Donating to Moodle

Moodle is true open source and completely free of financial obligation for our users. When you give to Moodle, you support our commitment to keep it this way.

Donations ensure that the essential cogs of the Moodle Machine -our developers- continue to create new features and functionalities, maintain the software and fix bugs, making Moodle better for all of us.

If you love Moodle or have found it useful to your business, school or institution, please make a donation. Every bit helps. Your contribution shows your support for our mission and provides you the opportunity to give back to the community.

Other ways to contribute to Moodle financially:

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Moodle project.

Previous donations over $1000
Shigeto Honda, Attain Corporation ($1000)31 July 2019
Shigeto Honda, Attain Corporation ($1000)11 May 2019
Shigeto Honda, Attain Corporation ($1000)5 February 2019
Berufsfachschule BBB, Baden, Switzerland ($2000)12 December 2018
Shigeto Honda, Attain Corporation ($1000)29 October 2018
Other donations over $500
Other donations over $200
WIRIS math & science, #MOOTDACH197 September 2019
WIRIS math & science, #MOOTFR1928 June 2019
WIRIS math & science, #MOOTUK1911 April 2019
WIRIS math & science, #MOOTJP1921 February 2019
Other donations of $10 or over
WIRIS math & science, June 2019
Gemma Lesterhuis, Lesterhuis Training & Consultancy31 May 2019
WIRIS math & science, March 2019
Stéphane Robin, Ecoc11 March 2019
Volker Janssen11 March 2019
WIRIS math & science, January 2019
耀彰 許13 January 2019
WIRIS math & science, January 2019
Ange-Cyrille Hervé NDOGUEFOUBA17 December 2018