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how to show custom profile field in gradebook? 0 Es Am
Freeze headers in report grader 0 Irith Herman
[3.5]Minimum grade in gradebook can not be edited 6 Richard van Iwaarden
Letters Grades into Icons Grades 0 Dominique BODIN
Individual Student Transcript 1 Mohamed Aleya
Override grader constructor 0 FiveString Serenade
Gradebook Conditional Calculations 5 Alex N
Hide Course Total 5 Bob Ridge-Stearn
gradebook with color bar 0 Bruno Henrique Cury
Grader report table formatting/appearance issue 0 Liana Shpani
Grading the number of activities completed 3 Roland Böttcher
View grader report by category 1 Ryan Hazen
How can I make this formula? 1 Ryan Hazen
Export feedback from structured feedback plugin in gradebook 0 Kathryn Woodhead
User report does not show Quiz Overall Feedback 6 John Provasnik
Grades showing incorrectly 1 Andy Smith
Feedback and notification for category of quizzes 0 Andreas Giesen
Grade summary 0 Gabriel Freitas de Macedo Costa
Gradebook Course calculation for different sets of students 0 Eliot Hoving
CSV Grades to FTP server 0 Jamie Tinley
Grades reporting incorrectly 0 Jane Moore
3.5 Gradebook landing page 6 Susan Fleming
Gradebook categories not restoring unless from a full backup 2 Mark Stevens
Feedback missing from User Report 0 Andrew P
Uploading grades 1 Emma Richardson
Adding fields to grader report 0 Leticia Dark-rose
Grader Report Mark As Final Grade 2 Brandon Allen
cannot change maximum grade field in gradebook 2 Rawan ~
Grade Hitory 2 Mary Beth McKee
SQL Query to count number of courses using the gradebook 0 Eric Katchan
3.5 Grade Book & Bonus Marks 1 Ryan Hazen
Show only max grade on grader report (instead of the whole range) 2 John Provasnik
Gradebook different with Editing on from Editing off 0 Mike Verna
Very bad grade/quiz peformance 1 Susan Fleming
Grader Report - Overall Average includes all grades 0 Shirley Gregorczyk
Grade item dropped for only one student 1 Sam Smucker
Possible to have more grade letter scales on system level? 0 Peter Diedrichs
User report does not match gradebook 2 Emma Richardson
hide quiz grade on gradebook and keep it visible at activity level 0 Hugo Ribeiro
Hiding Allocated Marker From Student View 2 Dan Marsden
Gradebook not updated fully with reset 1 Tiffany Morgan
Admin and user grade report don't match 5 James Steerpike
How to export grades for a group 2 Henriette Matthews
Clone gradebook from one course to another 0 Ryan Hazen
Error in grades 1 Ryan Hazen
Move Gradebook Categories? 1 Ryan Hazen
fail exporting gradebook to excel 0 Rudy Djatmiko
fail exporting gradebook to excel 0 Rudy Djatmiko
manually graded marks are not showing on configurable report 0 Lebato MT
Showing the ID Number of Students in the "Single View" page 0 Acqua Alta
grade of the quiz not shown in the grade book 6 michael michael
Need help with gradebook setup 4 Benjamin k
Improvement: option to "show gradebook" to students, as a setting inside the gradebook 0 Emory Maiden
Gradebook Rank & Grade History 0 Mary Beth McKee
Automatic Grade Notification 0 Darrin Thomas
I want a grade category with weighted sum aggregation method grade 2 Elaheh Abolhassani
Gradebook course totale by average 2 Lionel A. Richemond
Students can't yiew the grader report Moodle 3.5.1 2 Mariano Bailly-Bailliere
Excel Report Card Template for Moodle Grade User Reports? 1 John Provasnik
Print Only ONE Gradebook Category (with Subcategories)? 1 John Provasnik
Default Gradebook Categories? 1 John Provasnik
Grader report Portal wide eligibility reports 4 Jason Stegman
Differentiated Gradebook 0 Michael Backus
Find EVERYTHING that needs grading? MSSQL query 0 Zafor Iqbal
Do Grade Calculations discount hidden grade items or not? 0 Damian Hippisley
Minimum Score for Each Rubric Criteria 1 Alex N
gradebook columns overlapping 9 Kyle Bowen
How to add start/end time or completion time in the gradebook 2 Aditya Dubay
Curving grades - can it be done? 0 Joost Elshoff
Preventing a tutor from changing a grade once marked 0 Jordan Wallerus
Grader Report "Select Box" not changing on Boost V3.4.x 9 Gary Rapson
error in exporting grades as exel spreadsheet-file can't be opened 0 Paola Lehmann
Want "Grades Saved" popup to go away automatically or not appear at all 0 Debbie Unterseher
Add entry in Moodle gradebook manually 6 Marcus Green
Student grades in all classes disappearing 3 Gary Oyer
Gradebook user visibility option 0 Marga Inaraja
Use Functions Automatically in Category Grade Calculations 0 Alex N
Achievement color coded 0 Dave Johnson
Using Scales with "Grade to pass"? 3 Samuli Karevaara
Scale returning - 1,2 when previously showed 1,2, upgrade 2.9 to 3.5 2 Rebecca Ogrady-Marshall
Using calculations to apply varying weights to items 0 Mary Beth McKee
Extra Credit on Passing of Multiple Quizzes 0 Raymond Frangie
Icons disappeared in Gradebook Setup after upgrade to Moodle v3.5.1 3 Debbie Unterseher
Single grade item column has "ERROR" for all grades Moodle 3.5.1 0 Debbie Unterseher
Grade aggregation methods are confusing and do more or less the same :( 0 stefan weber
Changing 'grade to pass' in SCORM activity 1 Shirley Gregorczyk
Automatic rescaling happening? 2 Debbie Unterseher
Cannot display Max Grade to each course 2 John Provasnik
Grade Shown as Dropped 0 Ericson
Hiding Quizzes 2 Sal Iacono
Cannot change aggregation method to natural 1 Emma Richardson
Gradebook taking too much memory to run 1 Tammy Moore
Grade reporter 0 Michelle Murphy
Grading issues in Moodle 3.4 1 John Provasnik
Courses with Custom Grade Letters cannot be deleted 2 Leah Lever
Course Total Grade Calculation 7 Emma Richardson
connect scale items with grade items 0 Laura Hunt
Letter Grades 0 Leah Lever
Custom Scales and grade items 0 Laura Hunt
is there any way for more calculation function? 0 sadaf sadafian