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Assignment Type Online Recording.....Uploading, Please Wait 2 Isabelle Vilm
How do I turn off email notifications to students when entering a grade? 13 Katrin Wolf
Grade not showing for all group members 1 Iain Gray
Restrictions on access group date 0 Lorenzzo Mollinar
2.6 -> 2.7 - Assignment Upgrader Issues 2 Melissa Benson
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Marking workflow issue for downloading assignments 0 William Mair
Can I not display the submission status 0 Tim Roper
Corrupt Word Documents 18 Marcus Green
Missing marks? No! 3 Guillermo Madero
Closed group assignment 0 Dharsi Paramsothy
Assignment uploading 3 Mary Cooch
Open Assignment for selected systems 0 Dharsi Paramsothy
Can't delete assignment pdf submission 5 Davo Smith
"Annotate PDF" vs "PDF Feedback" 1 Davo Smith
Automatic grading 5 mart van der niet
Plagiarism Checker 11 Marcus Green
Inform a student by email that assignment is reviewed 2 Irith Herman
Multiple feedback files for offline activity 8 maureen smith
Students can view previous attempts' grades when that assignment's grades are hidden 0 Greg Myles
Online Text Assignment ---Strange Problem 3 Muhammad Tariq
No Submission completion rule 0 Michael Hughes
Table Layouts 0 Andy Braden
Downloading an assignment FULLY 0 Kieran Briggs
Show more than the 137-character excerpt on Grading screen 0 Brendan Lalor
Add an activity or resource greyed out for admin user 4 Steve Ambro v3.1
Managers in category show up as markers (in allocation) 2 Peter Diedrichs
Change grading scale after grades are issued? 2 Janet DiVincenzo
No submission box 2 Mary Cooch
reassigning max upload on restore 0 Mr. Marc
Assignment notice to students about due dates 16 Michael Hughes
Marking allocation permissions documentation 1 Mark Andrews
Moodle 2.3 How To: Only show an assignment to a selected subset of students 3 Yu Lay
Response File Not Visible 9 Erica Vail
Error code: storedfilecannotread - Cant edit/delete file submission 2 Sarah Jane
changing Defaults 9 Steve Ambro v3.1
Lets make the "Grouping" settings in assignment less confusing. 0 Damyon Wiese
Strange assignment grading issue or submission listing screen bug 5 Toan Tran
New role with no ability to grade 4 Wee Chai Soo
Student's not receiving email notifications in Assignments in Moodle 2.0 31 Jamie Howard
"Point" marking method in Assignment 2.7 1 Teresa Gibbison
Warning when deleting full assignments 1 Teresa Gibbison
Where is the email address stored? 1 Teresa Gibbison
How to add pdf to assignment description? 6 Cesario Siringoringo
PPT Submission 1 Steve Ambro v3.1
Using assignments to capture documents with with expiration dates? 1 Damyon Wiese
Batch Marker Allocation issue 0 Rajneel Totaram
Global Find/Replace for Assignment titles or descriptions? 2 Steve Ambro v3.1
Completion tracking icon error when assignment has a ‘Grade to pass’ setting. 4 chandralatha yapa
Setting up assignment extensions for 1 student 1 Davo Smith
Error when submitting assignments 1 Pete Jones
New Assignment Module - Teacher has a submission status 4 Graham Bowman
business law 1 Richard Oelmann
business law 1 Richard Oelmann
Advanced grading problems with the rubric tool in Moodle 2.4 1 Kerstin Namuth
Equivalent between userid in old assignment and sid and gid in new assignment 2.2 1 Mari Cruz García
Restore files 2 Arlie Fandrich
Showing Text Entry Assignment Entries Elsewhere 0 John Papworth
Email notification after all asignments graded 1 Davo Smith
how can I get the real address from url like this '@@pulgin....' 5 su hang
PDF Annotate is missing (disappear) in moodle 2.7 (stable) ? 3 Mary Cooch
View "All" Assignment Submissions 5 Jennifer Sheppard
Offline grading 9 Ulrike Albers
Bulk Remove Turnitin from Forum Module 1 John McGettrick
group in assignment does not work 2 m question
Time based course in 2.3 0 Andy Pelling
How Can Students See Advanced Marking Guide Comments in Assignment 2.3? 4 Mary Cooch
Assignment Timer? 4 Justin Hunt
Rubric preview missing from Grader Report 8 John D. Black
Rubrics and Weighted Grading 0 Rob Bright
the assignment is not sent in its entirety 0 Irith Herman
Cannot upload assignment 1 Davo Smith
A few Advanced Grading questions for Moodle 2.2.1 16 Jeff White
Automatically "revert the submission to draft" when a certain grade is awarded 2 Catherine Lamy-Pilon
Offline assignment results statistics 0 Ronald de Caluwé
Assessment submission browse button not showing 7 Matthew Lowe
assignment upload 0 nupur gupta
Changing a grade's weight isn't changing the category total? 1 Emma Richardson
Getting error "Exception - User not found." 3 John McGettrick
Keeping Managers from receiving assignment submission notification emails 10 Matthew Lowe
Assignment re-upload 8 Ulrike Albers
Shared Templates for Rubrics 2 AL Rachels
More criteria in offline assignment 4 Ronald de Caluwé
Change grades to pass / didn't pass 1 Davo Smith
Assignment Feedback Comments - Email Problems 9 William Lu
Grading Default Display 2 Lucinde Bongers
marking workflow customization 2 Dave Balch
អរិយធម៌ខ្មែរ 0 ផាន់ សុថាណា
[2.4] Continues assignment feedback by Email 5 Lucinde Bongers
Assignment grading sloooooow 3 Robin Schröder
Exempting some assignments? 0 Jeffrey Thomas
Assignment Submission - Time/Date Stamp 1 Jeffrey Thomas
Blind Marking (2.3onw) MDL-42716 5 Michael Hughes
Accessing to give Group Feedback 1 Mary Cooch
Dispensing with separate grades per Marking Guide criterion | Moodle v.2.3 0 Francois Evans
install turnitin latest Moodle direct version 2 problem 3 John McGettrick
teacher not being notified by email of submitted assignments 5 Emma Richardson
Very Strange Turnitin Direct v1 (Moodle 2.5) issue 0 Joseph Thibault
Automatic feedback files 5 mart van der niet