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Moodle course bookmarking 0 Akash Jambhorkar
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Link to Same Repository File from Lessons in Different Courses? 1 Mary Cooch
Course Activity - Slideshow - In Need of Help 8 AL Rachels
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Require time spent not showing in activity completion 2 Mary Cooch
View individual responses in lessons 1 Jean-Michel Védrine
Continuing to next lesson chapter 0 Lauren Miers
Response Feedback Missing After Moodle Update 8 Bob Gilmore
3.4...I'd like to have an image display at the bottom of every lesson screen... 0 Melanie Scott
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Answers for Lessons 1 Miro Iliaš
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Lesson with with only Content Pages - Best Practice? 2 Jason Clampco
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Internal Links 0 V C
Review all questions and answers to lessons in a course 0 Simon Kempton
True/ False options 0 Nick Edwards
Printing a lesson activity 8 Adam King
Lesson re-attempt error "You are not allowed to retake this lesson." 2 Awais Akbar
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Multichoice questions in Lessons 1 S. kavita
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Issues with Completion Criteria 1 Melanie Scott
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Turn off randomized answers 2 Albert Leatherman
Lesson grade date in gradebook for display on certificates 0 Phil Everist
changing page according to percentage of correct answers 0 Filippo Caburlotto
Lesson Report Download 1 Mary Cooch
Lesson: Maximum number of attempts 10 2 Mr Juarez
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Automatic minimum grade for lesson 6 כנרת מאיר
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Time spent 2 topo gatto
Screen width in lessons 0 Skule Sormo
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tabbed pages in (in lessons or books) 1 AL Rachels
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