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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Challenge to find unread messages 8 Jaco-Louis Kruger
Repository Documentation 5 Anhad Ahuja
List of courses and students assigned to each of them 1 Rick Jerz
delete group results 0 Anna Maria Schwellenbach
Help Desk activity? 5 AL Rachels
Adding new topics to TOP of course 3 Margaret Richard
Difficulty Hearing Students' Audio Submissions 0 Jody Lantz
Add guest access courses to starred courses block 1 Simon Lewis
Customize mail notification template 1 Jon Bolton
Capabilities required for 'Browse list of users' 2 Andrew Gates
Looking for highlight text plugin on Moodle 5 Jaifar Al Shizawi
Dragging Files Resources into a Folder Resource 4 Alan Ball
Tag search results 1 Karen Holland
Why, oh why My Courses 6 Ralf Hilgenstock
moosh 2 Arshad Syed
Parents viewing a Child's course and Assignment Dates 1 Brad Nielsen
Change css review.php (mod/quiz/review.php) 2 Massimiliano Del Gatto
Broken Announcement Links 0 Andrew Wallace
Fordson course management panel 3 Chris Kenniburg
Removing blocks from user profile 2 Rahul Kumar
Assignment Multiple PDF Upload 4 Jeff Boulton
scrolling issue 1 Mister P
Fault schedule_task.php in moodle 3.6.2 Error code: cannotfindthepathtothecli 0 Vagton Alves Ferreira
Is noodle accessible with voiceover? 3 Dan Marsden
Subir documentos para matrícula de estudiante 1 Germán Valero
Sharing Cart 5 Brad Nielsen
RopeTeam Course Format? 0 Mathieu Pelletier
Styling category names, etc.? 0 Brian Evans
Uploader for course completion core dumps 0 Alex Briones
Navigating Moodle as a visually-impaired user 0 Randah Mouallem
Badge expiry notifications 2 Edward Bolton
Bulk uploading files to course 7 Matthew Bennett
How to allow faster video playback speed? 2 Rob Robertson
What is the best way to provide videos to students in moodle embedded or streamed by an external server 9 Tomoya Saito
Proper names capitalisation in Moodle 3 Stamos Spiliotis
Hiding Mass Enrollment Courses in My Courses 3 John Provasnik
Home page appearance 3 Michael Findlay
User feedback system for every activity 0 Dnyaneshwar Somwanshi
File content display on grading 1 AL Rachels
Moving a Competency Framework to a new Category 0 Shirley Gregorczyk
Accessibility question regarding headings and screen readers 1 John Provasnik
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 5 Rick Jerz
Tree-like organization (teacher-student-teacher etc) 0 Dawid Strzyż
#anchor in links 1 Tim Reinier
Moodle 3.3 with Font Awesome 5 4 Adrian Perez Rodriguez
Tutoring Business: Using Moodle for Sessions not Courses 1 Rick Jerz
Will Moodle provide mails access from gmail and display them in dashboard? 2 Rick Jerz
Auto Enroll in a Course dependent on other course completions 2 Sarah Ruth Finkel
How to change default sorting order of student names 7 Kristbjorg Olsen
Improved Printing of Gradebook User Reports 16 Brian Pool
Adding a "Help" button 1 AL Rachels
Best forum for UX 1 Tim Hunt
Accessibility block has not been updated for Moodle 3.2 to 3.5 0 Germán Valero
iframe on page 0 Christian Abata
View grades 2 Shirley Gregorczyk
Moodle with ERP 2 Ashutosh Taunk
Calendar: inconsistent visibility of group events 1 Tim Schroeder
Learning Plan Templates - visibilty condition? 0 Shirley Gregorczyk
Create Cohorts in Iomad 0 Kehinde Adeoya
Restrict access 1 Shirley Gregorczyk
Add tag interaction - question bank 1 Shamim Rezaie
Cohort based course restriction 2 Stephen Oxlade
Calendar: event duration advanced? 0 Tim Schroeder
Calendar: inconsistent course names 0 Tim Schroeder
Letting faculty remove multiple sections easily 3 Helen Foster
Override Enforced delay between 1st and 2nd attempts 1 Tim Hunt
error in uploading the users .csv file 11 Nitanshu Chauhan
Course Reset 4 James Foster
guest access 1 Mary Cooch
How to remove the background image colours on course summaries for mobile (v3.5.1+) 0 Jono Fowles
Moodle Mobile 0 James Foster
Error while accessing Dashboard: Can not find data record in database table context 1 Mahesh CG
Course Design: Where to put the content? 1 Mary Cooch
Link to Youtube videos 2 Elisabetta T
Improvements to 'Tab edition utilities' 1 Thomas Colby
Making a built-in User Profile field mandatory 0 Erik Rosen
Recurring Courses Resources 4 Kahraman Bulut
Expand/Collapse folder when you click on the name or icon 0 Kahraman Bulut
Improve UX of screens shown after a user logs into Moodle 2 Rick Jerz
Choice of text editor 1 Colin Fraser
Markdown: Images and Tables 1 Colin Fraser
Can I change the font if using markdown editor? 1 Colin Fraser
Show and hide events in a calendar depending on the current page 0 İlhan Ökçesiz
Reminder e-mail settings 2 Robert Pataki
Marking Page Much Too Narrow 18 Michael Zwahlen
Inconsistent NavDrawer highlight in Moodle 3.5 0 Rick Jerz
Accessibility block 1 C Schipper
Editing course activity page 1 Rahul Kumar
Hiding a Principal (user type) from Students Visibility? 2 Just H
Default course setting for Weekly format 1 Colin Fraser
Add link to language preference settings to language menu 6 Séverin Terrier
Skip Grader 0 Theocharis Livieratos
Remove enter button page from SCORM launch 2 Dan Marsden
Allowing non site admins to upload bigger files 1 J Guzman
Closing SCORM page direct settings - Moodle or Storyline? 1 Colin Fraser
Dashboard problem with aria-expanded 1 Colin Fraser
Getting "); document.write(""); message at launch 1 Colin Fraser
subject without teachers 1 Colin Fraser
Unzipping uploaded files moodle file activity 1 Colin Fraser
NB! Calendar on front page 1 Colin Fraser