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Excessive list of tokens

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Excessive list of tokens


Not sure if this is a bug or just a feature but one of our admin staff had mentioned that Moodle Mobile was not showing notifications. I have been investigating this and thought I would re-create his token in Admin->Plugins->Web Services->Manage Tokens. In the listing it shows 72 pages of data and 99% of the entries do not list a token number (just a hyphen) and in the username field it shows...

Missing capabilities: moodle/badges:viewotherbadges, moodle/calendar:manageentries, moodle/calendar:manageownentries, moodle/calendar:managegroupentries, moodle/competency:competencyview, moodle/competency:evidencedelete, moodle/competency:competencymanage, moodle/competency:competencygrade, moodle/competency:coursecompetencyview, moodle/competency:usercompetencyview, report/completion:view, moodle/category:viewhiddencategories, moodle/course:update, moodle/course:viewhiddencourses, moodle/user:viewhiddendetails, moodle/course:useremail, moodle/user:update, moodle/site:accessallgroups, moodle/course:managegroups, moodle/site:deleteownmessage, moodle/user:editownmessageprofile, moodle/site:sendmessage, moodle/notes:manage, moodle/notes:view, moodle/user:manageownfiles, moodle/user:editownprofile, moodle/user:editprofile, moodle/user:editmessageprofile, message/airnotifier:managedevice, mod/assign:viewgrades, mod/assign:grade, mod/data:approve, mod/data:manageentries, mod/feedback:viewreports, mod/folder:view, mod/forum:viewqandawithoutposting, mod/glossary:approve, mod/imscp:view, mod/label:view, mod/lesson:view, mod/lesson:viewreports, mod/page:view, mod/resource:view, mod/url:view, moodle/competency:planviewown, moodle/competency:planview, moodle/competency:userevidenceview

I have tried searching forums but it mainly refers to setting up web services for external systems rather than just mobile. My thought was going to be to disable mobile and re-enable it site wide and see if that works. In the last few weeks we have upgraded from 3.3.3 to 3.3.4 and last weekend we are now on 3.4.1+. I have double checked all the moodle-mobile advanced features pre-requisites (defined roles etc) and it seems we are good.

Just wondered if anyone else had seen this and if so if anyone knows of a resolution?




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Re: Excessive list of tokens
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this is very strange but I'd say that they may be old tokens created manually?

Tokens created by the app won't be displayed there.

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