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Setting up Single Sign On 4 K J
Email-based self-registration text change 3 P Ashkarali
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missing fileds on facebook login 0 mohamed hassan
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lock fields in OpenID Authentication 0 Leticia Dark-rose
OAuth2 shorcode for bulk user upload 2 Aakif Tanveer
Verification email to manually uploaded users 0 Irith Herman
Are Google+ APIs the same ones used to configure Google Oauth2 in Moodle? 2 Ken Task
Login without password 0 Jozef K
encrypted points or badges 0 Gitte Bendixen
Shibboleth as default login? 0 Bruce Johnson
sso 0 mohamed shahen
NTLM SSO 5 mohamed shahen
Ldap configuration. Issues with users loging in. 4 Helen Foster
Cannot connect to LDAP server 2 Denis Truhlaž
PHP Error log growing to fill root partition- New 6 Emma Richardson
Single sign on with NTLM 0 Dan Raij
[Moodle 3.5.2][LDAP] users sync job (auth_ldap\task\sync_task),The username cannot be blank 1 Leon Stringer
error/Could not upgrade oauth token 7 Ludovic ORNON
error/Could not upgrade oauth token with Google OAuth 2 Dirk Grunwald
[auth_ldap] MS ActiveDirectory, Moodle 3.5 does not fetch users (3.1.15 does) 1 Emma Richardson
DB authentication allows duplicate email addresses? 2 Christos Savva
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NTLMSSO_remoteuserformat 1 Lee Spurling
Database Authentication copy email to registrar 3 Ken Task
Link for download GSAML 4 Suresh Golkonda
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How to enrol children and help them complete activities 2 doc sridhar
Disable Password Update Prompt 1 Emma Richardson
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CAS moodle 3.4 haproxy 0 David Le Page
Custom message 2 Roberto Cohen
Auto Add new users to global groups 3 Emma Richardson
sso from third party website to moodle 3 deva m
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