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Grades 4 Juan Leyva
Did any body encounter this while building for Android 4 Juan Leyva
image not shown in calendar events 1 Juan Leyva
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Custom login Page 4 Nicholas Donkor
On Chrome v.50 for Android the video not load, pluginfile.php header problem 3 Giacomo Battel
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Login API 3 Dani Palou
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Cannot connect: Verify that you have typed correctly the URL and that your site uses Moodle 2.4 or later. 3 Adriano Lima
Setting up a Moodle web service to view live choice results in real time #Mootieuk16 1 Paul Sharpe
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Android Push Notification App 2 haroon mehmood
create custome plugins for moodle mobile app 1 Juan Leyva
Moodle Mobile 3.0.0 released 0 Juan Leyva
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Moodle mobile works OK in two sites, but KO on the remaining 5 Francisco José Esteban Risueño
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Changes in Moodle Mobile release process 0 Juan Leyva
Disable course(s) for mobile access 2 Claudio ancooor
Playing mp3 audio files in mobile App (v. 2.8) 9 Oliver Bay
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Audio in Moodle Mobile 10 Drew Smith
.MOV vs .mp4 for video outputs on iPhones 2 Drew Smith
Mobile Upload Options: Android vs iPhone 2 Drew Smith
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HTML tags in push notifications 1 Juan Leyva
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Courses lost 2 Dani Palou
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dropdowns don't work on mobile devices 1 april lee
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Images in Assignment description 3 Ernesto Tolocka
Password Encryption 6 vysakh b
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