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External database enrolment 0 Andrew Soesman
New Enrolment Plugin: Enrolment upon approval 288 daniele giancola
Signup without sending confirmation email 3 Arkin Institute
Self enrolment 0 Manjiri Chitale
what are the alternatives to "upload Users" (external database enrolment webservice) 0 Bernhard Weichel
enrol\database\cli\sync.php enrolls student in course already enrolled in 1 Joshua Albertson
Self enrolment vs Group enrolment keys 4 Melanie Scott
Meta link enrolment - Role exclusion 0 Trevar Pearce
How to add user to Course Completed Enrolment plug-in 9 Marcel van den Oever
"Registered" Guests, is that possible? 8 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Enroll users in different courses according to a score 0 Filippo Caburlotto
One Enrollment key for Each student 1 Corrine Carter
Enrolment disabled 0 Andre Nel
Manual Enrollment 2 Eman I.S
Enrolment just by accessing course 1 Renaat Debleu
Paypal payment success not enrolling 4 Emma Richardson
question regarding badge... 0 Muhammad Abdullah Ijaz
Paypal plugin does not enrolled to the course 4 Emma Richardson
would like to create ONE TIME PAss key for course enrollment 2 ess ma
Error at Course enrolments of users 2 Leslie Huang
New Enrolment Plugin: Enrolment upon course completion 28 Sergey Novotny
Want to permanently enrol the students/teachers present in external database till now 4 Shubham Singh
Student not being asked for Group Enrollment Key 1 Mary Cooch
Redirect after enrolment not working 1 Michael Rice
Does Stripe support 'enrolment key' 3 seaghan moriarty
Syntax Error Regarding Manual User Enrolment 8 Learning Management System
Enrolment Method by Profile Fields 4 MAG II
Course enrol confirmation stopped sending teacher emails 0 Artur Kane
Enroll users to category according to their job title 2 Marinda Fourie
Course reminders 3 Nate Marshall
Cohort sync stopped working for created manager role 0 Terri Roshell
Self-Enrollment Disappeared 1 Emma Richardson
Default enrolment duration enabled. Student data deleted after unenrolment? 1 Emma Richardson
Additional instance of selfenrolment - possible? 4 B. M.
Authorizedot net issue 0 Nilesh Pathade
Authorized.Net plugin change MD5 to SHA Key Settings. 2 Nilesh Pathade
Upgraded to Moodle 3.4.1+ and gmail stopped working 7 Daniel Tamajon
Enrollment agreement for each course in self enrollment 3 Vishal Lanke
Enrolment method by cohort sync.: possibility to set 'active from' ? 13 Baptiste Fictis
Set enrolment startdate using CSV upload 9 Mauricio Figueiroa
Upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4 broke our Enrolment block - Need help 0 Vladimir Miranovic
Bulk Course Enrolments ... Surely there's an easy way? 5 Melanie Scott
Self enrolment taking over five minutes 6 Ross Lovell
Tried to send an email but failed message 4 Steffy Jocic
Students enroll in courses without account on Moodle site 3 Steffy Jocic
Adding User Enrolment Search Variables Moodle 3.5 1 Amir Mustafa
Manual enrolled student cannot see course content 0 Jenna Cai
Help! Can anyone help me on Stripe enrollment? 0 nayu Jiang
Users suspended in course still have access (3.5) 3 Andreas Giesen
Search user by id in course enrollment popup 1 Amir Mustafa
Enrolment is not clear to use (guest access with self enrolment) 0 Lior A
Trouble with enrol_manual_enrol_users rest webservice 2 Drew Skwiers-Koballa
Gain access to all courses. 2 Sam Suresh
External database enrolment 0 Lekshmi Anil
Cohort sync and Cohort manual enrolment 4 Sean Rugge
Enrol by user profield - how do i choose the course 0 Leticia Dark-rose
When a student enrolls, does a non-editing teacher receive the email? 2 Tan M
PayPal Plugin - Change copy and button copy as displayed on course page. 1 Renaat Debleu
Banner LMB slow on import from xml file 0 timi aliaj
Let student choose cohort 0 Richard van Iwaarden
Multiple subscription plans for site-wide enrolling to course 0 prashant jadhav
Synching groups in parallel branches to cohorts 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
How to get a cohort being syncronised with a ldap server ? 43 Guybrush Threepwood
[3.4] Paypal Plugin - Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later. 0 tim st.clair
[LDAP syncing scripts?] How to get global groups in AD in to cohorts in Moodle? 22 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Unenrol inactive after doesn't appear to be working 0 Tiffany Morgan
PayPal and non-PayPal enrolment 8 Emma Richardson
Easy Enrollment v1 Support Thread 17 Marcel Melin
Manual enrolments with expiration setup-while no notification sent 15 Wei Cai
Due Dates Based On Enrollment Date 8 Wei Cai
Enrolment plugin that supports enrolling multiple students in the same course with single stripe payment v3.1.8 6 Quintin Seegers
Show all enrolled students -> SQL database 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Suspend VS unenrole 4 Mark Whitington
Using the activity 'database' to upload students 0 Mark Henry
Restricting Manual Enrolments 0 Blair F.
My Courses does not list some of a student's current courses 1 Emma Richardson
External Database enrolment sync on Course Access 3 Dan Marsden
PayPal Configuration Problem 30 Shriram Joshi
Notify admin by email of enrollments 0 Sven Niland
Course enrollment methods limit 5 Sarang Nair
Custom Role - Enrollment Options 4 Luzaan Luzaan
Guest Enrollment Page 3 Emma Richardson
External database enrolment - unenrol/delete student from course after removal from external db 2 KK. Morrissey
Enrolment Expiry Notification - Sender's email address is wrong - Moodle 2.9.3 8 Debbie Kay
Paypal enrolment expiration action need Disable Course Enrolment 1 Renaat Debleu
User enrolled in course but course doesn't appear in dashboard 6 Vee Torre
External unenrol action for course not in the course enrolment file (Version 3.4) 0 Chris Canning
Inactive students listed on Participants page by default in Moodle 3.4/5 2 Eoin Campbell
automate reminder for refresher 1 Mark Whitington
PayPal enrollment plugin 0 Rayson Venture
Automate temporarily hiding course/prevent course access 0 Tiffany Morgan
Enrol users 2 Deepak Kumar
Hide certain accounts from Manual Enrolment? 0 Mike Kelly
Customized fields in Participants list 9 Debbie Kay
Problems with enrolling users into courses (grade problem?) 0 Erik Frangež
Prohibiting unenrollment 1 Renaat Debleu
email signature when adding new user manually 0 jeff mayer
Self enrollment in categories 3 Helen Foster
Automated enrolment makes someone teacher 3 Emma Richardson
Application form? 5 Miles Fidelman