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Hiding the "Show non-respondents" tab in feedback 0 Alice Forester
Distributing feedback files 0 Daniel Wood
"Error reading from database" when sorting feedback by Groups 0 Rob Robertson
Consolidated Feedback 0 Ashiq Irphan
Compare pre and post evaluation results in analysis 2 James Smith
Feedback Topic Redirect 0 E-Learning Wellness
[mod_lti] Invalid LTI params posted with Safari when special characters are in the title 0 Stéphane Diemer
Auto Save Function (Lost Work) 0 Deborah Bruce
Moodle feedback format. 0 Ashraf Hoque
Dependence not working consistently 3.4!!! 3 Melanie Scott
Atto editor for Feedback Questions 0 Brad Nielsen
How to Import Questions 0 Laura Meade
Feedback answer upload 0 Scott Burnett
Creating feedback for individual student evaluation 0 Kathryn Woodhead
Seeing all feedback from one student 3 Rob Robertson
After Submission content - Rich media not working 0 Wade Noneya
Can't delete feedback question 2 Garrett Boone
Use of required, conditional question to password protect feedback 1 Guido Hornig
Feedback Activity - Download File Column Headers Issue 0 Holly Doggett
Course Evaluation Solution 1 Emma Richardson
Missing TinyMCE toolbar plugins in Feedback 2 AL Rachels
Adding more than one dependence item for a feedback label 5 Emma Richardson
feedback aggregation 1 Chad Bergeron
Feedback questions page layout 0 Christoph Ruda
Grant evaluation access to the following course participants 0 Tobias Sanders
Export feedback analysis graphs 10 Christoph Ruda
Multiple submissions greyed out 3 Martin Greenaway
Feedback Tool for course evaluation surveys: questions 6 Jock Coats
Feedback module: no 'answer the questions' link 5 Rebecca Ogrady-Marshall
Feedback unable to write to database 0 Kane Chie
Any idea to sort this feedback logic 0 Maya V
3.4 Feedback: Some students see Continue instead of Submit your answers 2 Melanie Scott
Require feedback / restrict other activities? 0 Lori Smith
Could we evaluate (feedback) only instructors/teachers? 6 Emma Richardson
Automatic Feedback- username is appearing the assessment feedback automatically but we don't want this 0 Simone Dawson
Questionnaire Feedback Missing 3 Melanie Scott
ChartJS improvements for mod_feedback 0 Joost Elshoff
export feedback (NOT Excel) 2 Nikolaos Karadimas
How to respond to student feedback? 1 Emma Richardson
anonymous responses, but track who responded (3.4) 0 Sue Holtz
Feedback doesn't work in Moodle Mobile 0 Ronja Frölich
Is it possible to have conditional questions in Feedback module? 1 AL Rachels
retrieve anonymous answers in evaluation moodle 3 Melanie Scott
Collapsible Comment Icon Placement 0 Greg Reed
Hide Show Responses tab for the faculty 0 Sal Kaceli
analysis feedback can't view 3 Polaris Lee
notification feedback is not appear completed in moodle mobile app 0 eman ali
Analysis to show current user's responses only 2 willem stempvoort
'Feedback viewed' indication for Moodle Assignments 1 Harry Kalantzis
Feedback "times out" before submitting answers 3 m question
link for the feedback 0 m question
When user submit the course feedback all user are getting spam emails 0 santosh dharamsale
User with "View Reports" permission doesn't see the relevenat tabs in feedback section 0 AppSec Labs
Feedback additional feature 0 Eka Zerek
Behavior changed; non-anonymous now overwrites previous 2 Ryan B
Feedback notification is not working 1 Mohammad kabir
Url images not displaying 0 Rick Garcia
analysis feedback can't view 0 eko kurmiantoro
Anonymous Feedback in Front Page - Password Authentication 8 Emma Richardson
No Export to Excel button on Analysis tab 10 Randy Thornton
Feedback field/question type based on SQL 0 Andrew C
Text wrapping for questions in Feedback activity? 1 Miz M
Customizing moodle feedback block plugin 1 Miz M
Exporting feedback & quiz scores 0 Ashwini Patil-Borole
adding group to dataset exported file 0 Mario Abbondati
Multiple choice answer rated doubts 3 Peter Jonker
Conflict of information from FeedBack reports 0 Kaio Serra
"Multiple choice - multiple answers" 2 Ricardo Caiado
Adding username to datasets in exported Files 7 Mohammad kabir
Hiding feedback preview icon 1 Marina Glancy
Disable questions types (captcha) 0 Hugo Ribeiro
Email student their question and answers. 0 James Todd
Feedback dependancies 2 Sue Moss
Feedback in Front Page not showing to logged in user 6 Nicholas Chop
Adding more than one dependence value 0 Roger Domínguez Argemí
feedback activity not showing in Moodle 3.3 3 Roger Domínguez Argemí
No required questions needs to be answered (like required) in order to send feedback 0 Abraham Salado
Feedback question formats and completion settings 0 Danielle Antha
Activity completion not showing in Feedback setting page 0 Francois PAR
Teacher don't see the analysis... can just answer questions 0 Francois PAR
Visibility own response after submitting 1 Russell Waldron
Feedback Plugin with custom field for username and id for whom feedback is given 0 Jithesh K
Feedback analysis error download 0 liana oktiviana
Feedback completion (moodle 3.2) 11 Fernando Sánchez Zamora
Feedback Cancel button target 0 Aaron Johnson
Total Average for all Question 0 Ghazanfar Ali
Feedback activity completion not working 4 Emma Richardson
Is it possible to have comments or feedback from the teacher? 0 Ala Bala
Modifying Bar chart in feedback module 2 G Ganesh Kumar
Feedback problem 7 Emma Richardson
label is hidden in feedback activity 2 Emma Richardson
Feedback:Submitted answers&Show responses only displayed 8 items 5 Emma Richardson
How to add multiple feedback questions at a time 2 Jon Bolton
error in importing feedback activity 1 m question
Feedback's Question - "Depend values" on two special cases 0 Manuel Tenorio Fenton
Feedback dependency 3 Manuel Tenorio Fenton
customise feedback plugin to send email 0 Miyone G
Missing answers in results 0 Howard Miller
Hide Feedback on Frontpage 3 Jon Bolton
Download to .csv no longer includes course short name 0 Sal Kaceli