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Importing Badges from another company 0 Kim Ireland
Badges not issuing 5 Welmoed Geekie
Badges on group basis 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Mozilla backpack closing down, Badgr in 3 Damyon Wiese
Badgr updates to badges 0 Damyon Wiese
Automatically hide expired badges? 2 Alan Ball
Messages for all badge recepients 2 Miro Iliaš
No Badges block available 2 Clare Miller
Display Badges in IFrame within external site 1 John Tan
Badges Final Course Mark - Not Working 17 Sara Arjona Téllez
Course Completion Badges not awarded 5 Morag Hughson
Questions for badging 5 Adrian Yosifov
Criteria truncated in Badge settings 2 Doc Billingsley
Share Badge via Email 3 Sara Arjona Téllez
SCORM badge 3 Sara Arjona Téllez
Award badge for activity if completed after specific date 2 Chris Olsen
Award badge when completing first course 3 Sara Arjona Téllez
Announcing Email of badge receiving 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Badges Awarded on Quiz Score Achieved 5 Arshad Syed
Conditional badge issuance 3 Sara Arjona Téllez
problem with siting up badges 0 BADRIAH algarni
Badges not issued 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Badges and SCORM Packages 2 Larry Richmond
Badges for Teacher role? 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
badges 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Site closure and open badges 11 William Beazley
Anyone use both Badges and Level Up! plugin? 3 Rachel Grzymkowski
[3.5]What's the URL to this screen? 6 Emma Richardson
Bedges ativos 1 Mary Cooch
Attaching student work examples 0 Tom Curley
Course enrollment by either one of a number of badge 0 Dave Henderson
Badges image size for Moodle 3.5 0 Giuseppe Cardamone
awarding accumlative badges 7 Emma Richardson
Display conditions details of course completion to Open Bages 0 Tung Thai
Once again: same badge in several courses 7 Sara Arjona Téllez
Moodle Badge - Receive Badge Every Time Course is Complete 5 MAG II
Site badge function - New option for Completing a set of courses criteria 2 Tung Thai
Potential badge recipients by group 3 Sara Arjona Téllez
badges not issued 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Badges menu item on course page 3.4 2 Louisa van der Linden
Adding badges to the Mozilla Backpack is still not working 15 Antti Peltonen
Adding badges to the Mozilla Backpack does not work anymore 13 Sara Arjona Téllez
Badge upload to backpack fails 14 Sara Arjona Téllez
Multi-course badge criteria? 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Custom Condition for earn Badges. 1 Ryan Hazen
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 4 Jeff Bohrer
Badges - to issue them into a course 2 Luiggi Sansonetti
Site Wide Badges are not working 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Badge criteria - relative date 5 Sara Arjona Téllez
Use of Moodle Badges 2 Anna Greenhill
external badges error 3 Salim Al Waili
Badges for courses spanning several "semesters" 0 Jeff Mierzejewski
Badges are gone in Boost theme 4 Miro Iliaš
Badgets that has expired 1 Anna Glarner
Badge earned and then revoked? 0 Andrew Mantuano
Renewing an achievement 1 Dietmar Haar
Badges order 3 John Doubleday
Badge text need in another language 1 Mohammad kabir
Badges in Mobile App 0 Mat Docherty
Awarding badges to topics or lessons 1 John Doubleday
Badges 2 Mary Cooch
Make Earning a Badge a little bit more exciting 5 John Doubleday
Badge data lost in course restore 4 Helen Foster
Changing the From for Badge Notifications 1 Martín Echegaray
Setting the issue of badge if the course completed on time 0 Mod Filbi
Badge Sharing on Social Media 2 Elton LaClare
Badge Backpack connection (outdated Persona login link) 2 Lewis Carr
Badges missing after upgrading moodle from 2.8.3 to 3.2.1 2 Mohammad kabir
Auto add badges to students on course completion 2 Moodle Username
Badge criteria - activity completion 2 László Pauer
Create Leaderboard system for moodle 1 Sam Mudle
Award a badge multiple times 1 Sam Mudle
Talent directory 1 Emma Richardson
Badges show broken links 3.1 0 Dennis Chew
Badges for TEACHERS: reinforce staff engagement 6 Mary Cooch
Badge Criteria to restrictive 3 Mihir J
Badges - bronze, silver, gold 1 Mihir J
Removing badget 0 Peter K. Speiser
Where to see which badges are issued here at 2 Samuli Karevaara
Badge info embedded into the image 0 Sela Yair
Known Issue with Open Badges Backpack 5 Sela Yair
Link Badges to Social Media (Linkedin) 1 Kevin Leliard
Upgrade plugin to Open Badges specification 2.0 7 Kamen Ivanov
Giving badges for the exccelent result not just for the completion 3 Randy Thornton
System Role can't assign "Activity completion" Criteria for a Badge 5 Tonia Malone
Allow role to see all site badges.... 6 Tonia Malone
Image as criteria for Profile Completion? 1 Jon Bolton
Site badges for multi-course completion 2.8.5... 0 Melanie Scott
Badges database fields 2 Randy Thornton
Restrict access conditions - must have badge level 1 6 Randy Thornton
Issuing site badge and viewing content 1 Just H
Creating a badge awarding plugin 2 Randy Thornton
How to enable badges on site 6 Randy Thornton
Site wide badges - how to award two any 1 or 5 courses completed 0 Leticia Dark-rose
Badges not working - Most Strange Issue 1 W C
HELP: Changes in badge access? 1 W C
I've lost my badge block 0 Leticia Dark-rose
Site wide Badges 0 Sarath P
Badges + Mozilla Backpack 4 Simon Coggins
15th December: Backpack connection to service shut down! 1 Helen Foster