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Upgrade Advice 0 Roger Crombleholme
How to use/set up ILP module 8 Rhiannon Prescott
TinyMCE Find or upload an image... 7 Pramod eAbyas
ILP - Termly Attendance 1 Parthiban Dharmendran
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Students can't view, teacher sees no entry. 0 bobby demers
Unable to create reports in ILP block 0 Jes Patel
Inheriting permissions from category 1 Jock Coats
New ILP Mango Release 6 Matt Bowler
Setting and updating targets - issues 1 Parthiban Dharmendran
Pre-populate text areas on forms 1 R H
Students and teachers are unable to add new entries 1 R H
How can a user see all ILPs on our site? 0 Endaf Edwards
Archive tab in Moodle 2.6 4 R H
Mango Release Documentation or advice 3 R H
My Tragets - Pagination 5 nirav julasana
Documentation for Moodle ILP BLock Release May 2013 3 Tom Moseley
ILP and Moodle 2.5 9 vinoth kannan
ILP not compatible with 2.4 yet? 8 vinoth kannan
Can't Submit A Report Field 0 Sam Hegarty
Getting ILP to appear anywhere 7 Russell England
Profiles not showing on ILP Report Permissions 4 R H
Any way to make report creation trigger a message? 1 R H
ULCC ILP plugin - Moodle 2.4 coding error detected... 3 Barbara Lawrence
Add/View Extensions 1 Parthiban Dharmendran
MIS Integration 11 Parthiban Dharmendran
ILP - Slow Page Load 15 R H
Ideas for enhancing the ILP 2 R H
Are there any Upgrade instructions for version 2.x 5 Jago Brown
SMART target overview 9 Kev Parker
Missing pram? 2 Nathan Friend
Student receiving response alert message instead of creator. 2 Ash Jolliffe
ILP Install Help 4 Steve King
Documentation 5 Sam Thing
Table "block_ilp_graph_plugin" does not exist 3 R H
Bugs, documentation, default reports & advice 6 R H
Who is the contact person for the ILP block-we would be interested in a quote for a personalized development 1 R H
Install questions 5 John White
Remove delete option for teachers but leave edit. 3 R H
Student list slow loading 3 R H
Responses are not triggering an email. 1 R H
Dashboard tabs 1 Nigel Daley
Clear Previously assigned tutors ILP Block 1 R H
My Course Groups Report 1 R H
New tab plugin: Timeline 8 Jago Brown
Upcoming ILP Release 13 Abdenour Saaid
Having problem finding the correct installation of ILP 0 Yen Ling Lam
page breaks in ilp...not working? Here is what i have tried so far... 0 Mark B
ILP Usage Reports 1 Matt Bowler
ILP student list not displaying correctly 0 North West Kent College
Can't view or edit concerns eg: progress review 15 Dan Jeffries
Archiving targets 0 Endaf Edwards
Issue with changing tutors. 0 Ash Jolliffe
New bug in version 2012073013 2 Adam H
ILP Percentages (Decimal Place Problem) 6 Adam H
Is the ILP plugin suitable for my needs? 0 Hansruedi (Lori) Lorenz
Bug in ILP 2.0 Moodle 2.2.4 0 Mari Cruz García
Student overview 0 Nathan Friend
Importing data problem 0 Neil Prior
Revisiting ILP Module 1 Gary Moncrieff
Database table name too long (max 28 characters) 8 Gary Moncrieff
Voice support for ILP 2 2 Jago Brown
Removing 1.9 ilp capabilities from database 1 Mark Johnson
Installation problem on 2.3 0 Mark Johnson
ILP (by James Ballard) and MIS integration 8 imketu p
Layout issues with ILP and 2.2.3+ 1 Jago Brown
Module missing grade/report/tracker 0 Simon Clegg
What if you have someone who is a tutor and a student? 1 Scott Karren
Discovered a failure when testing the ILP 3 Mari Cruz García
ILP / MIS Connection (ODBC) 0 Andrew Rees
Where can I find the download? 2 Emma-Lee Yarwood
ilp and some theme front pages 0 Dan Vaughan
New ILP released on Github 25 Neil Roberts
Progress bars 5 Jago Brown
Two comments with regard to the ILP 2.0 1 James Ballard
Developer Documentation 2 James Ballard
MS SQL Errors with ILP module on install 5 James Ballard
ILP Block and Postgresql 1 James Ballard
ILP 2.0 display issues 1 James Ballard
Empty Screen after selecting MIS DB connectoin mssql 1 Nathan Friend
DB reads high after installing ILP block? 0 Gerrard Shaw
ILP evaluation 0 Mari Cruz García
Moodle 2.1 ILP - Postgresql errors 0 roy bentley
Moodle 1.9.17 to Moodle 2.2 and ILPs 3 James Ballard
Updating or changing existing items in select box fields 0 Tony Patton
[add a block] block does'nt offer the choice ILP 2 0 Adrien Czajczynski
ILP support for Moodle 2.0 ? 81 James Ballard
ILP block installed in Moodle 2.0.3 Blank page after successful installation 4 Mari Cruz García
Reassigning 'withdrawn' targets 1 James Ballard
Introducing ILPs 1 James Ballard
Allow Teachers to Edit Student Targets 1 Stuart Frankland
PLP not displaying correctly, no status etc 2 T F
Integration with BKSB 3 Conn Warwicker
Block an ILP? 2 Heather P
Gold and Silver status 5 Dan Jeffries
ILP - Setting a target for all learners 1 Heather P
merging an ILP from one Moodle to another 1 Heather P
Upload Personal Tutors 6 Nathan Friend
Teacher - Editing PLP Targets 0 Nicholas Sermon