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Mobile App - Auto login problem

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Mobile App - Auto login problem

We are integrating the mobile APP into our project via moodle.  In that we are facing to clear this below problem,

While running the application its directly showing the login page instead we need to have the course listing page. So anyone please help on this to sort out the problem. After clicking the course link only it needs to redirect to the login page.

Is there any plugin available or code customize?

We have tried with 'mobile app additional features' plugin which is not helpful.

Please get back to us ASAP.

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Re: Mobile App - Auto login problem

The requirements are exactly the same for InAppBrowser and system browser. Please see the answer in this discussion:

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Re: Mobile App - Auto login problem
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unfortunately the Mobile app needs a user token to be able to list the courses, and the only way to get the token is by authenticating. To achieve what you want you'd need:

  1. A WebService that allows you to view the list of courses without needing a token.
  2. A custom mobile app that uses that WebService to render the courses before going to the login page.



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