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Error writing to database: null value in column "timezone" 0 Mata Henry
managersemail - default value email appearing in profiles but still needs manual 'activation' via user profile when manually enrolling users (ie not bulk enrol) 0 Mata Henry
Hidden Sessions Not Hidden in Calendar 0 Rob Galpin
face-to-face - displays as 'complete' even if learner was marked as 'no show' 5 Melanie Scott
Users can only book one session per face-to-face activity 3 Melanie Scott
Can I turn off all notifictions in Face-to-Face? 2 Shirley Gregorczyk
How to assign Manager to users for signup 5 Margaret Pasterchik
Adding Local 'Timezone' to Face 2 Face sessions 2 Dave Henderson
Importing data into Face to Face format from old LMS 2 Dave Henderson
Close signup 2 days before the course date 4 Jason Hollowell
Can I use Face-to-Face to create an event in the past 6 Melanie Scott
Email notification on Face to Face activity completion 1 Jeremy Schweitzer
Create a 'Closed' F2F to prevent user signup 2 Dave Henderson
Way to restrict participants... 1 Mark Whitington
Adding 'Course Name' to Face-to-face emails 7 Melanie Scott
Face to Face not saving changes to the name and introduction text fields 4 AC Cheng
Face-to-Face Export Attendance 4 Dan Marsden
Face to face attendance and course completion 5 Melanie Scott
Calendar issues 3 Michael Milette
Face to face gradebook 4 Matthew Johnson
attendance export sheet logo 0 Colin G
Stripe Payments with Face-To-Face courses Moodle 3.1.8 2 Quintin Seegers
slow response time when adding and removing students from sessions in new courses 3 Thiago Ribeiro
Face-toface compatible with Moodle 3.3 3 Thiago Ribeiro
Email Notification to Manager when a student books onto a face to face course 2 Jeremy Schweitzer
Multiple date, multiple ics? 1 Chris Roper
adding attendance options to F2F plugin 0 Brad Carroll
ICS files privacy 2 Graham Woods
Face to face - reminder email does not inc location & venue etc 1 Chris Roper
Email notification in case room has been changed 0 Dzmitry Chyzhyk
import learners int o F-2-F session 0 Oded Ben-Dori
attendance no show not working 2 Colin G
Face to Face in moodle 3.1.2 33 Chris Maki
retrieving Face-to-face records from database backup 0 Jeff Coleman
Disable reminder 1 Mia Musolino
Adding enrolled cohorts and groups to a face to face 0 Ali Merzouk
Automatically sign up for sessions on enrol 1 Andrew Schlussel
Problem with html editor (details) when editing F2F session 1 Jason Hollowell
Signing up to multiple sessions in Facetoface 2.0 26 Jason Hollowell
Face-to-face email reminder 2 Hugh McLain
moodle 2.8 - face 2 face tool 2 Mary Cooch
Face-to-Face Errors after upgrade to 2.8.5 1 Jeremy Schweitzer
Report on booked sessions but learners do not pitch to the booked session 0 Nqobile Sibanyoni
Deleted Users Not Removed From Sessions 0 Tim Pattison
F2f Module 0 Gopal Sharma
Changes to Schedules - Sending an E-Mail to Inform Delegates 3 David Bennett
Grader report on face to face sessions 1 Robbie Jackson
Face to face plugin - Moodle Calendar formatting issues 0 Robbie Jackson
Issue with iCal file when having add a new date 1 Sudeep S
I would like a print attendance register option 2 James Todd
Face to Face and iCal attachments 10 Sudeep S
Face to Face 2.9 1 Mark Whitington
ICal attachment Not Working in Exchange Server 0 Freddie Batista
F2F Enrolment >> no role 2 Mark Whitington
Moodle Security Vulnerabilities and Face-to-face 1 Rafael Mattos
Updating Face-to-Face mod form issue 1 Rafael Mattos
Report on which enrolled students have not signed up to a F2F session 1 Rafael Mattos
Email an update to all F2F attendees 1 Brad Carroll
Reminder message does not include data for Location/Venue/Room 6 Enrico Preti
Ability to mark someone as late or no show 6 Ronald Balhan
Google Calendar Location Conflicts 1 Ron Ateshian
Add extra input fields to th facetoface signup page 5 James Todd
Time in reminder emails is not correct. 19 Sudeep S
e_Mail Place Holders for user profile fields 3 Heiko Voigts
'Coding error detected' message after upgrading to Moodle 2.8.5 17 Richard Wallace
adding new field to the question form 0 abhishek bhattacharjee
A presence form + F2F add-on 2 Melanie Scott
When are reminders sent in F2F? 0 Melanie Scott
face 2 face 2 Melanie Scott
Taking attendance via card swipe 3 Luna Leng
Sign up confirmation message not displaying 2 Chris Roper
Face-to-Face not supported in moodle 2.9 3 Melanie Scott
Face-to-face notifications hourly 0 Stephan Tedesco
Email a member of the admin team when a person books 1 James Todd
Face to Face plug-in - Custom fields 2 James Todd
Changing the columns in the attendees list. 1 James Todd
I would like the approval required box to be on by default. 0 James Todd
Request further information from enroller 0 Kieran Heneghan
Reminder email not being sent 5 Cam Kinoshita
iCal appointment - public desired instead of private 1 Mia Musolino
Currency for face-2-face plugin? 0 Ulrich Kerzel
Face to Face approval by course tutor instead of manager. 2 James Todd
Face to Face sign-up gives unable to load web page error 0 James Todd
How to assign Manager to users for signup 2 James Todd
Predifined data 2 Stephan Tedesco
Face-to-face and 2.8 3 Melanie Scott
Disable all mail-notifications? 1 Jeremy Schweitzer
Functionality Questions on Face to Face 1 Melanie Scott
Bulk Enrollment for F2F Session 1 Neil Price
F2F Calendar event format 0 Steve Bubb
Send Start Date to DataForm 0 Roger Mepham
Missing required_param on Moodle 2.8.3 1 Dustin Brisebois
Multiple Sessions Beta Release and other items 5 Melanie Scott
Issues vs Discussions 0 Stacey Walker
Fatal error when saving activity 4 Josh Willcock
Face-To-Face Email booking not well formatted 0 menre ayes
Confirmation message arriving in only one place 0 menre ayes
Face 2 Face, Manager to sign up his staff 4 James Todd
Face to Face reason for Declining an attendee 0 James Todd
3rd party email addresses 1 Steve Bubb