Future major features

For collaborating on specifications for major new features.

See also: Moodle development process and the Moodle roadmap

This forum is for collaborating on specifications for major new features. Let's aim for one discussion per feature, based on a detailed spec in the developer docs.

Note: This forum is NOT for suggesting new features. Please use the Moodle Tracker for all improvement and feature requests.

DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Task logs 4 Andrew Nicols
User Tours 38 Rex Lorenzo
Incorporating HAX? 0 Rex Lorenzo
Activity Stream for Moodle ? Expanding Social Learning Concepts 5 Ray Lawrence
Simplify activity chooser 38 John Provasnik
Question category by teacher 0 Jesús Fernández
Suggested features 0 Eduardo Gutiérrez
Suggested Feature 2 John ICS
Duplicated activity should have a suffix added to the name 0 Urpo Karhula
Boost theme in 3.2 79 Rick Jerz
Import Grades: Fix Error Messages 0 Christopher Heckman
Survey module refactoring for Moodle 2.5 54 Daniele Cordella
Office Integration Issue Discovered 3 Chris Kenniburg
Participants vs enrolled users 2 Chris Kenniburg
Heads up - improvements to tagging 11 Chris Kenniburg
File Conversion API 2 Alistair Spark
Community Meeting re: Office integrations 15 Nadav Kavalerchik
File system abstraction 4 Dan Poltawski
Messages and Notification Improvements 1 Jean-Roch Meurisse
3.2 new required minimum PHP version 6 Fernando Oliveira
BlockChain 5 Justin Hunt
More saves and response "undo" 0 Darren Cocco
Activity Learning flow: blocks not pages 5 Tim Hunt
Convenience tables for mapping integer constants 2 Peter West
Option to Comment on Posted Content 10 Sal Kaceli
Option to enable write access for guests 0 Johannes Burk
New theme for Moodle 3.2 51 Brian Merritt
LTI Improvements for 3.2 1 Mary Evans
Ideal Assignment Feedback and Submission. 0 Rob Monk
Moodle 3.2 removing blocks? 15 Richard Oelmann
Reports in Moodle. What reports would you like to see? 43 Karikalan Kumaresan
New Graph API 0 Damyon Wiese
User disguises (MDL-1071) 3 Damyon Wiese
Let me know in which quizzes a question is used so far 0 Heinz Mutzner
Do we need setting "Email display" - please share your thoughts 19 Enrique Castro
Theme widget API? 1 Chris Kenniburg
User message tray 11 Fernando Acedo
Plans for supporting moodle additional (contributed) plugins in the Mobile app 0 Juan Leyva
Navigation overhaul 21 Mary Evans
Assignment Grading UX 24 Marcus Green
Displaying information to users on redirect 20 Andrew Nicols
A problem with the policy around activity completion 2 Tim Hunt
We need a change 18 Colin Fraser
Element Library 111 Mary Evans
What events would you be intrested in monitoring? 14 John Provasnik
Combine event monitoring with role capabilities 0 Kathrin Osswald
User navigation mockup 29 Damyon Wiese
Try out section menus for 3.0 and give your feedback 9 Dan Poltawski
Moodle Forums...... 21 Andrew Nicols
Rollover - handling end-of-year processes for recycling and archiving courses 2 Séverin Terrier
Oauth2 authentication in Moodle 2.4 and implication for Mnet for future versions 15 Gian Luca Pallai
Replace "Show course tags" block setting with proper course tags 0 Marina Glancy
MoodleRoom's proposed Outcomes changes 50 Jean FRUITET
New Feature: Export since filter on grade exports 4 Ileana Bladé Mendoza
Should activity descriptions be required by default 22 Alexander Bias
Forum reply by e-mail 23 Brendan Heywood
Proposed changes to cache store in Moodle 2.9 15 Jeff White
Grader Report UI Updates 5 Sal Kaceli
Pluggable Search Engines 5 Tomasz Muras
Lesson user and group overrides 4 Itamar Tzadok
New geographical map API 5 Dave Balch
User account security improvements 6 Tim Hunt
Changes landing in the Quiz activity 0 Tim Hunt
User dropdown menu 17 Jean-Luc Delghust
Conditional availability: Enhancements including OR conditions, plugins 36 Jeremy FitzPatrick
Expanding logging (and events) coverage in 2.8, please add/vote 0 Marina Glancy
Redesign Activity Chooser 1 Dave Dallo
Atto wins! What now for TinyMCE? 6 Derek Chirnside
Feedback for new opportunity - Mark as all read 0 Koulla Antoniou
about user management 0 kemal cilavdaroglu
Feedback requested on new Logging specification 24 Tomasz Muras
Moodle's Global Search 4 Luis de Vasconcelos
Prototyping Editor 2.7 24 Damyon Wiese
Should we add the OU drag-drop question types to Moodle 2.7? 0 Tim Hunt
Request for comments - new logging API 5 Petr Skoda
jQuery support for add-ons 6 Conn Warwicker
New: prototype.moodle.net 4 Derek Chirnside
Activity Grading Interface 8 Jason Hardin
New Editor for 2.7 0 Jason Fowler
Replacement for the course and category management pages 6 Simon Coggins
We will probably drop support for IE8 in Moodle 2.5 (June 2013) 9 Martin Dougiamas
Forum notification improvements 3 Mark Andrews
Custom fields and metadata 27 Elizabeth Dalton
Moodle and its GUI 8 Gavin Henrick
Proposal/questions: Support for "cloning" assets 4 Simon Coggins
Individual Learning Plans - Assigning activities to Students individually 0 Ralf Hilgenstock
Future Development of Assignment 7 Jason Hardin
Navigation 0 Derek Chirnside
Automatic updates deployment 21 David Mudrák
Moodlerooms Proposed Comments User Interface Updates 13 Jason Hardin
Activity Extensions for Moodle - MDL-37505 4 Damyon Wiese
Logging API (option to move logs out of database) 6 Tim Hunt
Moving 'Reports' from the 'Navigation block' to the 'Settings block' 16 Ralf Hilgenstock
Current minor features 13 Derek Chirnside
Changes to course listings in 2.5 19 Gareth J Barnard
Course formats refactoring 2.4 15 Marina Glancy
Activity Chooser enhancement - searchability! 11 Andrew Nicols
Contrib migration into Core 4 Joshua Bragg
New default icon set for Moodle 2.4 roadmap 25 Dan Poltawski
Improving editing icons on course page to avoid clutter 24 David Scotson