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prevent students from starting new discussions in a forum 1 Helen Foster
pagination of discussion 2 Natalia Boss
Reply in Forum Doesn't Show Up in Student View 4 Mary Cooch
Single discussion Q and A forum? 0 Mitchell Kennard
Private reply in forum? 1 Mary Cooch
QA bug 8 Manali Kadam
Forum Posts Restrictions 0 Joshua Johnson
Read/Unread of Course 1 Phuong Hoang
How to create a multi-person chat group 0 taigame mienphi
Course participation report counts Activity Completion events as posts 0 Ray Hinton
Move forums to front page 0 Phuong Hoang
Using moodle 2 Colin Fraser
Block/hide "Switch role to..." item menu 0 Alicia Yoshida
Help from specialists 0 better jouseff
enable content for the approved user 0 Alicia Yoshida
Adding a Chatbot(Dialogflow) into Moodle 3 Justin Hunt
Progresso do aluno 7 Mia Avery
how messages of one group at the forum ? 0 vincity taymodaimo
Announcement forum and post a copy to all groups 0 Cathal O'Riordan
Adding a Template for Forum Posts 6 Saba M
Index of all forums 3 Sa Ku
Count of ratings and scale 1 Phuong Hoang
Facebook comments suddenly disappear 0 Phuong Hoang
Problem with external access 0 Adriano Custodio
forum not triggering notifications 17 Tobias Sanders
Which capability controls 'mail now' 2 Stephen Ogden
Forum posts email digest type - no digest 1 Andrew Nicols
Students unable to reply 8 jobe jobe
Changing the default forum type to single simple 3 Rick Jerz
moodle with application load balancing on aws 1 Colin Fraser
Forum look 5 Rick Jerz
Forum: e-Mail digest & forum post notifications with no editing time delay 0 Kirsten Konert
Justification field 0 Alicia Yoshida
Moodle not sending forum posts to certain accounts 3 Richard Burns
Hide Forum post, Discussion and Grades for the whole site 0 Nisha Rao
Assign Assignment to a Grader 0 Bobby G
How to save editor text with images? 0 Arias 985
How do I set up a teacher to student ? 1 Rick Jerz
Discussion Forums 1 Rick Jerz
Latest announcements block: subscribe ALL users 1 Anze Pratnemer
"Display Start" and subscriptions 0 Darrel Tenter
Post to more than one group 6 Rick Jerz
Course full name in Email subject 4 Richard van Iwaarden
Wrong dates on certificates 0 Aldona Kasprzyk
wrong dates on certificates 0 Aldona Kasprzyk
Student receiving forum posts even though not subscribed 0 Michael Buchanan
Unread forum posts on dashboard 2 Roberto Catanuto
Confusing double settings for forum digest 1 Peter Diedrichs
Changing maximum time to edit posts for individual forums? 0 Brenda H
Receiving mails from other group forums 2 Andrew Nicols
Forum activity extra credit 1 AL Rachels
Forum notifications to mobile 3 Helen Foster
Issues with student responding to Q and A Forum 2 Lamar Hayes
Forum "availability" dates in Dashboard / Course overview 1 Przemek Kaszubski
Hiding Time Stamps on Forums? 3 Sam Mudle
How to delete uploaded files from Moodle database. 3 vinodkumar mvn
Student can't create new topic 1 Mary Cooch
Student don't see text unread post 0 Franky Ilardo
a strange bug for my new question type plugin. 0 Lu Zheng
Forum grows too big, ways to migrate to external forum software? 0 moe tsao
Sorted forum digests? 13 Lisa Norman
Advanced Forum: Auto-subscribe on replying to discussions not working 0 Greg O'Rourke
Problem with Setting Display Periods (Moodle 3.3.2) 0 K H
Is there an easier way to grade forum posts? 8 Rick Jerz
Is there an Admin-level Robot Poster for Forums? 0 Fabian Glagovsky
Forced read tracking does not work for announcement forums 1 Dale Davies
Could not connect to the server. If you submit this page now, your changes may be lost 2 Debbie Unterseher
Limit picture size in forum responses? 2 Sam Mudle
Tutors keep receiving email notifications of discussions they are not part of 1 Andrew Nicols
Problem when duplicating a forum 0 Mathieu Dauphinais
Do All - Manager, Administrator, Teacher, and Course Creater Add Courses in Moodle Database? 2 Kamal Hossain
Feature request: Giving discussion threads a subject seperate from its posts 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
How to hide the courses list from login page 3 m khan
changing topic name after created 2 בן אביטל
Not able to view discussions in forums after taking backup and restoring a course 6 Syam Sankar
Found reproductible bug - moodle 3.5 behind reverse proxy 0 Pierre V
Trouble allowing students to rate in forums 3 Mary Cooch
separate & visible groups? 1 Andrew Nicols
short answer building from "add question" vs from XML file. 0 Stuart Vaughan-Williams
PHP Notice for Duplicate value 1 Andrew Nicols
Forum subscriptions 5 Marcin Hatal
restoring deleted comments 0 בן אביטל
SQL Query In Progress 0 อภิชาติ ปันแก้ว
Furom Resource on moodlecloud 0 בן אביטל
How I can show ( see) Private youtube video in moodle 4 Cláudia Franca
Changing the order of courses 0 André Carvalho
Students work 2 Garry Wharton
Forum: send e-mail to groups only 2 Pedro Fernández
Forums defaulting to 'Display flat with newest first' 5 Fabian Glagovsky
Turn on read tracking for all existing users? 0 stefan weber
Reply to forum via email notification on Moodle 3.4 5 Iñigo Zendegi Urzelai
Slider from homepage 0 Nikolai Bond
is it possible to rescale existing grades in forum? 0 Przemyslaw Stencel
News Forum 0 Mike Helmick
Problems with importing grades 0 André Carvalho
Moving Discussion Threads to other forums 0 Miguel Santa
Which Email Service is good for the IT organization? 0 Berry Taylor
How many times a question has been answered 0 Bruno Henrique Cury
run javascript on module delete_instance 4 Ivan Primorac
read and display the specific files 0 khaledahmadi ahmadi