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Sum All Field Values from Particular Student 2 Alex N
Editing database preset zip archives 0 Ian Lindsay
Header - Repeated entry - Footer does not render properly 2 Maria C.
Meta database - site level, teachers can only see entries of their own students 1 William Lu
Dependent Menu - another level 0 C Behan
PDF certificate upon approved database entry 2 Maria C.
Importing ##user## 1 William Lu
Prevent students from viewing all entries and only own entries 4 William Lu
Visible Groups Default Setting 2 Michael Backus
Linking Fields in two Databases in Same Course 5 William Lu
Database activity showing in student gradebook, but not instructor gradebook 1 Samantha Homer
Resize images when loaded in a picture field 4 Zabelle Motte
Help - Building a JavaScript Print Cost Form 3 AL Rachels
Upload files to a comment 1 AL Rachels
Use of alias in database activity 0 JF Dragon
Database search only searching keyword phrases and not keywords 4 William Lu
notification for entry will be approved 2 William Lu
Database Fields move 2 James Asante
Error "List template is not yet defined" 2 James Asante
Limit the number of character in a text field / Javascript template 1 William Lu
Database field order (not sort order) is inverted when course is reimported 1 William Lu
Database search field does not work consistently 2 Mela Sogono
Building Good Looking Database Presets - ELA Routine Database 5 Mary Cooch
Export data - html code included? 1 William Lu
single header menu for database 4 red rabbit
Count entries in a database activity 5 William Lu
Default number of records displayed per page 6 William Lu
how to decrease text field size 1 William Lu
restrict add entry or edit for some users in database activty 6 pavan naidu
Dependent menu question 9 William Lu
role of the user 3 William Lu
new template 2 philippe dutour
student is unable to add entries in database activity 7 Victor Winter
Database auto-linking (one to many?) 5 Jon Bolton
Formatting database columns is a complete nightmare (help) 3 Jason Hollowell
Looking for help editing a database preset 0 Stephen Bourget
Moving database entry from one group to another 4 AL Rachels
Database Availability 0 Michael Hughes
Get moodle user in the add template 2 Carlos Vereda
Dynamic menu while add database entry 4 Enno Schwaß
select all not function 2 Salim Al Waili
RSS feed for showing birthdays. 3 Mārtiņš Ķīsis
File or Picture field of Database contains old file uploaded before 2 Nurbek T.
Problem with hide advanced search 2 William Lu
Navbar links 6 Ivan Alamo
Search isn't working as expected 0 Frank Black
Multiple Pictures 4 Paula Clough
Is it possible to hide the search tab? 6 William Lu
Maximum number of entries - Increase from 50 1 William Lu
Database field basedon query 1 Andrew C
Able to use the ##user## tag without it linking to the profile? 2 Frank Black
Hide Advanced Search 2 William Lu
Homework notifications using the database 3 Frank Black
Total field 25 William Lu
Dynamically generated list of documents per user 2 William Lu
Backup Database 4 William Lu
Filter RSS from Database activity using RSS template 2 Roger Mepham
Editing Entry in Database causes datefield to go back one day 1 William Lu
Who made the entry? 1 Helen Foster
Advanced search in database 6 Francisco Oyarzo
[Preset] Databas with CSS and Javascript 2 Ambreen Kiran
auto extract metadata from images 6 Michael Roberts
help for javascript code inside db activity 1 William Lu
database list not successfully alphabetizing 4 Ambrish Tiwari
Javascript not working properly (Moodle 3.3+) 2 Ambrish Tiwari
Making files uploaded by users in the database activity available from the file picker 1 Luis de la Torre
2 average grades and 2 groups of comments 0 Yvan Urunuela
database field application 3 AL Rachels
database list data question 2 Anderson Hsu
database activity application 7 Anderson Hsu
How can I list database information horizontally instead of vertically? 12 William Lu
How to require fields that have no "required" setting? 4 William Lu
Sharing database with colleagues and a larger group of students (not only mine) 2 Yvan Urunuela
Radio Buttons Alignment 15 William Lu
Capturing user browser and OS 1 Just H
Tagging Database records 0 Jon Bolton
Cannot add entries, no error message 2 Margaret Richards
Sharing a Database Preset - FlashCards 26 S. Ali
print database 3 philippe dutour
Student Excel export own entries 1 William Lu
Input text 4 philippe dutour
Database Activity adding a "entry number field" (Moodle 3.2+) 2 William Lu
Using Database for Action Planning 2 Jon Bolton
Limit field input type 1 William Lu
Prevent students editing a field in a database activity 1 William Lu
Entry highlighting 6 philippe dutour
Upload multiple content on Database activity 4 George SP
Database - Templates - Do not display text in templates if the field is blank 5 William Lu
Different templates in the same database according to category field 2 Gonzalo Gutierrez
Same Database in different courses with category filter 2 Gonzalo Gutierrez
Is it possible to restrict users to only view what they have added to the database? 9 William Lu
Hiding Tabs on Database Activity 6 Roger Mepham
How to prevent students deleting any entries 4 William Lu
Module empty database after restore of a course 5 William Lu
Read Onle Mode in Database Activity in Moodle 3.1 2 Daniel Duenner
Pathfinder on Moodle Database: A How to.... 3 Steve Ambro v3.1
Allow a student to edit a Entry from a Trainer 3 Daniel Duenner
List view: Generate one table moodle 3.1 2 AL Rachels
Sequential number for entries 8 Steve Ambro v3.1
Field tags on database activity 2 Murilo Timo Neto