LTI and Moodle

About Moodle as a LTI tool consumer (using the External tool) or as a LTI tool provider (using the Publish as LTI tool).

Documentation: LTI and Moodle

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(including the External tool and Publish as LTI tool)

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Debug error: Expired timestamp, yours 1538688602, ours 1538681402 2 Ken Kavanagh
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Integrate Google drive via LTI into Moodle (using "Course Kit") 3 Nancy Atterberry
Cohorts and LTI 1 Veronica Volz
LTI sync times and affects on performance 0 Stuart Anderson
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LTI 1.3 for Moodle Tool Provider 0 Stephen Vickers
Can a Moodle lesson be published as an LTI and re-used within a site? 4 C Behan
Moodle to Moodle LTI Issues (3.5 to 3.3.2 and 3.5 to 3.6) 0 Ken Kavanagh
LTI links in atto 0 Jean-Roch Meurisse
Restrict LTI to preconfigured tools only 1 Neil Stapleton
Publish Course with all Activity Grades 0 Veronica Volz
LTI Provinding leads to missing oauth consumer key error 2 heli g
LTI missing consumer key? 6 Hugo Boelhouwer
Embedded quiz 0 Ravid Arbel
LTI Member sync confusion 1 heli g
imscc Common Cartridge File Not Importing, No Option to Convert File 0 Sarah Noah
Quiz navigation block when embedded 0 Ryan Nutt
External Tool - Internal Server Error 500 2 Arjan Luijken
LTi login Moodle app 0 Graham Courtney
LibGuides 0 Brad Nielsen
Moodle LTI Producer and Canvas - Need Help 6 Martin Biermann
Returning Grade From LTI Provider Tool 0 Tuhin Sharma
Send grade back to Cloud Moodle problem 0 Diego Mendes
Copying LTI tool links / Parent IDs via custom parameters? 0 Anson Li
Who wants to help me finish this OER publishing and distribution tool for Moodle? 3 Chris Kenniburg
how to increase the height of peergrade frame in moodle 0 Babaso Aldar
Errors trying to get LTI working 12 Gareth J Barnard
List of LTI Tools? 2 Przemek Kaszubski
Moodle External Tools - LTI Version 1.x or 2.0? 1 Darko Miletić
Common Cartridge Restore Is Passing Custom Parameter Value 0 But It Should Not 0 Robert Connolly
Managing enrollments in external application 0 Eric Katchan
LTI Not Permitting VoiceThread to Record Video/Audio in iframe 0 Benjamin Moser
Availability dates in External LTI Tool settings? 1 Przemek Kaszubski
calling LTI provider outside Moodle 0 Alain Raap
Duplicating external tool loses consumer key and shared secret: working as intended? 0 Doc Billingsley
registration via LTI tool 0 Jean-Marc Doucet
Membership Service in Moodle 3.5 0 Cory Buecker
New Tracker improvement to LTI experience proposed; please vote! 0 Glenn Pillsbury
Moodle integration with angular application 0 Mr Techie
Show quiz navigation block - Moodle as LTI provide 3 Ryan Nutt
Internal LTI 0 C Behan
How to customize Grade settings to "None" for new LTI instances 1 Glenn Pillsbury
Moodle 3 as a LTI provider for edX (a consumer that only supports LTI 1) 6 David Ligne
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Course Backup fails when LTI enabled 0 R J
Integration of Khan academy in moodle using LTI 0 Gopal Sharma
Custom parameter sending twice 0 Luke Courtright
Creating a course with External tool activity via web services 0 Alex V
Programming an LTI Provider in C# for Moodle as Consumer 1 Synchro Admin
Course Category as LTI Custom Parameter 0 Pablo Garcia de los Salmones
Requests to Moodle's Outcome Service failing 0 Pablo Garcia de los Salmones
Linkedin learning and video embed into Moodle using LTI 0 Steven Jiang
LTI Custom Parameters and Passing the Username 11 Carrie Bishop
roles in LTI provider site 0 tamara evans braun
Students can enrol Learning Plans for himself 0 Nilesh Pathade
upgrade to Moodle 3.1 LTI not showing results in GradeBook 2 Shiv R
LTI launch ever only shows .xml file 1 Lexi K
Unable to get LTI content to display 0 Bob Derezinski
LTI POST 0 Keith C
Moodle as LTI Provider to my SIS 0 Ed Pina
common module settings - group mode 1 Randy Thornton
New contrib: LTI Provider 194 Eric Ellis
Open Source LTI Book Publishing Tool that can use H5P in content 9 Ed Beck
LTI activity Grades no longer updating 3.1 0 Shiv R
Enable LTI logs for debug 0 Wallison de Oliveira
A problem, issue and a query that will help. 3 Mary Cooch
LTI Secret key - urgent request please 1 Jon Bolton
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How to write an authentication for an external tool (LTI tool provider side) ? 3 Benoît M
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LTI and embedding on IOS 0 Bert van der Hooft
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Moodle and LTI integration how to Clone the master course 0 ItsMe Rajan
LTI v1 Consumer outputs XML File instead of the shared course 4 ItsMe Rajan
Embed 8 Luis Herrera Noguera
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Content-item 0 Luka Torby
Uniquely Identify Moodle Course 0 Hamza Manzoor
Deleting users on the consumer site 0 Ray Lawrence
Need to integrate My web app with users coming from a moodle 0 ItsMe Rajan
sharing activities between courses using LTI 0 meir ifrach
Grade not returning to "consumer" course 0 Mark Whitington
i want to create bundle course but using 2 instence of moodle 0 ALTAF KALANIYA
Publish as an LTI Tool and Schoology 10 Mike Simurdiak
LTI Account duplicated 0 Bernat Martinez