con el idioma 0 antonio cuenca
module name [[module]] 0 Alberto Lietor Santos
Language editing resets after logout 4 Lyvsy Polansky
inserting image 6 Stefan Eberhard
Installing default language in /moodle/lang instead of /moodledata/lang 2 Adrien Guillo
only english in block edit form? 6 David Mudrák
[[Missing Strings]] in en and en_us only 3 David Mudrák
Editing moodle.php 13 Stephanie Singer
mi_wwow Moodle 2.0 translation progress 0 Teresa Gibbison
Creación de bloques de categorías. 0 Oscar Arias
How to do more than 2 languages? 2 David Mudrák
Language editing in Moodle 2.0 1 Mary Cooch
Customize $menu variable 1 Bogdan B
Language Drop Down menu is not found in my Home page 4 Vignesh E
Language Not Displaying 1 Robert Brenstein
where do I put a custom language PHP file? 2 Jeff Meunier
മലയാളത്തില്‍ മുടില്‍ 1 Joe K
How to know if your pull request is approved 1 David Mudrák
Unique language pack per course - is it possible? 0 Simon Hanmer
Can't find/define default language 6 Paulo Correia
Hiding Pirate Language 11 months of the year 1 David Mudrák
trastaled modules 1 koen roggemans
How to contribute translation? 1 Nicolas Martignoni
Forcing the Language of the Site 1 Mary Cooch
Setting default lang in 2.0 (was TRANSLATORS HEADS UP: translation for Moodle 2.0 is there!) 2 Michael Mills
Change language problems 3 António Vilela
Linux -> Win with Translate error 2 Serg Tolpygin
Changing the name of Browse... 6 Tim Hunt
Moodle 2.0 translation 5 Marlon Antonio Peralta Mendoza
Translating English into Kurdish 1 Helen Foster
Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong 1 koen roggemans