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display language and language string customization

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display language and language string customization


My university has recently purchased a custom Moodle app through a Moodle partner

We have noticed some differences between the official app and the custom app with regard to display language and language string customization. When using the official Moodle app, the display language respects the language setting of the user's phone, as you can see in the image below. The custom app, however, doesn't respect the device's language settings and simply displays in English (also see below). This is a big problem for us, as all of our users create accounts through the app with either OAuth or email based self-registration. The process of creating an account completely in a foreign language is a big challenge for our users (especially the reCAPTCHA) and many give up before the process is complete. 

I had hoped that we could solve the problem using language string customization, but this has not worked as expected. From my tests, language string customization appears to take effect only after the user has successfully logged in. (We weren't able to change any of the language strings on the Login page or the New account page of the app). 

Is there any solution to the problem I've raised here? Is there something our Moodle partner can do during the app building process to ensure that the correct language is displayed? 

Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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