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bug in adding permissions for roles? 0 stefan weber
Rol supervisor que controle las actividades del Profesor 1 Mary Cooch
Duplication of notifications sent to admins 2 Jessica Kellerman
How to use cohorts to limit access to enrollments and reports to cohort users? 0 Zoran Jancic
Prevent Guests to view Category page 0 Shibin Dinesh
Assign teacher role to one module instead of whole course 2 Rebecca van Meelis
users not allowed directly to edit profile page 6 ess ma
Category roles visible in participants list 4 John Provasnik
Separate groups for non-editing teachers 1 David Mudrák
Allowing Quiz attempt to Guest user in some course. 2 Xlr8ED Learning
Student should be able to (self) assign parents 0 Uditha Ranasinghe
Global Manager Role Course Event 1 David Mudrák
Placing myself as an admin. I am a teacher now. 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Changing roles to that of a student and changing time 0 Larry Baum
Role duplication shown as "no roles" for student in course participant list 1 Carlos Chiarella
Participants list - showing only users with no roles 1 John Provasnik
Creating a role that can Create/modify students but not edit materials 1 Helen Foster
Adding Cohorts at the Course Category Level 2 David Mudrák
moodle/tag:manage 1 Helen Foster
Template only user 1 David Mudrák
moodle switches from student to admin accounts when entering a course 0 Omer Hasan
"Sorry, but you do not currently have permissions to do that (View all learning plans)"--After changing the default role 6 shadi shehadeh
"Demoting" a user from a manager to student 2 Bret Bradberry
Stopping non-editing teachers receiving student submission emails 0 Fiona Jameson
Override permissions for others - not working 0 Craig Hunter
What does "Capabilities/moodle/course:viewsuspendedusers" mean 2 John Provasnik
Unenroll by criteria 3 Wei Cai
Group invisible to group members? 4 Carol Howells
Meta enrol capability not working in v3.5 1 Owen Grubbs
Locally assigned roles fix 4 Teo Pyl
Configuring a Supervisor role 4 Melanie Scott
BULK edit user roles 0 Karishma Tiwari
Disabling all the optional preferences 13 Robert Claypool
Restrict access or enrolment to entire course based on user field 2 Narissa Tuawhiorangi
[3.5]Capabilities/moodle/calendar:managegroupentries for students 0 Richard van Iwaarden
How can teachers change course category? 3 David Mudrák
Teachers unable to send messages to students - Sorry, but you do not currently have permissions to do that (Send messages to any user) 2 David Mudrák
Course Creator can't add activities & resources 17 Robert Russell
Enable parents to view the upcoming Events of their children 0 Daoud El Gharib
Permissions to allow backup, not restore for teachers - trouble having one without the other 1 Bert van der Hooft
Hiding some items from the edit dropdown 0 Lea Cohen
How can we allow teachers to contribute materials but not to delete other teacher's materials? 1 David Mudrák
Preventing students from seeing certain roles on Participants page 0 Dave Laurie
Bulk un-enroll 1 David Mudrák
Block multiple users with the same IP 2 Lee Rain
Error - Switch role to Student in a Hidden course 2 Sandy Jackson
Permission Error on Course Enrol page 4 Sophia Canedo
Assign different roles per person per group in the same course 1 David Mudrák
View permissions on category blocks does not work for teacher role 0 Jeppe Poss
Moodle 3.4 "Switch role to..." does not appear in administration menu anymore. 4 David Mudrák
Assign student a "non-editing teacher" role for a cohort 1 Andrew Solomon
hiddenuserfields - Moodle 3.4.2 - user profile fields still visible when in editing profile 5 Bill Wells
The difference between role_assignments and user_enrollments tables 4 Nadav Kavalerchik
Default Custom Permissions for Front Page 0 Vin Sap
Allow user to see Admin Reports Dashboard for SQL report 0 Juan F
Allowing users to register and create their own courses 1 Olumuyiwa Taiwo
category manager cannot view "Edit category and Add category links" 4 Bryan South
Teachers no longer associated with courses after upgrade to 3.4 4 Francesca ashley cooper
Manage Appearance 1 David Mudrák
Roles that can edit only users that were added by that user 4 Marijan Milovec
Roles, Permissions and Groups 6 Melanie Scott
Roles in Enroll course not working well, How to reset all default roles? 1 Colin Fraser
Is there a possibility to provide the Student to Add Activity or Resource 2 John Rajesh
Capability 'ignorefilesizelimits' does not work by itself 2 Mei Ling
Allow Teachers to add files to folder & assignments 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
managegradingforms or sharegradingforms interfering with dashboard? 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Guest Access Not Working 3 Randy Thornton
Quiz Permission for Parent role 4 Premath Menezes
Duplicating role not working 8 Javier Tejera
User email display conditions are not very intuitive (request for comments) 3 Dave Balch
Assignment not working properly. Roles mess. 2 Nicolas Stabilini
How can students see their mentors? 4 Randy Thornton
Disabling/Allowing access to Plagiarism Plugins for certain Teachers 4 Mira B
How can I remove The "+Add Topics" Button 3 Mary Cooch
Global Search for unenrolled users. 1 Sandipa Mukherjee
Permissions to Restrict Students from Viewing Their Grades 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
Allow bulk course upload to any non managerial role 1 Sara Arjona Téllez
admin role history 1 Nicolas Martignoni
Role with no notifications 3 Randy Thornton
Custom role so student can upload file and move activities 0 Julien Thomas
Visibility on Assignment Activities in Calendar 0 Kim Ford
Options in 'Manage roles' screen 0 Andrew Gates
Not allow teachers to delete a folder 0 Greg Rudl
Allowing non-admins to use bulk 0 Victor Kindinger
Allowing a personal tutor to view students dashboards 0 Oliver James
Sharing: Collaboration Role for Sharing Course Content 1 Randy Thornton
Manage categories and sub-categories 1 Manolo Mohedano
Auto assign Teacher role for new oAuth2 member 2 Nguyen Nam
Bulk assign roles to users 1 Mary Cooch
Parent Role Unable to See Full Student Profile 7 Sandy Stockholm
Restore to New Course Capability 0 Blair F.
Student can always view teacher's course and full profiles 0 Frank Black
Same role, different contexts - issue 2 Jona Turner
Full participant management inside one course 0 Marlise Nauer
Teacher can no more reset a course after update 1 Zabelle Motte
Don't have permission to edit some quiz 0 Mohammad kabir
Restrict access of a quiz (or course_module, it's the same) to a group with code 0 Louis-Philippe Baron
Allow Parent/Mentor Role to View Course/Assignment Details 10 Sharon Strauss
Hide user custom feild in profile page only 0 Jaifar Al Shizawi
Auto Assign Specific Role After "Sign Up" auto-enrollment. 2 ankit katmore