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Points for Participation 1 David Mudrák
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Increased Student Confidence and Quality of Team-Based Presentations 4 David Mudrák
Is there a way to increase the number of reveiws beyond 30? 3 David Mudrák
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Workshop Submission Issue 2 James Asante
Group submission and peer review 8 Nigel Robertson
Improvements in workshop to discover and try 10 Fabian Glagovsky
Groups in Workshop 7 Mikael Kurula
HELP! 1 David Mudrák
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HELP! Workshop Tool 1 Howard Miller
Aspects in Workshop 0 Elizabeth Cook
Workshop - Backup and Restore 6 Kerry Pinny
Automatic allocation of late submissions? 5 Mary Cooch
Grade on assesment 0 Mithula K
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grade mapping table cannot be edited 1 Eric Lin
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Rename Workshop to Peer Assessment? 15 Dan McGuire
Downloading Papers 5 Simon Fraser
About Grade for assessment 7 David Mudrák
Uploading submissions on students' behalf 2 Stephanie Friedman
Delete / remove aspects in Workshop assessment form 2 arshi khan
Does not save the assessment made by the students of the other students' submissions 4 Ted O'Neill
Increase workshop submission max grade 0 Juraj Juraj
Manually change assessment scores 2 Julian Hopkins
Using the Workshop activity with groups that have different phase dates 3 Rob McCart
Submission mark not calculating correctly in Workshop 7 David Mudrák
Restricting Participants to only see feedback 5 David Mudrák
Workshop anonymous 6 Dr. Emperador Perez
Do we really need example submissions? 17 Jean Slick
Workshop: Allocation and self-grading 0 Andrea McNamara
Scores for criteria 0 Jonida Shtylla
"late submission" improvements 7 Mary Cooch
Students assessing audio or video files without downloading 4 David Mudrák
Revisions 1 David Mudrák
Grade for Assessment Group Members 0 Ali Hastie
Delete one user's assessment 2 Sarah Howard
Is CBM ever used with workshop? 1 David Mudrák
Improvement of workshop 0 Steve Massicotte
Grading in activity Workshop 1 David Mudrák
Info about mod_workshop package 3 Peter West
Assesment phase: Can not enter the values, "Undefined variable: type in moodle/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/group.php on line 277" 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Anomalous Marks 3 David Mudrák
Worshop and reminder to evaluate peer's work 1 David Mudrák
I need help! Workshop grades won't post. 0 Eva Behr
Workshop, maximum points 4 Ruben Cancho
Similarity check for submissions in Workshop 1 Ali Hastie
Number of Submissions expected 2 Susanna Wesson
Encouraging real assessment and comments. 9 David Mudrák
How do I get the workshop peer review grades published in the grade book? 8 David Mudrák
Getting more information on Grade for Assessment 2 David Mudrák
Levels in the grading rubric for Workshop 5 Claudine Crews
Learnmoodle 0 Roberto Ricca
Students with permission "View all submissions" in moodle 3.0 5 Helen Foster
Need a help on the topic 'how to add quiz in a workshop 4 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Running Workshop as Batches 1 David Mudrák
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Do students see names of reviewers, when the Workshop is closed? 1 Helen Foster
Grading evaluation method, only one option in the dropdown box 1 AL Rachels
How do students see assessments from their peers? 16 Antonia Bonaccorso
Inconsistent decimal places 2 Karin Brown
After student feedback, can tutors provide feedback too? 3 David Mudrák
Thank You David...and Moodle of Course 7 Ali Hastie
Peer Assessment Not Saving 4 Ryan Carroll
Creating Workshop like the LearnMoodle experience 7 David Mudrák
Moodle 3.0 Assess example submissions 3 David Mudrák
Workshop with two per Group 4 Laura Perry
Workshop feature request 6 David Mudrák
Reporting/logs on Workshop activity missing for student action 10 David Mudrák
Editing instructions for assessment 2 David Mudrák
Submission restrictions after Assessment Phase has started 7 David Mudrák
drag and drop file in exsubmission 1 Mamadou Cisse
Assessing average question 2 Jutta Wagner
moodle "workshop" (peer assessment) research 7 Rob Monk
Workshop grades report lost last submission's name 0 Jinxing Chen
Trial runs of Workshop 2 Annette Knobloch
A complex task that will astonish you! Help! 5 MoodleKittyCat .
Students Can't See Peer's Comments 1 David Mudrák
"norepositoriesavailable" in moodle workshop 1 Lynn Hadfield
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Copying Module 4 David Mudrák
‘Prevent reviews by peers from the same group' - do I understand this? 1 David Mudrák
Scheduled Allocation, number of reviews 4 Jayakrishnan Madathil
One student's submission empty 1 David Mudrák
Multiple submissions and peer reviews 3 David Mudrák
How can I make reviewing anonymous? 3 Francis Feytout
Assessment scores not appearing in Workshop 1 David Mudrák