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Course development feedback 0 Tara Ridsdale
Privacy 2 Jacqueline Owen
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Congrea with Moodle 3.3 0 Jacques LeCavalier
Como puedo colocar el buscador visible para los estudiantes sin que salga la lista respectiva.? 2 Aurelia Aurelia
Chats are getting resent - Duplicate 1 S. kavita
Chats are getting resent - Duplicate 0 Swapnil Shinde
Exceção - Using $this when not in object context 0 Marcello Alencar
cisco certifaction 0 tarsem nanda
How do I ask in php which radio button has been selected- Moodle 3.0 1 Manuel Antonio Rivera Socarrás
multi-line input to chat 6 John Sakala
Any way to highlight the teacher role/name in the chat window? 0 Jacqui Riding
Export Chat History 0 Chris Duncan
Chat activity is labored with multiple users 0 Ismail Naidoo
Moodle Chat Daemon possible config error 0 Alex Lipalit
Live Chat 1 Helen Foster
Private Messaging 1 Mary Cooch
Using telegram in moodle 0 Ali Ahmadian
Change the color of tutor postings in chat 0 Jesus dela Cruz
Chat Invites / pseudonym 0 Amy dv
chat window character encoding 0 Jarmo Tanskanen
Display Chat Session History on load 2 Johan de Bruin
Chat history and definition of complete session 2 Johan de Bruin
Can you turn off private messaging in a Chat room? 1 Mary Cooch
Introduction 1 Richard Oelmann
start daemon chat and close terminal 0 Roberto German Puentes Diaz
Chat 2 surveen chawla
Error Database conection failuled 0 Francisco Gómez
Looking for free online chat script to imbed into my site 7 Ahmed Khan
Error "you are not logged in" 13 Javier Opazo
WhatsApp module for Moodle? 6 Tim Hunt
How to remove participants profile link in moodle 2.8 chat 1 Helen Foster
Showing Pass/Failed in a quiz 0 Y S
Chat history during chat session 2 dan k
CHAT-Problems 5 bogdan dragomir
how to start to modify moodle chat 0 Esteban Arias
Major problem with Chat 2 Antonio Cabrera
Raise Hand to Chat feature 1 AL Rachels
No name in saved chat session 0 Peter Diedrichs
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"is typing" feature for chat 6 Andre Dixon
Chat daemon and Alternatives 1 Matteo Scaramuccia
How Moodle Logout Process 0 Rozi Yerusalem
How can I disable "themes" in chat window? 0 Felipe Cabral
Installation 0 Lou prycision
Elements Overlapping Clean Theme 0 Andre Paz Leal
Moodle Message Navigator 0 Shaun Megaw
Chat module in ie8 2.7.1/2.7.2 0 Chris Clark
Essential theme 1 Mike Clarke
Play a new message sound / Beep user 2 russell dines
It cant be Done! 0 Prince Rhyner Isola
Setting time limit on chat 13 Kerry J
Deleting Old Messages 0 Karen Bonaker
Customizing Registration Email 0 Praveen Parihar
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Hello, im new here 2 Robert McHarg
Moodle Help! 1 Mary Cooch
Chat session 0 Tanushree Mitra
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Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: PHP catchable fatal error 1 Sandy Warhurst
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Redlhat linu 6.5 Moodle 2.6 Ldap Authetifcation 1 kamel kaled
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Adding Google Talk to your Moodle 4 Ilona El
Chat Area like Facebook 0 Ilona El
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Chatting techniqe used by moodle 0 VIKAS KUMAR
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Nice chat widget at Pierce College's FAQ Page 0 Frankie Kam
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cach tao bai kiem tra tren moodle 0 Thẫm Võ