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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
PinnedBefore you post... read this... 13 Marian Dreiling
how to hide all resources at course start up 4 Bill W.
Randomly get Logged out + Missing Images 1 Ken Task
Adding a payment gateway 6 Howard Miller
New users cannot be added to a course 0 Pál Csányi
Arranging files alphabetically 3 Howard Miller
User Tour - getting modal dialog to show over nav-drawer 3 Garrett Boone
Course Backup: Error 500 0 Cesar Harata
Failed email verification with OAuth 2 authentication 7 Nikolaas Dries
Bulk User Upload csv file - advice on correct sequence of fields? 2 Tracey Fitzpatrick
Fatal error while running MySQL compressed row file 6 Ken Task
How automatically unenroll a students after specific days? 7 Hiten Patel
Merry moodle with Alexa? 2 Maxime Taisne
new accounts and confirmation 5 altan ahmet
Courses uploaded via CSV have "?" instead of characters "ȘȚÂĂÎ" 0 Universitatea Agora
How to grant that user agreement is accepted before usage of Moodle? 2 Herwig Rehatschek
v3.6 Which DB table can be used to pre-set lesson progress completion? 18 Howard Miller
Remove 'Last Modified' from footer 8 Jon Bolton
Moodle.Login and Theme Adaptable 1 Howard Miller
change method enrollment of all courses 1 Colin Fraser
Link to course description page? 7 Rick Jerz
Default Sorting option as IDNUMBER 1 Howard Miller
Smiles uncontrolled? 3 Rick Jerz
Invalid login, please try again after upgrading to 3.6.2+ 2 Howard Miller
problem after upgrading 9 solmaz naderi
I think i broke my moodle CSV upload 3 Universitatea Agora
Menus and tabs not working after upgrading to Moodle 3.4.1 6 Paul Roberts
Failed to load task: \mod_facetoface\task\cron_task 1 Garrett Boone
Oversized emoji's in received emails 4 Howard Miller
New Chat issues/bug in 3.6.2+ 0 Andy Hill
Multiple Course Creators on Same Course? 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Message system stops working after upgrade to 3.6.1+ 4 James Becker
Front Page Categories 0 Wesley Eccles
Indicating activity as incomplete 8 Andrzej Jończyk
courses not showing up at students dashboard (external database enrolment) 3 johan ericka
Basic Question - Blocks displaying when permission are removed 3 Helen Foster
Customize Navigation Bar 2 Chelsy Ann Koshy
Issue with attendance module 3 Wolfgang Rolke
Grade Book Error 3 Floyd Saner
Invalid course module ID error when saving attendance or taking quiz 0 Bass Sears
Problems with the download of the lessons 4 Giovanni Franchi
Course Completion 1 Justin Hunt
Visibility of course details and self-enrollment 4 Ted Rau
Cant change debug settings 5 Howard Miller
My Courses does not show all of my courses (enrolled or teaching) 2 Christina Mandrusiak
Restrict Courses for Users 1 Mary Cooch
General doubts. Please 0 Arkady Mrad
Send Enrolment Key Email after Email Verification 3 Herb Boeckenhaupt
Getting error on top of page with everything i press 0 Lester Stoffels
Formatting the page / sub page structure 1 Helen Foster
Cleanup task - Delete Incomplete Users 1 Top Website
arrows to move topics up or down are not displayed 1 stefan weber
The "Task" component in Moodle does not work (error 500). What is the problem? 0 Анатолий Куликов
My Moodle not sending emails 1 Mayank Tyagi
How to modify course meta link enrolment method by SQL? 0 wz z
moodle embed code 1 Mark Whitington
Questions have disappeared, but there are 4 Ken Task
Teacher unable to see new assignments to grade in course overview block 7 Dirk Meyer
Preventing students from disable notifications 2 Lionel A. Richemond
Invalid login, please try again error 1 Howard Miller
Make sure the plugin type root location is writable 1 Howard Miller
delete a course 5 Colin Fraser
Bulk stealth activities 1 C Behan
Changing site name 1 Luis de Vasconcelos
Doubts about tasks and teachers? 1 Mary Cooch
deleting 301 redirect 5 Ken Task
Missing or "reverted" course content with no proof in the logs - Moodle version 3.6 1 Perry Way
How to integrate WordPress with Moodle 5 Michael Jin
Restrict access by username? 2 Albert Leatherman
I screwed up & deleted the Clean theme 3 Ken Task
How to auto enroll new and existing users in all courses as they are created 1 Jon Bolton
Global Search empty result 0 Bert van der Hooft
Print button for HTML pages 2 John Provasnik
Weird Forum Grading issue 3 Rick Jerz
Drag and Drop over 45MB Limit? 1 Usman Asar
How to get a list of courses with no participants? Or courses with no recent activity? 7 Rick Jerz
HTML Widgets 2 Ashley Boyd
Merge Students - Enrollments-Grades-Learning plans-Competencies 2 Shirley Gregorczyk
Quiz - Change order 'Review Options' 8 John Provasnik
Custom Filters 1 Howard Miller
Announcement Slider from Front Page or Dashboard page does not display latest Announcements but Latest Announcement Block displays it 1 Kathryn Woodhead
Import Competency Framework 1 Howard Miller
Images for groups in forums not showing as official Moodle? 1 Adrian Yosifov
Export of custom date fields 0 Zak Stoimenov
Export Quiz Question Bank to file including answers 1 Rick Jerz
Quiz throws database error 3 Mabry Wilkinson
A simple Assignment 1 ben reynolds
Moodle 3.5.2 White Page when I click "Enrolled users" in course 7 Stephen Difc
Collect logs of course activity via API 0 Vitalii Kalinin
Deleted activities and resources not always go to recycle bin 0 Alia Papa
raise the (your?) hand option 7 AL Rachels
Giving learners a title as an achievement/reward? 6 David Morrow
full blown emoticon in e-mail 0 Kees Koopman
Calendar issue, already tracked? 8 Diana Gonzaga
Reduce size of "mdl_notifications" table in MySQL 3 Andreas Giesen
Need Help for set Permission in administrators panel 4 Harley Smith
Users list gone 2 Alex Bigwood
Possible to Display SQL Report Results in a Block? 0 MAG II
error when editing user profile 0 Mary Dulko