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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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Moving stuff - advice 1 koen roggemans
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Translation Content Application??? 4 Alex Laforest
Uzbek Translation 0 Manfred Deller
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Can some language files be deleted? 3 Art Lader
starting from the beginning...installing a language pack 4 ummara tariq
Installing Language Packs 2 David Mudrák
unicode support in windows 98 for language pack 2 Dr. Amitkumar Mali
Module language files 3 Nicolas Martignoni
Translation of Moodle 5 Tokhir Akhmedjanov
I would file this as new bug. 8 Daniele Cordella
Language pack installation problem 2 koen roggemans
Error on page just with portugese translation. 1 Jaime Villate
Which files to start with? 1 Nicolas Martignoni
Removing language files from non-standard modules out of translations 0 koen roggemans
Problem with languages other than english?? easy solution 0 Dr. Amitkumar Mali
unicode encoding problem on server 3 Dr. Amitkumar Mali
Language editing interface 0 Avi Mehta
Language edit not sticking 4 Chris Collman
Translate Bangla Language Pack 1 Séverin Terrier
Looking for translation assistance 1 Helen Foster
parent languages - where are they? 2 Joseph Rézeau
Localized Language Customation/Language Edit Interface 3 David Mudrák
Translators - please discuss MDL-13997 0 David Mudrák
I can't change language : ( on debian 3 koen roggemans
Welsh translation 21 koen roggemans
Input Japanese language display problems 1 koen roggemans
Japanese email addresses 1 Gordon Bateson
multilang html-block titleI 7 Nicolas Martignoni
Problem Glossary with Khmer unicode 2 chhivhorng ly
Another language question re: quizes and true/false radio buttons 2 Tim Hunt
Unusual Character in Forum posts 0 Rajesh V
Issues with the Hungarian translation 2 koen roggemans
Default language for the site 4 koen roggemans
New admin needs help with language 3 Wendell Dudley
Translators heads up: XHTML errors in language packs 1 David Mudrák
Language switching problem 8 Ilias Vassilopoulos
twexter 0 Duke Crawford
Admin cannot edit language strings 6 David Mudrák
Idiomas en Moodle 1.8.4+ 1 Anthony Borrow
Adding a new Language in Moodle 1 Helen Foster
CSS for different languages 1 Mauno Korpelainen
Language Options not available for students 0 Mathuri Sathiyanarayanan
Encoding of Norwegian 1 koen roggemans
encoding problem for fitefox 2 Dr. Amitkumar Mali
Wrong/missing strings in xmldb.php 0 Jaime Villate
Custom theme needs language support 1 Tim Hunt
How can I creat a language pack for a non-unicode support language? 2 Emin Sulaiman
How do I configure a language pack? 17 koen roggemans
Translation field Missing in PT 3 Daniel Grosso
Encoding error, but how to fix it? 6 koen roggemans
Language Encoding Problem with Greek 3 koen roggemans
Hungarian documentation improved 0 Bertalan Fodor
Conditional expressions for grammar 2 sam marshall
How to regain my karma 2 Jaime Villate
changing language 10 Jose Antonio de Moura Neto
Editing strings and browsers 2 Luis Pérez
Shortname too short - for a bilingual site 5 Ray Taylor
Immersion-based Language Pack? 10 Fernando Oliveira
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Plurals and get_string 16 sam marshall
Heads up translators with CVS-access 0 koen roggemans
Hebrew Font 3 koen roggemans
Tamil Localization in Sri Lanka 9 mahesh patil
Language Problems 2 koen roggemans
Import new language 2 David Mudrák
Determining Language Word Counts 1 David Mudrák
Translate the Colon sign 2 Leang Chumsoben
"Cannot save ZIP file" in Language import utility 2 koen roggemans
Sinhala language support? 20 Harsha Balasooriya
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I want to create new language pack for Marathi language in Moodle 1.9+ 1 David Mudrák
Tool for language maintainers 12 David Mudrák
errormessage when downloading languages 1 koen roggemans
Multilingual content management 9 Angela Roberts
Looking for coder willing to help me build some language hooks to my module 0 Angela Roberts
how to display Tibetan fonts with Moodle 1 Thedchanamoorthy Gnanakumar
Better help files 32 Séverin Terrier
Display in Tamil 7 Kaleelur Rahuman
Website for Irish secondary school teacher - languages 0 conor o callaghan
Multilanguage support 2 Pradeep Ghimirey
typing tutors 0 Thedchanamoorthy Gnanakumar
Arabic RTL Indentation and Unicode setup problem 7 koen roggemans
langimport.php displays nothing 6 Stephen Bloomer
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Mexican Spanish. 1 Martin Dougiamas
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