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Choice with values 0 Richard van Iwaarden
How can I preview an activity? 4 MJ Nehasil
Show user name on the choice description text 0 Muneef Abid
Multiple declarations with choices 1 David Campbell
Choice Activity - Responses hidden by right navigation section 0 Gerry F
Choice tool Limits Not Working 20 Emory Maiden
Upload choices from csv file 0 Ken Masters
Choice - Check box does not show 1 Helen Foster
Automate choice creation 0 Ana Leydan
Show colomn for unanswered 3 Mary Cooch
can saving choice return student to course 3 Leticia Dark-rose
Errors when students select choice 3 Michael Cenkner
Does choice have an automatic notification email - is not, can I set one up? 1 Karen Holland
Button, link or redirect after choice is made? 4 John Provasnik
Problem with resolution 0 Andreas R.
Conditional Activity based on Choice 6 Helen Foster
Choice with images 3 John Provasnik
Allow non-enrolled students to make a choice 2 John Provasnik
Customize fields in export 0 Rok Lipnik
Hide group and result information for choice 7 Leticia Dark-rose
Displaying results from a choice activity ONLY students and not guests 0 Stephen Bourget
Updating choice activity after the fact 0 Tara Murphy
Restrictions based on Choice 1 Just H
Completion tracking on specific choice selected 4 Mary Cooch
Using Choice as a live response tool 4 Lynn Danzig
Moodle 3.0.2+ and choice-activity with size-limit -> buggy 5 Robin Schröder
Anonymous choise 2 Marine Karlsson
Losing votes when user unenrolls 5 Lucien Stals
Is there a way to restrict choice to force a student to answer a certain way 3 Richard Oelmann
Choice participation in gradebook? 6 Robert Brenstein
Choice module logs 0 F. Peral
Dsipaly frontpage activity on dashboard ? 0 Nishant Pandya
Hide Choice Activity for those roles who has not assign by admin 3 John Provasnik
"Choice" description does not respect multilang 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
[Moodle 2.8] Complete report showing only the first choice 0 Francesca Q
Choice module: Unable to set a limit of responses when using groups 0 Susana L.
New Tracker for adding a mod/choice:view permission 0 John Provasnik
Allow access to anyone 2 John Provasnik
Bit of a simpleton question-sorry 2 dawn alderson
Two class sections: How to use choice module? Please help! 2 Paula Clough
Username on export files 0 Sara Cenni
Adding multiple choices, numerous options 4 dig dug
Questions and request about Choice 14 Muhammad Zuberi
All course particpants added to Choice, not just students 0 Louise Spencer
How to make an activity (eg choice) embedded into a section directly 1 Sakshi Goel
Import options? 1 AL Rachels
Unclear navigation after submitting Choice 1 Sakshi Goel
Choice limits and time critical choices 4 Ralf Hilgenstock
does choice email you when someone completes? 2 Robin Schröder
Submit choice and send automatic email 4 Robin Schröder
A group member vote for the whole group 1 Robert Brenstein
Choices still full after resetting course 0 Pedro Palazzo
All responses are gone... 0 Colin Worf
Select localhost or a web service 0 JeanCarlos Quesada Bonilla
Students can't see the limits for individual choices 0 Jander Moreira
Getting choice module results into Gradebook 6 Paula Clough
Students Are Selecting Choices beyond the limit 6 Stephen Gormley
Editing choices 1 Lynn Dixon
select for option in Choice activity 0 Lynn Dixon
group vote 1 Sakshi Goel
Would choice module serve this purpose? 2 Mrs. Omer
Adding simple function to the editing mode 1 Albert Guggenheim
Survey does not display results 3 Pauline Dumont
Numerical poll 0 Guilherme Bertoldo
How to impose Username Format Policy 0 Ghayur Naqvi
selections exceeded limit 2 Cameron Penna
Ideas needed for choice settings page refactor 9 Paula Clough
Automating body of email from Choice details 3 Rory Steel
New 'Enhanced Choice' Activity 0 Ian Wild
simple poll with images 8 CHARRON Eric
Answer a Choice without logging in? 6 Liz Katz
Poll Block in Moodle 2.0 or later 0 J. Boulton
Deleting a student response doesn't reset for the student 0 Lindy Klein
Choice Module 1 Paula Clough
Used as a Scheduler 1 Richard Oelmann
Making poll appear in a side block on front page 1 Jim Judges
End of choice options 0 Jim Judges
Feature Request 1 Dan Marsden
Displaying Vote Results to Entire Class 2 Sam Mudle
Using Group Choice 2 John Davies
The whole school is showing up in the 'not answered yet column' 4 Mary Cooch
Participants not showing up in choice module in 1.9 0 Ro Eng
Choice module update issue 4 Marcus Hoberg
Publish results with student's names in horizontal position 3 Paula Clough
Using student data to fill in choices 0 Laura Melnik
email alert when someone submit a choice 1 Paula Clough
variable help 2 Emma-Lee Yarwood
Can unenrolled users (guests) use choice activity? 2 Jason De Donno
i get "Course module is incorrect" error when i try to set up choice on mooodle 1.9.3 main page 3 yanffei fei
Is it possible to send email automatically with a Moodle module? 1 Francisco Sánchez
Date and time on export files 1 brami petluri
Quiz with problem area associations 1 Miriam Laidlaw
Choice module: Feature proposal add multiple choices. 1 Dan Marsden
Some new code - allowing teachers to choose for students 6 Sam Lin
plugin 2 S. kavita
short Answer 1 S. kavita
Purpose of Choice Activity 4 S. kavita
Creating groups in Choice Module 5 Mark Andrews
Select all in choice module selects none. 4 S. kavita
More choice-items than people selecting 3 Dan Marsden