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How to keep your Moodle site secure and methods for increasing privacy.

Documentation: Security, Security FAQ and Increasing privacy in Moodle

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How can I block cURLs to eliminate phony accounts? 1 Ken Task
Firewall problem 3 Emma Richardson
Moodle reverse proxy and URL replace.php not working 11 Ken Task
security problem with mod/scorm/datamodel.php 1 Dan Marsden
Audit log of user activity 3 Rick Jerz
LDAP Authantication 3 Leon Stringer
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Password Issue with moodle 3.4.6 0 Tech Academy
Secure MP4 videos 5 Matt Bury
Is Moodle OWASP compliant? 1 Dan Marsden
login to Moodle from a script/application 3 Kris Van Gelder
Is there a way to completely delete users including all their data? 24 stefan weber
Confidentiality policy for forum / posts sent 0 Francis Vendrell
SSL installation 1 Jon Bolton
Password Reset Process 0 Pince AUS
LTI Vulnerability 4 Robert Kovacich
The Policy consent form for the teachers only? 1 Emma Richardson
Data export and GDPR comliance 3 Flotter Totte
Activity completion and GDPR compliance 2 Flotter Totte
Content lockdown 6 Jon Bolton
Anonymizing Data on Students 5 Zoran Jancic
Cookie Consent and Privacy Notice Popup 5 Fer Ed
Is thar any way to make Moodle site at least basicly GDPR compliant? 0 Zoran Jancic
Deleting old users 2 Zoran Jancic
Restricting Access by Cohort 1 Zoran Jancic
Deleting user accounts for users that are not using the system anymore 0 Zoran Jancic
Any Idea on the Possibility of Hacking? 2 Rafiq Muhammad
defining admin/mamager role for specific course 1 altan ahmet
Testing Moodle security 1 Tim Hunt
Changes to Password Procedure 3 Conor O'Neill
ssl problem 0 FaRzad Shami
can we make visible course only for an IP address ? 1 Ken Task
adding additional admins & assigning specific roles 3 altan ahmet
Cohorts View hidden categories 1 Dave Perry
Notifications regarding Data Privacy requests processing 0 seaghan moriarty
Removal of loginpasswordautocomplete Headaches 0 Wolf Ventir
Deleted users still show up in Forum thread overview 5 Alan Schrock
Does Moodle log admin activity? 2 Cathal O'Riordan
How long should HTTPS conversion run? 2 Zainab Iftikhar
Firewall Recommended Settings 4 Ali Arekat
OSSEC blocks ajax call 0 Venizia Venizia
Moodle 3.6.1+ (20181210) issue with tool_policy 2 Joost Elshoff
dataprivacy tool blocking cron job from running 0 stefan weber
GDPR is a no go for now 1 Tim Hunt
Can't edit moodle's password policy 2 Salome Tkhilaishvili
Suppression of advice about php register_global at documentation 0 Joan Cervan
User Policy and agrement 1 Ralf Hilgenstock
Lots of invalid login token errors in the logs 14 Diane Soini
SSL connection to Moodle DB? 33 Garrett Boone
Plugin privacy registry error 2 Andrew Nicols
How to Download my Personal Data or other's Data 16 Alan Schrock
Host with LiquidWeb - mod_security rules 2 Ken Task
ClamAV and Cwatch 4 Wynand Louw
Corrections to the Moodle landscape as a result of the Facebook's breaches 8 Visvanath Ratnaweera
ClamAV server 2 Matteo Scaramuccia
Restrict teacher's ability to backup courses including userdata? 2 stefan weber
GuardianKey - A new plugin of Security 0 Gesiel Bernardes
IP blocker error when access via html script 0 Karishma Tiwari
How do I finetune Website Copier HTTrack or Cyotek WebCopy? 0 Rolf Cper
disable video right click 1 Rick Jerz
Cell-like groups possible? 0 Sam Stevens
Quiz Answers "Keywords" Not Working 3 deepak rs
User's Choice of Course 0 deepak rs
adding a wildcard security ssl for a plugin 0 Aretha Etienne
Unable to Log In as admin - Moodle 3.5 1 Emma Richardson
Manual enrollment and obligate change password 0 Reinier Batterink
HTTPS issue 1 Chris Nelson
ClamAV Plugin Config Paths 3 Wolf Ventir
content protection method 2 dave lewis
No checkboxes on Data Requests page 2 Alex Sandu
reset admin password? 9 Lea Cohen
HTTP to HTTPS 1 Ken Task
data privacy plugin 3.3.5 hanging in cron 11 John Packiaraj
The perils of the BIG "helping" school IT 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Problem with HTTPS 1 AL Rachels
Fast registration possible? 6 Visvanath Ratnaweera
looking for vulnerable (old) plugins for Moodle 1 Dan Marsden
Completely isolated courses 10 Kerstin Namuth
Privacy Policy - Different Languages 5 Ralf Hilgenstock
email alert when new users are created 2 Raman Joshi
Need Assistance on Installing SSL Wildcard Certificate Moodle3.2.4 Apache 0 Aretha Etienne
Mail bomb afther update 6-11-2018 4 Ralf Hilgenstock
Password recovery from login page : a strange screen 1 Emma Richardson
Data requests retention period 2 Leon Erasmus
Building in SHA-256 hashing for javascript 15 Garrett Boone
Can my instructor see my activities outside his course? 1 Tim Hunt
Secure coukies 0 mimi nom
A required parameter token was missing 2 Ross Quinnell
Contacts tab in messaging provides list of all users (GDPR issue?) 8 Gemma Lesterhuis
[3.5]Insecure files/folders Moodle? 2 Richard van Iwaarden
XSS Trusted Users list longer than it should be given our settings 3 Janet Osborne
Getting ClamAV Daemon working in Ubuntu 18.04 0 Mark Sharp
restrict guest access for courses in a specific category 6 Louise Hawkins
Data registry and data deletion 1 Andrew Nicols
When logging in, I'm getting a "logout/cancel" popup every time 3 Jan Waginski
Deceptive site ahead - Phishing 6 Ken Task
Securing the platform and databases best approach? 7 Jerry Lau
User data in joint activities 0 Kerstin Namuth
Is there a way to set manager role to be able to enroll student to certain Course categories only? 0 Maddy Fu