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CSS to remove course summary file

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CSS to remove course summary file


I don't know if anyone else has noticed that when users select a course from the Available courses page of the Moodle app they see: 1) an image icon, 2) the course summary file name and 3) a download icon (see attached image below). 


This seems to confuse most users, and I believe it would be better for them not to see it at all. I've been experimenting with custom CSS to remove this from the course page, but I'm a little unsure if what I've done will have any unintended effects elsewhere in the app. Here's what I've come up with... .item-media { 
     min-height: 52px;
     display: none;

If there's anyone more knowledgeable than me who can comment on the CSS, that would be great.

Thank you!

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Re: CSS to remove course summary file
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Hi Elton!

The files you are about to hide are the course overview files. If you are not using them is ok, but all files that are not linked in the description are not going to be shown in any place. I'd add a more specific selector adding the current state page you are in. In this case: page-core-courses-course-preview

Your solution will hide all item-media items in the code (and there are lots).

I'd change the selector to: page-core-courses-course-preview .item-media 

or even: page-core-courses-course-preview core-file

I hope this helps!


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Re: CSS to remove course summary file


Thank you very much. That's very helpful. smile

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