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(including question types and quiz plugins)

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IP address quiz access rule (core and plugin) 0 Dominique Bauer
Different colour for "Not answered" in Quiz Navigation 4 Jon Bolton
Moodle 3.5: Quiz Question remain at top as students scroll answers 9 Thomas Wesseling
Problems adding a random question to a quiz 11 Ана Нанева
Check button 1 Tim Hunt
System variables in Formulas question types 5 Rick Jerz
This quiz will close on/at? 1 Séverin Terrier
Bulk deleting question categories in Question bank 4 Dave Foord
Export questions from questions banks 1 Tim Hunt
mod_quiz_get_user_attempts returning empty array 9 Robyn Butler
Auto Navigation to contents in courses 2 Dominique Bauer
Immediate feedback not working 2 J L
Change CBM display 1 Tim Hunt
How to get the content from uploaded file 3 Eoin Campbell
addition numers 4 Dominique Bauer
Grade Extraction 0 Pradeep Ramakrishnan
CHECK button in Adaptive mode 2 Pradeep Ramakrishnan
Conditioned scoring in a multi-part question 0 Sebastian Ferrero
Error when submitting a quiz 1 Lee Taesang
Deleted quiz attempt - can I find the data in current database somehow? 7 Tim Hunt
Quiz Review Options... 2 Tim Hunt
Quiz Grades Not Registering 18 Joanne Dodd
use one question 5 Thomas Wesseling
Cannot obtain task lock - qtype_random\task\remove_unused_questions) 3 Jerry Lau
There is a new Essay (auto-grade) question type available 3 Marcus Green
Deleting the orphaned random questions - can I modify the code to have more than 10,000? 3 Jerry Lau
Is it possible to allow Quiz Review to Teacher only? 1 Tim Hunt
Report subsequent changes to questions and points to the student 2 Marcus Green
Problem with feedback. 1 Tim Hunt
3.5.5+ Stop the shuffling of response orders in Matching Questions 0 Deb Smith
multiple correct answers and give all of them 100% 9 Jean-Michel Védrine
problem in Uploading 33k quiz mcq 2 Muhammad Abdullah Ijaz
Add a button to report errors 9 Dominique Bauer
Random tag question not appear in preview 6 Miki Alliel
Selection from more Answers 0 Michal Trnka
quiz not graded 3 murugan m
Calculated questions more than 1 answer 3 Bernat Martinez
Quiz timer changes with user local clock BUG 6 Tim Hunt
Random and reliable quiz 0 German Guevara
numerical answer with multiple attempts 6 Faisal Khan
matching picture and audio 2 Dominique Bauer
Quiz questions not shown up with browser security on 2 Sean Hu
Custom grade calculation 9 Carly Born
Custom Role: Quiz Checker 9 Lara Smith
How can I view responses by all students per question(Quiz) is there a plugin available? 2 Manoj S Nair
Cloze question box height too large 1 Shirley Gregorczyk
Essay type question auto-graded 9 Germán Valero
Regexp verification of short answer question 0 Robert Grzesiak
Multichoice qeustions - choice from more questions 0 Michal Trnka
How to hide "Summary of Previous attempts" page in moodle 3.3 2 Sanni Rinne
free SEMINAR on Formulas question type 2 Bernat Martinez
Quiz with expiring grade (recurrent quiz) 2 Almants Ra
allow students to highlights texts/sentences while reading question that has long text 0 Jaifar Al Shizawi
Multiple choice question type - One answer only - Inconsistency in the treatment of negative grades between different question behaviours 2 Dominique Bauer
Best method to restore question Bank into new Moodle 1 Tim Hunt
How to add custom profile Field in the Quiz Report? 0 Es Am
Cloze Syntax 9 Dominique Bauer
How to set cumulative attempts for single user in multiple quizzes? 8 Goodluck Emereuwa
Negative marks/points in multi answer quiz 10 Tim Hunt
Quizzes - Can 25 out of 50 questions keep changing 1 Tim Hunt
Find Quizzes with Shared Questions 1 Tim Hunt
How to solve issue of answered, but not submitted quiz questions. 2 Jules De Rijp
Changing the question behavior in quiz 3 Dominique Bauer
Quiz bug 3 Jurgita Rimkiene
Grade for time spent in a quiz? 1 Dominique Bauer
Quiz structure analysis (Discriminative efficiency bug) 3 Tim Hunt
Drag & Drop Question Issues in Chrome 17 William Franz
Automatically holding Manual grading in quizzes 1 Tim Hunt
Export a quiz to another course WITHOUT the question bank 9 Dominique Bauer
Ordering 8 Robert Hegestedt
Open and close times difference 3 Payman Zafar
Clone of Quizzes taking hours 10 James Roberts
Quiz submission workflow concerns 2 Rick Jerz
Multiple choice quiz & scoring 11 Delbert Warkentin
Combined feedback to default language string 2 Aaron Johnson
linking email address to role to receive quizz notifications 0 annina camponovo
Random questions (not) repeated across quizzes 8 Pete Jones
[3.5]Multiple top categories in questionbank 3 Gerald Grow
Considering Moodle for Exams 3 Tim Hunt
Quizz - link to first question 1 Dominique Bauer
Currently there is no way to retrieve an attempt that was "Never Submitted" 2 Ohm Oxide
how to bulk import quiz questions in xml format? 1 Eoin Campbell
Bug in a Quiz 7 Aditya Dubay
Cannot duplicate quiz activities Moodle 3.3.4+ 11 Augusto Luiz da Costa Schnorr
pattern match syntax testing - out of moodle? 8 Adriano Ceccarelli
Question types and WCAG 2.0 compliance 3 Abdulrahman Ibrahim
Question bank missing Add Page and Section options 1 Mary Cooch
Prevent certain questions to be randomized. 2 Antonio R. Ahumada
pattern match questions and possible cheating 0 Adriano Ceccarelli
Quiz: Matching Gray out eliminated answers 1 Dominique Bauer
Notifications being sent to all enrolled students every time another student completes a quiz 6 Ángel Rosario
How to link a created quiz with imported questions? 1 Tom Corcoran
Looking for a simple method to share question categories 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Results section does not appear in Quiz administration menu 0 Fran San
Question re creating a new question type 7 Dominique Bauer
Calculated Questions 8 Dipo Adeniyi
Resetting a Quiz Score for a Single Student 0 Paula Burns
Trying to use descriptions as random questions 2 Cee Kay
User override but not allow already answered questions 1 Emma Richardson
Reading Comprehension Questions 12 Dominique Bauer