Languages for Moodle documentation

Germán and temudgin
Languages for Moodle documentation
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I recently noticed that a new page at has links to Moodle documentation pages in 11 languages besides English smile , while the Main page of Moodle documentation at has links for translations  for only 6 languages sad.

As the Main page of Moodle documentation at is a protected page, very few people can edit it, but it is used by many Moodlers in need of support.

Would it be worth adding links to  their translations at for the following languages ?

  • Català (Catalan)
  • Íslenska (Icelandic)
  • Português Brasileiro (Brazilan Portuguese)
  • Suomi (Finnish)
  • 中文 (Chinese)

I reckon that an ideal solution might be for the current documentation writers for those languages to indicate the best page to be linked, but a fast fix might be to add a link to the page for the most recent documentation listed in, which most likely would have links  to other available documentation pages in that particular language.

What would other language docs translators/writers/users  think about this ?

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Re: Languages for Moodle documentation
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Hi German,

Thanks for your suggestion to add more language links to I have added all the languages you list, except for Brazilan Portuguese, which didn't work (needs investigating).

For inter-language links to appear in the 'In other languages' block, they have to be of the format [[es:Página Principal]], thus for languages with more than one wiki, only the most recent wiki be linked to, which I think makes sense.

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