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Including both web services in Moodle and new web services protocols.

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how many methods to improve the perfermance of Moodle? 1 sagar chavada
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Excluding web service user from need to accept privacy policy 0 Rene Hamburger
How to retrieve the User Enrolment ID 3 Mayank Tyagi
error/forcepasswordchangenotice on New User Creation via web service 2 Neel Bhave
how to make moodle sent password reset email without PM emails? 0 Es Am
How to get all users with core_user_get_users and PHP 1 Shivanesh Lal
error when adding external functions to a web service. 6 Artur Welp
Angular Application 0 Thomas Culver
error message that came out of the blue 7 Ken Task
moodle webservice(mod_quiz_save_attempt) is no longer working 3 kumar ret
Using the web services api to change a Quiz time 0 Randall Reed
Create a user via web service 0 Amit Ringola
Custom web service issue 0 Amit Ringola
Curl.php in moodle custom web service plugin 0 Amit Ringola
How to Develop Custom Web Services in Moodle 0 Amit Ringola
Integration with Oracle based HRMIS 0 Yasser Farid
Unable to Update Course by Api Function core_course_update_courses 0 Gaurav K
Webservice POST error: Invalid token - token not found 1 Mayank Tyagi
Webservice and core function parameters 1 Mayank Tyagi
startdate FROM mdl_user_enrolments 0 Jozef K
Web Service 1 Matteo Scaramuccia
How do we fetch the name of each categoryid returned by gradereport_user_get_grade_items? 0 Zadok Lindt
Issued with using the REST api 0 Aaran Grimley
Cannot get course list on web services 1 Wayne Kruger
How to retrieve module tags through WEB API? 2 Peter de Jong
Problems with webservice access 3 Ghislain Nono Gueye
Moodle core_user_create_users Access control exception 1 Dorel Manolescu
Hi everyone 0 Akerke Amangazina
Why does a category idnumber return null? 2 Peter de Jong
error/moodle/invalidrecord 0 Mylene Doue
Which web service call allows fetching gradebook categories? 1 Zadok Lindt
Enroling course and role assignment through rest api 1 Zadok Lindt
Can you get the feedback in the grade book with a webservice? 1 Zadok Lindt
How to get token or login/password of already logged in user? 0 Rustam Rakhimov
Rest Web Service - Getting List of System Cohorts 1 Robert Payne
web services with personal access token 0 Abdelrahman Magdi
Only number ID at token 0 Matheus Reis Cascardo
core_user_get_users_by_field return blank array 6 Jose Lorenzo Espeso
Post payload didn't send to Web Service via RAW/JSON 0 Sergio Ricardo Bernardi
GET request: core_course_get_courses 1 Neill Magill
Missing functions at Web Service Test Client 0 Aung Pyae Sone
Function List in Web Service Test Client not showing everything 1 Aung Pyae Sone
core_user_get_users / core_user_create_users "Access Control Exception" 2 biboy atienza
Web Service Requires Guest User to be Enabled 0 Michael Backus
Add assignment to course using webservices? 4 Richard van Iwaarden
New webservice - core_groups_update_groups - MDL-44137 1 Robyn Butler
Pull files to repository 0 Sebastian Hofmann
Web Services - Get Available Roles 2 Zulyantara Januar
webservice to return roles available at particular contexts? 0 Stephen Ogden
Web service Error ('args' parameter) 3 Kevin Frye
Web service running in Docker connecting to Moodle running in Docker 3 Matteo Scaramuccia
Addning Course enrolment method through webservices. 0 santosh Suwarnkar
Moodle Web Services Development 0 Mohamad El Bohsaly
core_enrol_edit_user_enrolment 0 Tim Titchmarsh
Myddleware and Magento 18 Exinent LLC
Web Service User Cannot Change Another User's Preferences 1 Matt Sawatzky
Student unable to list their own courses! 0 Petar Nikolovski
Unable to set 'department' and 'institution' 1 Richard van Iwaarden
Get assignment intro attached file? 0 Paul Sensus
Best way to delete user from the system 0 Mantas Šedys
Web Services for Content Creation 0 Shaun T
Webservice for adding cohort to course? 2 Richard van Iwaarden
core_user_create_users and core_user_update_users are missing some core fields 7 Nicholas Stefanski
Pages view and other events 0 Petar Nikolovski
New web service - delete user data 1 Dorel Manolescu
Web services token expiration 0 Petar Nikolovski
Site In Maintenance Mode - Webservice function to check? 0 Ken Task
N: in 'other' column of mdl_logstore_standard_log 2 Ken Task
Rest API for authentication 1 Josef Grunig
Web Services Roadmap 0 Mohamad El Bohsaly
core_user_create_users custom fields not being set 1 Dorel Manolescu
Moodle API URL 0 Doug Funnie
Web service is not available (it doesn't exist or might be disabled) 1 Victoria Tsolidou
Get user token in SSO environment 2 Peter Spicer
Retrieve group members with their roles 0 Lawrence Lagerlof
Web service URL and parameters 2 Lawrence Lagerlof
restrict user enrolment via Rest API 0 Sebastian Ziegler
Help: tool_mobile_get_autologin_key function returning error code enablewsdescription 0 Clint Lord
send a notification when entering and leaving a course 0 Jose Chapa
Updating an account password via Web Service API? 4 Olumuyiwa Taiwo
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Create web Service Token with SAML 4 Sebastian Beetschen
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Getting list of attempts for a given quiz 0 Daniel Slatkin
Calling auth_userkey_request_login_url function using REST API 1 Ester Rodríguez Mayorga
Access a web service without token 0 Vishwas Painuly
How to check username policy before calling core_users_create_user 2 Albert Leatherman
core_enrol_get_enrolled_users doesn't include firstaccess and lastaccess. 0 Zadok Lindt
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Login WS 1 Fabien Popup
Use Moodle with GET webservices 2 Fabien Popup
Should I use Core webservice API in a custom webservice API? 1 Arshad Syed
After Moodle Upgrade getting webservice error 0 Muhammad Ammar` Ijaz
enrol_manual_enrol_users moodle_exception 3 biboy atienza