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This forum is for issues about language support, or for discussing languages for which there is not yet a separate area (see our list of community discussions in other languages).

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Bug: Double "&" in the url 0 Mohammad kabir
Made Language block. How to copy language code of menu and put to my block. 4 Mohammad kabir
change text in question page in quiz 3 Fahima MO
show available courses depending on language selection 5 Filipe Ferreira
Language selective user editable string 1 Germán Valero
Change the password reset link sent in email 1 David Mudrák
Change "quiz" to "test 1 Robert Brenstein
User language preference not saved 2 Kenny Acock
Cannot open Language Pack for editing 0 Steven Peterson
Customization 4 David Mudrák
Change language of course categories title 0 Maria Rubiales
How to add new strings to language packs 5 Albert Leatherman
Preferred Language option into add /edit user page is NO MORE visible in Moodle3.1 5 Mary Cooch
Change text in the Course Admin nav panel 5 Helen Foster
"Error writing to database " in Lang customization 3 nima beyk
Availible multi-language filter fields 0 neptune 1
Glossary terms in Chinese 2 Andrew Nicols
Change a text in moodle 2 Trần Thanh Phú
Burmese/Myanmar 3 Yane Frenski
Help me, I can't install any language 6 Hilda Debora
Change language in one course 4 Sue Holtz
For Russion get_string("foo") returns question marks 1 Babken Mesropyan
How to translate a course with open-source tools 5 Renaat Debleu
show all number in sitewide in rtl format like (۱۲۳۴) 0 ارسطو رامش
Add language tag in "Markers" not working 2 Mohammad kabir
Can I do this without braking everything? 1 David Mudrák
en and en_us 6 Robert Brenstein
languish chosen view 3 David Mudrák
Moodle quizzes in English and Spanish 5 Richard Oelmann
How to effectively delete local translations? 9 Bente Olsen
Cómo agregar el menú de idiomas 0 John Carvajal
Moodle user tours are now available in several languages 0 Germán Valero
Want to enhance bangla translation quality 4 koen roggemans
Is it possible to override core translations from a plugin? 10 Juho Jaakkola
Mexican Spanish (es_mx) Language Pack Missing parent language 4 Germán Vitale
Changing alphabet order 4 Robin Turner
2.9 Changing graphics of placeholders 0 Wendi Daniels
Change language when login :-\ 7 Luis Miguel Barron
Changing one word across the whole site (2.6) 19 Frédéric Collin
I want to change the menu.. 1 koen roggemans
Will Moodle Need an Automated Dubbing Plugin? 0 Boaz Rossano
How to Make a New Language Pack? 13 David Mudrák
Nothing in Language Customisation drop-down 1 David Mudrák
can't customize my language by copying language files from the moodledata to other site? 4 Frankle Lee 李智高
question about translating the help 3 Helen Foster
right to left language translation and the HTML tags and placeholders 0 m question
translation question_how to approve my contribution 4 m question
Language-Switching for Content, Media Files, etc. 4 Richard Oelmann
Change Language Pack?? 4 Helen Foster
Some columns in Moodle reports are in English and can not be translated 1 David Mudrák
Automatic way to change content language? 0 Alex Vanden Bosch
Server side rendering of Fonts 2 Waseem Muhamad
Armenian Language Pack and Fonts 8 Mihai Bojonca
How to work with the multi-language content filter 17 Mihai Bojonca
Language dropdown menu in Safe Exam Browser 0 Julia Soltan
Adding html to a langauge string. Moodle 2.9.3 5 David Mudrák
Arabic Calendar months names 5 Nicolas Martignoni
make strings disappear 5 Frankie Kam
Make language string blank or null 4 Frankie Kam
2.9.3 + Translating course content 8 Richard Oelmann
Language files and Code checker 5 Mary Evans
Language pack is not changing - so lost. 1 Richard Oelmann
interactions report translation 2 Rami Sbaity
Multi-lingual Mentees block title 0 Rik Strobbe
install German language 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Over one million translated Moodle strings 0 Germán Valero
Multi-language versions of custom text? 11 Ken St. John
Translation of MOOC 8 Richard Oelmann
Duplicate entry 'en-373-AM' 19 Germán Valero
Comma as decimal separator 7 A. A.
Multilanguage filter not working for course short name. 2 Matthew Longman
How to make just Francais_CA/English available 1 Matthew Longman
Translate site name 0 Martin Strom
cache of Months in Arabic 9 David Mudrák
Problem when formerly third party modules go into core 6 Tim Hunt
Multi language Content Filter 5 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Truncated filter in string identifier? 0 Peter Diedrichs
Personas con Conocimiento en Moodle - Bogotá 1 Dan Marsden
certificate text 2 Floyd Saner
Calendar months English instead Spanish 6 koen roggemans
certificate translating 1 koen roggemans
Help needed changing hard-wired English language strings into AMOS-friendly variables 2 David Mudrák
activity titles limit 1 David Mudrák
Really Confused - en_us Language Pack - Student 3 Robert Brenstein
US English Language Pack Keeps Changing 11 chris horsefield
course short name doe's not working with multilang 4 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Translation of Custom Language Fields 0 Lutz Feldmann
Using English - United States (en_us) in Moodle 2.0.2 10 David Conrad
Months Name in Arabic Pack 5 koen roggemans
Multi Language converting currency in real time 3 Nicolas Martignoni
Translate Face-to-face in french 5 Stacey Walker
String strftimedaydatetime definition in Spanish (es) 3 Germán Valero
set special language for all users 3 solmaz naderi
Behaviour of Course full name and Course short name with multilang 4 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Disabling Language Options! 7 koen roggemans
Language does not change on inner pages. 4 Bhargava S
Is the සිංහල (si) language pack being actively maintained? 4 koen roggemans
how to translat courses content in multiple languages 20 Amina Beny
Language display 1 koen roggemans
CALENDAR block shows month name in english regardless selected language 10 Nicolas Martignoni