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Teacher role cannot view number of enties 0 Tanveer Bhimani
Journals - Ability to Alphabetically Organize of Student Entries 0 Robin Latham
Require View 2 Sandra Maria
Support of mod_journal for future version 3 Mary-Anne Camillo
coding error journal under moodle 3.23+ 1 Ger Tielemans
Journal closed, but still visible 0 Jennifer Schmitz
Updates for "Journal" for current and future Moodle versions? 2 Samuel Witzig
Journal for Moodle 2.7 released 3 Tanya Hewitt
Journal missing in Recent activity block 3 Kerstin Namuth
Emailing Students 1 Jodi Dallaire
Journal requiring attention 4 Blair F.
journal as a diary 1 AL Rachels
Restyling the Journal Module as the "Feedback Module" 13 Timothy Takemoto
Uploading image in a Journal entry 3 David Monllaó
Journal for reflective writing assignments (instructor annotates and uses to prepare mini-lectures)? 0 Cris Fuhrman
Journal Entries. See students and other teachers, administrators 3 David Monllaó
Journal shows all Moodle users not just enrolled 10 Mary Cooch
Journal module for Moodle 2.9 1 Megan Murphy
Journal performance 5 Pau Ferrer Ocaña
Journal screen blank after upgrade to Moodle 2.8 2 Judy Nichols
Journal compatible with Moodle 2.8? 3 Martin Ballard
Journal for Moodle 2.8 1 Martin Ballard
Journal Plugin for the Grade Me block 0 AL Rachels
Regrade Needed message added to teachers grading view 0 AL Rachels
Issue with Journal: Feedback text not displaying correctly to students 1 David Monllaó
What does "Days available" mean? 5 David Monllaó
Re: Journal - activity completion 5 David Monllaó
Feedback text format 5 Nicholas Bullen
selection of domain for the embedded project 0 neha bidgar
Journal for Moodle 2.7? 4 Derek Chirnside
What does the Journal do? 11 Ger Tielemans
Journal with 2.6.2 1 AL Rachels
Journal error 1 David Monllaó
Multipage Journal 2 Harald Hochwald
Previous Journal Entries are no longer visible 1 David Monllaó
Why isn't the Journal plugin part of the default Moodle 2.5 package? 4 Ruby Jones
Journal for Moodle 2.5 released (and visible) 0 David Monllaó
Feedback button missing.. 4 AL Rachels
Journal feedback is blank in Moodle 2.3 2 David Monllaó
Can Students Export Journals 1 David Monllaó
Journal and MyMobile theme problem 1 Elon Zito
Importing/Adding Students' Journal Entries (1.9) 1 David Monllaó
Script to convert Journals to Assignments 33 AL Rachels
Journal font size 2 David Pethick
Journal - Forum - feedback? 2 Sarah Jane
Add Journal Missing 2 Amy Holland
Journal links vanished 8 David Monllaó
Moodle 2.3: journal textbox is blank when editing 7 James Tuttle
Journal in Moodle 1.9 60 Hesham Hesham
Journal or assignment tool? 0 Judy Palmer
Journal not being restored from 1.9 into 2.x 9 Kristen Walker
Journal - new translations 0 David Monllaó
How to give feedback for the Journal Entries under Campus Pack 2 Jonathan Newman
Journal Automatically emails that feedback has been added 2 David Monllaó
System-level teachers appear in Journal assignment list 4 Glenn Pillsbury
Working with groups in journal 9 Allison Soo
Adding of backslach character when I save feedback 5 François Lizotte
Creating a Reflective Journal 6 Vijay N
Save all my feedback button Missing 4 David Monllaó
Feedback shows in Journal Module 1.9 2 Michael Wilder
Uploaded images not showing on Journal page 9 Mary Cooch
Need basic info for 1.9 version 0 Glenn Pillsbury
Journal build 2011072100 permissions error 3 David Monllaó
Installing after V2 1 David Monllaó
Upgrading Journal from 1.9 to 2.1 0 Emanuel Delgado
Journal for moodle 2.0 available 16 Vijay N
Newbie Question about to install 1 David Monllaó
Error after upgrading to M2.0 3 Dimas Ariawan
How do I figure pout which version of Moodle I am using? 9 Glenys Hanson
Journal in Moodle 2 does not give feedback 5 David Monllaó
Reports of Journal's demise premature - but, should it die? 0 Kerry J
Journal vs Online Text Assignment 23 Pablo Cecere
Multiple Journal Entries 4 Laurence Elliott
Will the journal work in Moodle 2 as a contrib? 24 Paul Webster
Journal Module Ver 2 3 Marc Grober
Clicking responses shows "There are no users yet" 3 Jason Turnbull
Death to Journal - maybe 80 Sean Dagony-Clark
Journal Comment 1 Mary Cooch
Word count in the Journal Moodle 1.9 0 ViliMaka Foliaki
Journals not showing. 4 Tanna Colwell
A required parameter (id) was missing 0 Scott Brubaker
Restricting Journal access to teachers 1 Paul Tosney
Ideas/Mockup for a new Journal module (Moodle 2.1?) 1 Tim Hunt
Why does my journal close @ 11pm now? 6 Chris Myers
Override Non-Editing Teacher Role to NOT SEE journal entry 1 Rhonda Miga
Journal getting Truncated 1 Bruce Webster
/ added before ' and " when responding to journals 0 Joseph Sorell
Students allowed to view ALL Journal entries 3 Rhonda Miga
Journal and Grades 3 David Monllaó
Journal limit?? 1 Aaron Milavec
Teacher can't see Journal entries of students 3 Kasper Lauest
Export Journal data to Excel 0 Mark van Hoek
Why students can not see others' journals 6 Mary Cooch
Limit in Student notes/Journal 5 Steve Bilton
Private Journals 12 Mary Cooch
Where is 'Journal' in my 'add an activity' drop-down? 3 Armando Duran
Students journal and feedback visible to all students 1 Mary Cooch
Journal answers appearing in new journal 0 Beth Bohnert
Quick question about journal email 0 Mary Cooch
Journal Problem 1 Howard Miller