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An open forum for social chat with other Moodlers.

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US surveillance machine 1 Matt Bury
Early Moodle MOOC and Google Earth 2 Richard Treves
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Iron Browser 19 Matt Bury
mobile browser for plugins 0 Jeff Wilson
Seeking a (nursing) network 16 Gilbert MUNYEMANA
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Moodle and the MOOC 6 Dr. Nellie Deutsch
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I have a spare PC.... 11 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Cost of other course management software? 21 Walter Byrd
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Two broad theories of learning and teaching: Where do your experiences lie? 0 Matt Bury
What is new in Moodle 2.0? 12 Visvanath Ratnaweera
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If Moodle were a motorcar... 0 Paul Nijbakker
MoodleMoot 2013 (MMVC13) 4 Mary Cooch
Is HTML 5 killing Flash? 24 Matt Bury
Are tests self assessment? 12 Matt Bury
Anyone heard of Persuasive Learning Objects Technologies (PLOT) and Europlot? 3 Matt Bury
openSIS + Moodle integrator is updated for Moodle 2.3.1 3 Bob Brown
Online education: Some insightful lectures 10 Visvanath Ratnaweera
How do you get an event on the master calendar? 2 david millians
The Popinator 8 Gareth J Barnard
When Moodle doesn't look like Moodle. Why can't my Moodle site look like this? 4 Dom London
Help Desk 24/7 Providers? 1 Dom London
Moodle Case Study 0 Brian Merritt
The moodle blogging tool - A fresh look? 2 Mark Andrews
WOW Moodle 2.4 5 AL Rachels
Pictures from a developer's life 3 Frankie Kam
IP Blocked Out of Moodle 3 Michael Martin
Mutual Interest Hidden Beneath Apple and Samsung Legal Struggle 0 Matt Bury
Schools to be given freedom to run cutting-edge computer classes under plans for open source curriculum 31 Matt Bury
Getting Started 0 Anirudh Goyal
Bookmarking pages within a lesson 4 Joseph Rézeau
lounge promoted to the top section of forum listing 0 Frankie Kam
Other runtimes and plugins going through what Flash suffered a few years ago 4 Matt Bury
Moodle in the Chemistry Classroom 0 Linda Fanis
Recommended institutions for PhD in eLearning 10 Marigianna Skouradaki
What's your background? 14 Sam Thing
to remove links from site administration block 1 Christian Herman
Hello All 1 Matt Bury
Using Moodle in UK secondary schools/lea s 2 Mary Cooch
My Wonderwall 22 Chris Baldwin
Professors Rejecting Classroom Technology 9 Matt Bury
Help us improve an educational tool 2 Enrique Barra
Wants a BlackBoard "Control Panel" - Please Point me in the Right Direction 2 Alexandro Colorado
hi 1 Glenys Hanson
Course queue 0 Alexandro Colorado
Designing Moodle to be aesthetically & functionally beautiful: 10 Tim Chambers
Getting into Linux 62 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Open Source Options for Education 3 Mark Johnson
Moodle to Janison or Janison to Moodle 5 Julie Rourke
Moodle as Job Board 1 Mary Cooch
Looking for low-cost or free call handling training resource 0 Eric Broach
Moodle Visualization 0 nayan v
anonymized Moodle student usage data 1 Patrick Masson
Bonne Annee and Xin Nian Kuai Le 2013 3 Tim Hunt
Who uses forum ratings with or without student input? 5 Glenys Hanson
Black Wednesday 7 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Happy Hollidays 1 Frankie Kam
SOPA/PIPA reincarnation in Europe, The ACTA :-( 2 Visvanath Ratnaweera
UK Open University FutureLearn MOOC 1 Tim Hunt
Fatal conflict: Teacher 2.0 and Student 1.0 1 Derek Chirnside
Lounge move happening soon! 21 Glenys Hanson
Any Chicago Moodlers? 12 Floyd Saner
RMS says Ubuntu put spyware in its latest Linux distro, Ubuntu responds with PR 0 Matt Bury
Can someone point me the way ... 7 Frankie Kam
Cenário do Hawaii 0 Josival Amorim Silva
Before I die ... 5 Frankie Kam
Integration between Moodle and Yammer (or any SNS) 3 Frankie Kam
CALL FOR CHAPTER PROPOSALS Proposal Submission Deadline: Extended to November 30, 2012 (LAST CALL) 0 giovanni biancofiore
interactive pdfs 0 Jenni Wright
Totara wins OS Software award last night 0 Derek Chirnside
Blackboard switch off 0 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Moodle Hamster - Needs a name 3 Chris Kenniburg
CALL FOR CHAPTER PROPOSALS – Deadline extension 0 giovanni biancofiore
Complementing forums by adding Facebook-like Walls to your Moodle page 1 Tim Chambers
Creating a custom Moodle website 7 Rachel Fransen
From manual grading to deferred grading in quiz 1 Tim Hunt
ServerBeach takes 1.45 million edublogs offline just 12 hours after sending through a Pearson DMCA notice for a 20 question list… 2 Anthony Borrow
Converting from First Class 0 Stephanie Gaiser
Fantasizing about really useful participation statistics 1 Russell Waldron
Cool! Using ownCloud.org as a WebDAV files repository 0 Matt Bury
Moving the Lounge 12 Derek Chirnside
Free exported talking dictionary glossary data and media for your Moodle! 3 Matt Bury
Multiple questions with multiple answers 1 Yiannis Arapoglou
DMCA-bots go out of control... start attacking their creators 0 Matt Bury
Article for newbies: Why use a Learning Management System for elearning? 0 Matt Bury