Donating to Moodle

Moodle is true open source and completely free of financial obligation for our users - that's the way software should be!

However, the development of Moodle and maintenance of all our community sites does cost us a lot money and we can always use extra support. If you love Moodle or have found it useful to your business, school or institution, please make a donation. Every bit helps.

Donations ensure that the essential cogs of the Moodle Machine (our developers) continue to create new features and fix bugs, making Moodle better for all of us.

Other ways to contribute to Moodle financially:

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Moodle project.

Previous donations over $1000
Berufsfachschule BBB, Baden, Switzerland ($2000)4 December 2016
Other donations over $500
Universidad Icesi, Universidad Icesi22 November 2016
Other donations over $200
WIRIS math & science, #mootDE1722 June 2017
WIRIS math & science, #mootbr1727 April 2017
WIRIS math & science, #mootnz6 October 2016
Other donations of $10 or over
WIRIS math & science, August 2017
Sergio Avella, Proyectos Virtuales Colombia28 July 2017
WIRIS math & science, July 2017
Damon Jones, Activity Directors Network15 July 2017
WIRIS math & science, April 2017
Kay McGowan13 March 2017
WIRIS math & science, October 2016
Gavin Henrick12 October 2016