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An open forum for social chat with other Moodlers.

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Video teaching 24 Mark Davis
Moodling in the Lakes 6 Mary Evans
Deadline extension - Call for chapters: "Synergic Integration of Formal and Informal E-Learning Environments for Adult Lifelong Learners", IGI Global - proposal by October 30 0 giovanni biancofiore
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using Moodle for foreign language acquisition/learning 0 Matt Bury
Best web hosting providers for Moodle 2.3.2+ for a class of size 200 to 300 students 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Adding Sections(About Us, News) to Moodle Front Page 1 Nitin Agrawal
Moving from Blackboard to Moodle 3 Tim Hunt
How to make a website with Moodle? 0 Lord Coder
Can you turn off grades completley???? 5 Russell Waldron
Article: The Dystopian Digital Sweatshop That Makes the Internet Run 0 Matt Bury
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Upload and Execute php script 2 Russell Waldron
Chatbots for language learning-- Chrome pilots needed 6 Matt Bury
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GO TO Webinars in Moodle 5 Mary Cooch
Are spammers human? 5 Matt Bury
Is there a way to use Folders to group a series of URL addresses? 1 Mary Cooch
Moodle and internal/external BTEC verification 7 Russell Waldron
Preventing download but students should still be able to print 2 Russell Waldron
Terms of service - help offered 2 Bente Olsen
Solving problems in Moodle 1 Matt Bury
Steve Jobs co-opts Buddhism from beyond the grave 0 Matt Bury
Course Outlines and Faculty Site 2 Russell Waldron
Kudos to Team on v2.3 0 Michael Wallace
Happy Birthday to Me 0 Art Lader
Credit, Continuing Ed, Corporate, Professional CE, HR Training 0 Dave Willmore
help needed- participant stats 1 Nathan Hutchings
Paypal and IPN 2 Alan Kmiecik
RTI for preschool and prekindergarten 1 Glenys Hanson
Cron in Cpanel 1 Mary Cooch
I love Moodle 2.3 1 Andreas Zug
Looking for downloadable courses to use in my Moodle 11 Don Hinkelman
How much the dons use their campus LMS? 0 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Is Moodle for us? (Here's what we need) 5 Richard Oelmann
Happy 10th Birthday Moodle 7 Piotr Peszko
What do you think of our Moodle? 3 Chris Kenniburg
Book recommendation 1 Frankie Kam
Activity Idea - Badges attached to assessment performance 1 Matt Bury
Flash Player 11.4 supports multi-threading 0 Matt Bury
How to assign single/same course to multiple semester/degree program? 0 Nitin Agrawal
Opinions of Remote-Learner 25 D M
Making sense of Moodle and its social networking-like aspects 1 Matt Bury
Moodle Assignments with a Tablet 1 Matt Bury
Online users "stuck" in the Lounge 18 Glenys Hanson
The shift to 2.3 10 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Web hosting reseller in the United Kingdom 0 Glenn Quitter
Success Stories - Integration 2 Michael Penney
Logic behind the missing of course end date? 2 Richard Oelmann
Webinars 14 rupert bannister
Checklist Self assessment 0 Harry Amos
Do you think Moodle can be successfully used to train election officers? 4 Marcin Cieślak
Internet Archive: Over 1,000,000 Torrents of Downloadable Books, Music, and Movies 0 Matt Bury
Opinion article: BYOD: Be safe with a notebook, leave the tablet at home 12 Matt Bury
CALCASA RFP for Moodle 2.x Development! 0 Ashley Maier
West Coast Moodle Moot 1 Mary Cooch
Which is the best Internal email messages plugins in moodle 2.0+? 0 Nitin Agrawal
Change the Email Confirmation Message 0 Andrew Song
Duplicate Reminder Notices Being Sent 0 Amy Trainer
Issue of same calendar event display under different date in India/Australia 0 Nitin Agrawal
Considering Moodle 14 Terry Shane
Online Education Beats the Classroom 7 Jose green
Online certificate license question 4 Jason Becker
CALL FOR CHAPTER PROPOSALS - Synergic Integration of Formal and Informal E-Learning Environments for Adult Lifelong Learners 0 giovanni biancofiore
Learning objects (LO) dependencies visualized in a map / graph (like in 'technology trees", we know from games)) 0 Christian Weiss
Moodles moved -now can't see them from home 13 Mary Cooch
Moodle and WordPress 2 Jason Becker
Profiles as Online CV/Resume? 1 Matt Bury
Problemas con la instalación 0 Emmanuel Morales
How long for Plugin Approval/Denial? 2 Scott Nadzan
My 100th blog post on Moodle related matters 4 Matt Bury
Moodle 2.3, simply 'Awesome' 8 Nicholas Walker
Is Moodle Right for Me? 4 Ashutosh Taunk
Scheduling a course in Moodle 4 Rangga Wiratno
theme 2.0 to 2.3 0 Pavithran Nambiar
1st Moodle Scientific Conference – MoodleSCo2012 2 Yiannis Arapoglou
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How to copy a current course to a new category? 7 Sumit K
Accessing old Moodle.org account 2 Graham Stone
Remove my moodle site's search engine visibility 5 ray santa maria
Moodle sub-domains for Resellers 0 Allen Smith
Which SOME tools to use alongside Moodle? 9 Ville Koiviola
Using registration form for students from a different/other website. 2 Christian Mark Nisperos
my Auto Continue:NO does not work 2 Andrew Song
Recomendación 1 Jeff Stanford
Can a teacher be teacher for one group but student in another but for the same course 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Moodle Moot content online? 1 Richard Oelmann
Getting spam email? 2 Helen Foster
Moodle Scorms for ESL (Business English) 1 Đinh Lư Giang
There is plugins for sell Certificate? 0 jose Vazquez
OU drag and drop 2 Helen Foster
Migrating to 2.3 musings 0 Derek Chirnside
How the home page and this website was built? 2 foxtrot08 m
Mooch Community Hub - Time lag in Publishing Courses 8 Mary Cooch