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Atto direct video recording (RecordRTC) stops after 10 seconds with "You have attained the maximum size limit for file uploads" 15 Kees Koopman
Edu-sharing text editor plugin installation failed 0 Anirban Singha
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Customising Atto toolbar in a form editor 1 Dave Balch
Working on a new text editor to tag student assignments errors with different css 4 Zabelle Motte
HTML in editor 5 John Provasnik
Future of moodle-text-editors - TinyMCE or Atto or booth? 23 Abhishek Das
TinyMCE: emoticon button disappeared 1 Luigi Esposito
how to increase font size of equation 0 Bablu Kumar
jump break 0 rio ppsa
Limit text 0 rio ppsa
Ordered vs. Unordered List Formatting Discrepancy 0 Dave Laurie
RecordRTC and other buttons will not appear in Atto editor 1 stefan weber
"Description not necessary" - is this for screen readers? 0 John Provasnik
atto - rotate image? 1 John Provasnik
Atto morefontcolors plugin display issues. 1 Rick Jerz
Why does a CSS style keep getting injected into my text? 4 Matthew Cook
Adding media / problem with Video Source URL 0 Moritz Wagner
Atto dropdowns not working 9 Alain Goyé
[3.5] Two different Atto Editors? 2 Richard van Iwaarden
Image Drag & Drop works but doesn't save - SOLVED - HTML Plus plugin 0 Derek Chaplin
Tiny Mce accessibility checker 0 Gaspar Tessi
Bold option not consistently working Atto editor 0 Sal Kaceli
Atto doesn't put tags by default after code edit 0 Михаил Волобой
Shortcut Keys for Atto Toolbar stuff? 3 Sam Mudle
Description Not Necessary Checkbox Annoyance Fix? 4 Sam Mudle
text editor plugins like microphone not working on moodlebox over http 5 Nicolas Martignoni
Is it possible to change the Atto default font colors without a plugin or code changes? 8 C Schipper
How to disable browser spell checker? 3 Daniel Thies
Per-activity or per-course Atto toolbar settings? 1 Daniel Thies
TinyMCE - How to add different text size 2 Colin Fraser
General Block Question and key font change confusion 0 Daniel Rizza
Hindi Font in Editor 11 AL Rachels
Best practise (assessability) for use with TinyMCE 3 Leticia Dark-rose
ATTO editor loses code changes on save (2) 1 Iñaki Arenaza
HTML Snippets Plugin 12 Neil Stapleton
Atto (fontfamily) doesn't recognize new font outside of text editor 1 Colin Fraser
Adding a student's name in page in moodle 3.x 3 Sebastian Vencken
Pasting from various sources introduces a lot of javascript 1 Samuli Karevaara
TinyMCE now in Moodle.org 6 Matteo Scaramuccia
Atto image upload just wondered? 0 Gary Lynch
how to make the atto editor content wider in a multiplechoice qtype 3 Miki Alliel
Using HTML Editor and iframes 0 Sandy Stockholm
Test Editor preference by course 2 Dave Musicant
Resize a popup in tinyMCE 2 Jacques-Antoine Mers
I have no buttons in my editor 8 Colin Fraser
Atto editor documentation 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Why is it text in the editor looks different in use? 1 Kim Salinas
Atto Word Import not preserving bullet and numbered lists 4 Phillip Duncan
Atto plugin button icons 2 Rajneel Totaram
YUI is not defined 0 Mohammad kabir
ATTO wordimport table extraction failure 1 Eoin Campbell
Mass transforming reference text to links 0 Feyzi Bagirov
How to create TinyMce custom template 0 Mohammad kabir
Link not added to selected image when image is aligned either left or right 4 Helen Foster
Link transformed automatically 41 Stefan Meier
Upload image capability in notes html editor (hack) 0 Jason Hollowell
Atto toolbar not displaying in customized form 1 Nikki Macfarlane
atto text editor table tool showing odd drop menu 6 Randy Thornton
Unable to Use TinyMCE Image Upload 1 Belinda Caulfield
Atto inconsistent underline and color tags imbrication 0 Zabelle Motte
TinyMce Editor Problem! 2 Ultra Max
Advanced Discussion Forums - Use Advanced Editor Problem 0 Susan Fleming
Code Syntax Highlighting in Atto 17 Sam Mudle
Help Needed : ADD HINDI FONT IN HTML EDITOR 2 Eoin Campbell
Costum link on front page 4 Christian Kristiansen
Creating a 'course map' from divs using javascript and CSS 0 Adam Pryor
Changing the default font for the entire moodle 0 Clinton Fernandes
Atto Snippet: a template tool for Atto 2 Justin Hunt
command ctrl+y deletes text in Atto 4 Peter Liljedahl
Convert editor contents to string 0 Kimber Warden
ATTO editor loses code changes on save 4 Derek Chirnside
Disable HTML Completion/Cleaning in HTML Editor 0 Vin Sap
Atto align image LEFT by default 0 Beto Boton
Improvements to Atto | cut and paste 1 Eoin Campbell
Atto + Boostrap 4 tabs + Paste | Fail 2 Derek Chirnside
Text editor drafts back again 1 Conn Warwicker
How can I avoid auto-links? 2 Luis Vázquez de Lara
equation editor button nos showing in atto editor 2 Luis Vázquez de Lara
Add link to an image with Atto 14 Mick Mullane
Looking for line spacing plugin in Atto 0 Peter Liljedahl
How to get different table width for TinyMCE on desktop and mobile 0 Joel Hogeveen
Filepicker in all contexts 5 Sebastien Jaffredo
Tab 3 AL Rachels
Missing Text Editor Plugin Buttons 0 Planet eStream
Safari and atto don't work well together 2 Diane Soini
Is this a WYSIWYG editor bug? headings become BOLD outside the editor 15 Frankie Kam
onclick function 0 Callum Pirie
Removing/stripping of code 28 C Behan
Colors, font sizes, extra settings for Table editor 1 Mary Cooch
How do I make moodle reload clean.js or moodle-editor_atto-editor.js? 0 Diane Soini
Customize Atto for a specific course/activity 1 Diane Soini
No buttons on Atto Editor 1 Amy Stewart
TinyMCE HTML editor not working in Moodle 3.1.2 2 Amy Stewart
TinyAutoSave Plugin - help needed 2 Clay Burell
Atto editor EXTENSIVE markup 15 François Lizotte
ATTO, images and a scroll bar. 1 Gareth J Barnard
Paint-Icon in ThinyMCE 0 Andreas Schenkel
Editing Toolbars missing 2 Sukhmani Singh
Add plugin button to Atto toolbar 0 David :-)