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Crossword does not appear in Activity Completion report 7 Vasilis Daloukas
view attempts crosswords 2 Rafael Santana
game errors 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Error in game_queries 3 Vasilis Daloukas
Millionaire game error 1 Vasilis Daloukas
No Delete Option to Delete attempts? 2 Vasilis Daloukas
Showing ladder with player on each side moving up or down in response to questions 0 Paul Asquith
error in line questions in crossword puzzle 7 Vasilis Daloukas
error on Crossword 2 Vasilis Daloukas
Integrating Unity 3D Applications with Moodle 1 Sam Mudle
Custom Audio 0 Patrick de Nobrega
508 Compliance? 3 Claire Machia
Game appearing on Calendar 0 Jason Touw
Crosswords does not see the Glossaries and its categories 15 Melanie Scott
Error in Game module 0 Rob Lowney
Problem with CROSSWORD PUZZLE 0 Giov anni
Game Module and MathJax 0 Florian Rowedder
Game and PHP 7 2 Claudine Crews
no results after completing a game 0 Jeroen Hollander
Millionaire- wrong grades in student report 0 erika alarcon
Donations for module Game 0 Vasilis Daloukas
Repeating concepts in hagnman game 1 Vasilis Daloukas
glossary category duplication 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Cryptex error, version 2017062801 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Millionair game repeat question 1 Peter W. Schlatter
Games Not working in Moodle 3 2 Derek Chaplin
Games Slow Down Moodle 6 Keith C
Error 500 issue with Game plugin - SOLVED - was blank .htaccess file 7 Sheena dhir
Moodle 3.1 Compatibility? 10 Sheena dhir
Internal error ... 1 Jerry Kalkhof
German ß converted to ss in crossword automatically 3 Henry Patz
Crosswords: Error writing database 3 Rodrigo Barrozo
GAME - WHEEL OF FORTUNE 0 Sophia Dimitriadou
GAME BOOK 3 Derek Chaplin
how to avoid repeatation of questions? 0 murugan m
Can use games with Arabic 1 Marcus Green
Release 2015-12-31 (3) 2 Harshad Gune
snakes and ladder game : why head of the snake appears at the bottom? 2 Vasilis Daloukas
crossword not working. why? 2 Vasilis Daloukas
Bug for Millionaire in Moodle 2.9 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Disable page that summarizes the previous attempts 3 Vasilis Daloukas
Forwarded to front page instead of to the game 4 Hakan Gür
Update to Moodle 3.0 1 Vasilis Daloukas
"There are no words" error in Crossword 2 François Lizotte
Millionare Game Allingment 0 Jhon Carlos
Crossword Options 1 Nadirshah Ferozepurwalla
How to Remove the "Check Crossword option"? 0 Nadirshah Ferozepurwalla
Accessing Question bank categories from higher than parent course level? 0 Bec Adamson
error/Uma categoria de perguntas deve ser selecionada 1 Mary Cooch
game plugin error / moodle 2.9 4 Reginaldo Polesi
game plugin: error/there are no words 0 moayad mgh
Game (crossword) not showing as an option to track in the progress bar 9 Wes Sykes
Multianswer questions in Hidden Picture 2.5.6 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Cryptex game grades issue 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Moodle Millionaire Game "error/there are no questions" 2 Jean-Luc Delghust
games plugin 1 Emad Qmars
Behavior Cryptex 0 Ana Felipe
Snakes and Ladders in RTL language site act weired 0 Miki Alliel
Moodle Activity Aesthetics - Simple choices 0 johne Online Courses
Game Module 2.5 Snakes and Ladders User Defined Background Settings 3 Melanie Scott
Moodle Integration with Unity3d Applications 2 Luis Christian Fernández Martínez
Calculated multichoice for games 0 Peter Howard
Game grades not working correctly 4 Trilogeek Studios
Can't change question category for games 1 Lisa Aharon
Games in ancient greek 1 François Lizotte
error/There are no words game: hangman version: 3.8.22 6 Vasilis Daloukas
Error adding a new game to a course 3 Vasilis Daloukas
How can the student see the game activities 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Millionaire "error/game/invalidgameid" 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Replacing the Images in Hangman 9 Vasilis Daloukas
Millionaire Game - Missing Images 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Problem with text-transform:uppercase in game crossword 1 Vasilis Daloukas
"error/There are no words" in Hangman 4 Stefan Oertel
Games not working in 2.7 5 Márton Bacsó
Error in Game activity 5 AL Rachels
millionaire error afer update to latest version 5 Stefan Oertel
error when viewing game attempts 1 Vasilis Daloukas
hidden picture 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Using games as standalone modules 2 Vetri Selvan
Game module - Book with Questions 4 Lilia Makarevich
Book with questions game 7 Lilia Makarevich
Installed 3.8 - status is now waiting to be installed. 1 Tom Connolly
Display problem in game mod 1 FLEUSSU Serge
Error 500 on Game Module in Moodle 2.5.1 1 Purnendu Dash
Millionair - error/There are no questions 2 Nikki Macfarlane
Snakes and Ladders - "Array" and all answers accepted 0 Brian Rigwald
Error installing game module on moodle 2.2.3 0 Sudhir Singhal
Bug when user has very long hostname 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Game module - Book with Questions 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Images dissappear from Millionaire game when using 50:50, etc. 1 Vasilis Daloukas
CRYPTEX unusually behaving 1 Vasilis Daloukas
Fatal error: Call to a member function get_record() on a non-object 1 Vasilis Daloukas
error/game_cross_continue: There are no words 3 Vasilis Daloukas
Error playing any game activities 1 Vasilis Daloukas
How to disable some games? 1 Sakshi Goel
Game module crossword pulling unwanted questions 1.9.4 3 Melanie Scott
Games Module - Completion Error 10 Vasilis Daloukas
Game module on 2.3: Snakes and ladders 5 Vasilis Daloukas
Game Module on Moodle 2.3 6 Vasilis Daloukas
Problem with Games Module 5 Vasilis Daloukas