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PinnedProposal to implement UI for creating and editing learning analytics models 0 Elizabeth Dalton
Pinned"Learn Moodle August 2016" open data set now available! 10 Avi Segal
How can I view responses by all students per question(Quiz) is there a plugin available? 2 Manoj S Nair
Social Network Analysis (SNA) Tool 1 Elizabeth Dalton
Code integration in MOODLE 9 Amol Patel
advanced search a course in moodle 0 minam mirzaei
Moodle API's 0 Saranya Lakshmi Matturthi
Moodle for small university 0 keong raja
Log in to moodle with raw HTTP requests 0 Anton Luka Šijanec
Deleting question from mdl_question database permanently 1 Elizabeth Dalton
Epub3 displayed online (rather than by a hand held device) 2 Sandy Pittendrigh
moodle logs sample dataset 1 Elizabeth Dalton
Extracting Moodle Information Model from Platform Specific Model of Moodle Database Schema 1 Marcus Green
Data tools for Moodle 3.x focussed on SOCIAL, FORUMS and RELATIONSHIPS 5 Elizabeth Dalton
Integrated (Moodle forum( and non integrated (Facebook etc) socially mediated learning 1 Elizabeth Dalton
Which Moodle logs to use in education research? 7 Dom F
FYI: Project Inspire launches to support integrated learning analytics in Moodle - includes research tools 0 Elizabeth Dalton
Moodle Feedback Dataset 2 Elizabeth Dalton
A Data set for a research 7 Elizabeth Dalton
Moodle Validity and Reliability 3 Vicki Dunnam
How to view list of duplicated (cloned) courses 1 Elizabeth Dalton
An error occurred when launching the external tool:Debug error: Invalid signature 3 Robert Schrenk
Duplicate course by using LTI custom parameters 0 ItsMe Rajan
Solr DisMax" or "Extended DisMax" parser. 0 Mahinwal Mahinwal
Where can I find permalink codes in the database? 0 Ramon Ovelar
Learning System Benchmark References 2 Marcus Green
Development of methodical curricula (teacher-oriented) 0 Анастасия Малкова
Moodle with CMap server 0 Minakshi Bhardwaj
Bachelor thesis on standards of learning content 0 Arndt Adler
Host uploading files to another cloud services 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Discussion on data needed for Learning Analytics and Research - please check it out! 0 Elizabeth Dalton
Moodle Dataset 1 Gavin Henrick
The role of Moodle LMS for mathematics in higher education 1 Mary Cooch
fully digitally accessible Moodle for blind and deaf users 1 Mary Cooch
please any help for import activity to another course 6 sara rabie
resultData extension and Moodle (external tools LTI) 1 Dhirendra Singh
Error on installing Moodle 3.3+ with XAMPP 2 Rahul Rai
Dedicated web-space for possible thesis on Moodle ? 2 Miro Iliaš
Is there any Coaching Related Plugin? 0 Muhammad Ammar` Ijaz
evaluation of teacher performance 4 Elizabeth Dalton
SQL Query to create a log report 11 Elizabeth Dalton
Research Questionnaire on E-learning 7 hussain satti
Research on whether Moodle will increase student self-directed learning 37 Frankie Kam
please fill the research questionnaire on the link provided 1 Saša Stamenković
I need a recent reseach of moodle . 11 Elizabeth Dalton
Structured feedback in an online/blended context 5 Rob Monk
Combining guided and discovery learning 0 Chris Jeffries
Interesting MOOC Analysis article 1 Colin Fraser
dataset generation using moodle sandbox or moodle mount school 1 David Jones
Default scale of Separate and Connected ways of knowing 27 Damyon Wiese
Alberta MoodleHUB Project 2 Verena Roberts
Thanks to David Jones 2 David Jones
Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin for testing 0 Danny Liu
Meeting announcement: Shape of Educational Data, April 7-8, 2016 near Washington, DC. 0 Michael Gage
School STEM course in Moodle running during May 0 Michael de Raadt
Liu et al (2015) - An enhanced learning analytics plugin for Moodle: student engagement and personalised intervention 6 Danny Liu
Why is Moodle used for research? 1 Michael de Raadt
Phd reseach help 0 Houssem BAKARI
Paper review: Beyond Clickometry 16 Michael de Raadt
Paper Review: Our MOOC with Moodle 4 Michael de Raadt
Paper review: Creepy Analytics and Learner Data Rights 9 Michael de Raadt
Paper review: Student use of technologies for learning 2 Michael de Raadt
Paper review: Three paths to learning analytics 7 Michael de Raadt
Paper review: Teachers’ Experiences with Learning Analytics 0 Michael de Raadt
See what Moodle plugins people use 5 Steven Swanepoel
MOOC research, history and future questions 3 Michael de Raadt
Survey for Moodle tool 0 shahzad shabbir
An experience on training teachers in managing/creating STEM Moodle based materials 2 Bernat Martinez
Web Mining Based on e learning System 1 Michael de Raadt
'Protection of Children Online' Survey for Parents in Australia 0 Michael de Raadt
Learning Analytics tools available in Moodle 17 Derek Chirnside
Do computers in schools help students learn? 9 Colin Fraser
Any position on research drawing on Moodle community forum posts? 2 Michael de Raadt
Moodle site data set 3 Michael de Raadt
Seeking references to papers about personalised learning 3 Matt Bury
students activity logs 2 eliah kazumali
Can we have better metadata in research database entries? 10 Michael de Raadt
The weird world of academic research 2 Michael de Raadt
What is "differentiation" and how can it be achieved? 45 Colin Fraser
What Moodle teacher tasks should be included in usability study? 30 Michael de Raadt
Recent Moodle Research Articles 2 miguel quintero
Best EdTech Journals? 16 Michael de Raadt
Research around the Moodle book module - early days 4 David Jones
Quiz research survey 2 Tim Hunt
The Power of Feedback (Hattie & Timperley 2007) 7 Derek Chirnside
Apereo Learning analytics initiative 0 Joseph Thibault
MOOC research: funded by The Gates Foundation 1 Michael de Raadt
2014 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK Survey Report/Outcomes 2 Visvanath Ratnaweera can this be added to this forum description? 3 ryan sanders
"fork 1" of What is "differentiation" and how can it be achieved? 69 ryan sanders
Which researchers are active on Twitter? 14 Michael de Raadt
Some provocations for idea-generation 7 dawn alderson
"Better Learning Through Expensive Software" 1 Tim Hunt
Is there something to be learned from analysis of NEACs? 4 Sean Dicks
How do you visualize gamification amongst existing theories and processes? 5 Natalie Denmeade
Book recommend 2 dawn alderson
Research on penetration and usage patterns of Open Source LMS in Higher Education in Southern Africa 3 Michael de Raadt
What will student life be like in five years? 1 dawn alderson
Congratulations to Japanese Moodle researchers 2 Michael de Raadt
Research on effects of Moodle in management innovation of educational institutions 0 Luz Godina