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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
encoding problem 15 Shahrzad Aziminia
Estonian language 1 Martin Dougiamas
How can I fix is for someone to convert the Farsi language pack from UTF into Windows-1256.? 1 Martin Dougiamas
Month cannot show correctly (??????). 0 wissanu tangtrongkijwong
Problem with EditBox in every activities 1 Petr Skoda
rtl problem 0 taher taghizadeh
U.S. English - marks vs points 2 Thomas Robb
Wikitranslation and Moodle 1.3 0 koen roggemans
Translators: String change to "showsubscribers" in moodle.php 1 Martin Dougiamas
Khmer Unicode 0 Rattanack Ath
problem with "Compare and edit current language" 3 Martin Dougiamas
problem with utf-8 0 adel Ghazikhani
New Syllabic Font + Moodle? 4 Georg Anker
Language menu not working on homepage 1 Martin Dougiamas
Check for missing strings? 0 Andrew Wojtowicz
Check for missing strings? 0 Andrew Wojtowicz
Polish translate 3 Cezary Greszko
Language change on the Menu items displayed 3 Rodrigo Vera
Igbo Language and Special Fonts / Diacritics 7 Bernard Boucher
May I help with the missing German strings? 2 Martin Dougiamas
Portuguese (brazil) 1 Lehy Matheus
Translation of News Items on frontpage 7 Hans de Zwart
Problem with text encoding? 0 Tim Allen
I don't get a big 'Letter' at the beginning of $a 2 Ralf Hilgenstock
Country names are now translatable 3
Translating the authentication module 5
Russian? 3
Good strategies in continuing translation of language and help files 7
1.1.1 or 1.2 dev? 2
Hungarian 16
First name? 5
New translation: Gallego 0
Improved storage of strings in language packs 0
how to make chat farsi 3 Martin Dougiamas
Words not used as strings 0
German html- help files for new activities 3
Changes due to new HTML editor 4
per-course language 3
Help ... helpfiles 2
Improved language editing - one file at a time 2
Glossary module... Is it useful to you? 2
English - US mis spells 4
For Martin -> Bug in "Moodle Buzz" page 0
Separate page for each file in lang.php 0
Working with 2 or more languages 5
Translation of dates 9
German Help Files?? 0
Bugs in the ca language file 'moodle.php' 1
Norwegian 3
Problems with ALL the translations (Please read) :-/ 2
Main page and courses in different languages 0
The possibility of moving to UTF8 for all languages 0
Parent languages 0
appeared as ASCII 0
RTL vs LTR language setting - Just curious! 4
Problem with adding new languagefiles in CVS 0
Greek translation 1
Translating moodle into bulgarian language 3
Japanese 1
Spanish translation of help an docs files 5
Reminder about translations for 1.0.9 2
RTL languages support 1
Language display 4
Lithuanian language 2
Mailing list for translation authors 3
Translating Moodle. 1.0.9 1 Martin Dougiamas
Thailand 1
Choosing the language from the home page 1
Is anyone working on creating a Korean version? 4
Translating dates 0
Anybody translating Moodle into Danish? 1
Looking for guy who translated Moodle into Slovak 0
Auto-generated mail messages unreadable (Character set problem) 4
First version of CZECH lang 4
Dates in Japanese 2
Wales - Land of our Fathers 2
Czech 1
Add a "save all" button on "Compare and edit current language" page. 2
possible solution to problem of displaying multibyte character 4
Surveys now translatable 1
Arabic 1
Concepts (words) that I don't uderstood so well 7
Japanese 25