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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
PinnedBefore you post... read this... 15 Jon Bolton
Messaging not working since upgrade 1 Harmony Hunt
Restrict Grading 2 py robert
Grades not syncing into RenWeb 4 Jamie Canterbury
enrolment & certificates 2 altan ahmet
Error reading from database - COLLATION 'utf8mb4_bin' is not valid for CHARACTER SET 'utf8' SELECT * FROM mdl_user WHERE LOWER(username) COLLATE utf8mb4_bin .. 12 Алексей Подолинный
Embedded Video issue 0 MUSTAFA ELNAEIM
A Problem With HTML Blocks' Backup 2 Jon Bolton
Force users to move through quizes one at a time 1 Howard Miller
MySQL thread on DB server - a number of them 5 Howard Miller
How to Get a Current User name in HTML block 3 Justin Hunt
faildelay on adhoc task is very high - 86400 12 Jerry Lau
Group Messaging E-mail notification 0 Claudio Delpino
Boost navigation fumbling icons 0 Fer Ed
User list for each individual course under one category 0 Wei Cai
Enrollment Report 1 Rick Jerz
Moodle Calenda Categories 1 Rick Jerz
A Project Calendar 3 Rick Jerz
H5p Interactive video will not go to complete 0 Dan Bell
Forum recording doesn't work in iPhone 0 Jan Waginski
Role to view only participants in group 4 Jon Bolton
LTI Custom Parameters 1 Maxime Taisne
Discussion Forum Posting Dates (3.5) 17 Jon Bolton
Blocks on topic pages 1 Jon Bolton
Category cohorts 7 Aaron Campbell
enrol and enroll 4 Ryan Buck
News Forum Posting Duplicate Entries 2 Christina Dempsey
Migrating Database 7 Ken Task
Users cannot view or send messages - "Error reading from database" 1 Leon Stringer
Backing up all courses - not with the built in tool 0 Heather P
Is there a way to change a course's ID? 5 Floyd Saner
Coding error Detected (Moodle 3.6) 3 Howard Miller
Exception - Class 'ZipArchive' not found - error/moodle/generalexceptionmessage 5 benoit tostain
Critical hacking issue 4 Monica Cain
Moodle 3.2.1 is not sending email. 17 Jon Bolton
Trying to embed Moodle hosted VR with iFrame 3 Justin Hunt
Placement / Professional Praxis 4 Julie Dillon
Assignment submission feedback mail notify. 3 Игорь Михайлович Колыбаев
wordpress theme compatibility with moodle 2 Floyd Saner
Self-Hosted Moodle Login Blocked in China? 9 Israil Gustaff
Default Dashboard ignores 'hide' setting of blocks? 6 Arfeen Arif
unoconv listener fails to start 4 Jon Shaw
Minimum Qualification in object 0 Jorge Paredes
Moodle Cours Topic Format 0 alper arslan
how to download Moodle log report in excel 2 Rick Jerz
What can I do with Moodle? 1 Melanie Scott
Setting up a bank of courses across categories and for reuse. 3 Rick Jerz
Retiring Courses & Moodle Taxonomy? 6 Shirley Gregorczyk
CRON JOB 7 Ken Task
self enrolment 1 C Behan
Can't remove [Deletion in progress]activities Moodle 3.4 13 Susana L.
One Adhoc task failing -> [Deletion in progress] for all modules 2 Susana L.
EU Copyright 1 Howard Miller
Change the backend! 6 Maxime Taisne
Configurable Reports - Grade SQL Reports 1 Shane Ryan Diaz
Email message sender name in language cusomization. 1 Jon Bolton
file paths? 0 Corrine Carter
Import quiz results from other LMS to Moodle. 0 G G
Don't unenrol on cohort sync 3 G G
Xampp configuration 6 Rick Jerz
Make a public course visible in My Courses for all students. 7 Mauro Ramón
How to stop spamming? 9 Perry Way
Delete a post 8 Donna Smith
Moodle 3.6.2 - Ip address 5 Leandro Geraldo da Costa
Upgraded Moodle site not translating some language strings when sending email 4 Helen Foster
Image Doesn't display Properly in Course, Quizzes etc. 5 Paul Raper
Global Search display order (Moodle 3.2) 0 Alyson Stibbard
Moodle 3.3.1 - Cannot Add/Edit Activities or Course Categories. Edit links and Gear Icons are greyed out. 7 Jérôme LABRIET
Track video progress in Moodle 9 Jon Bolton
Mapping users created using admin login 1 Ram V
Community advise needed 0 Sya Rahim
Help Icons - no popover / no help 1 Andreas Giesen
"Course format" not working - course format plugins also do not work 2 Gareth J Barnard
Enrolperiod Problem 4 J Guzman
Warning: Activity deletion in progress! Some grades are about to be removed. [Deletion in progress] 4 William Franz
Restricting self enrolment to specifi email addresses 5 Jon Bolton
[object HTMLParagraphElement] 0 Ramya B
How to edit past completion dates? 1 Melanie Scott
Emails On Course Completion 15 Shirley Gregorczyk
How to Enable Activity Completion Reports 2 Matt Garalde
Cant change debug settings 6 Lester Stoffels
cron.php error on one of the tasks - custom reports 1 Howard Miller
Error when truing to download file in Oublog 1 Howard Miller
[3.6]Delete module from database 0 Richard van Iwaarden
Deleted gradebook item still visible with error after deletion 27 Jerry Lau
Restrict Access Logic Seems Buggy/Backwards with Certain User Profile Fields 0 Becka M
Help with old Moodle 5 Ken Task
CAS 3.5.3 upgrade - breaks SSO to Moodle 3.5 0 Cora Vandendriessche
Grade Course Total Not showing- Please Help 1 Kristin Isler
Associating Blog post with a course (after posting) 1 Brenda Mallinson
CAPQuiz | Adaptive testing 0 Kees Koopman
Moodle cluster for A/B testing 0 John Snow
The response against multiple choice rated questions is not getting displayed in the consolidated list of responses 0 SIERRA TEC
message sending notifications in plain text format by default? 3 Luis de Vasconcelos
How to delete user completely 5 Zoran Jancic
Convert gft files to csv 0 Maria Steinschweiger
Layout of activities 4 Paul Quicke
Large SCORM files 8 C Behan
Database backup and cron 2 Dave Balch