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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
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Let more than one teacher grade an assignment? 3 William Lu
BTEC marking code available (Pass, Merit, Distinction) 61 jay sweeney
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setting a new assignment 1 Lillian Mixon
No valid arguments supplied or incorrect server configuration 7 Nitin Pant
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Packet Tracer PKA automated testing 5 Kayode Adesemowo
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Retrieving assignemnts from unenrolled users 2 Ken Russell
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Moodle 2.9.1 - Can't disable submission comments 3 A S
Different assignment text for different groups 1 Emma Richardson
Teachers feedback hard to find for students? 5 Simon Heissler
course overview: you have assignments pending 1 Richard Oelmann
"This assignment is not accepting submissions" 4 Mike Swanson
Programing error while grading 4 Jeroen Horters
Assignment automatic feedback 1 Sebastian Wz
2.8 - Download All Assignments/Graded 3 Paul Barrett
error on create new assignment 0 Irith Herman
Status is graded but still submitted for grading? 0 Sandino Lirios
Multiple graders 9 Emma Richardson
Problems with offline grading worksheet 1 John Ryan
Penalties for re-attempts 2 Michael Hughes
Download all Submissions Fails 5 Emma Richardson
Restrict access by user profile fields not playing nicely with assignment participant list 1 Courtney Bentley
Embedding prezi in online text assignment 1 Richard Clay
Creating a complex marking guide / rubric 0 Madhusudan Singh
Assignment deleting old submission when new students are enrolled 2 Robert Brenstein
Submtting multipe assignments into the same Assignment module over time (2.8) 11 John Provasnik
Mod Assign view parameters - useridlistid 0 Nelson Moller
Moodle 2.7 grading form notify student change not saving 1 Davo Smith
Problems with changed grade on assignment 1 Emma Richardson
Grading Notification only sent once in morning 0 Jeff Finnan
How to get the 'rownumber' from assign tables 13 Ben Haensel
Restricted access in Assigment 7 Steve Ambro v3.1
Can teacher create an assignment and a discussion forum in one click? 4 Michelle TeGrootenhuis
2.7.2 Advanced Marking (Rubric) Grades save inconsistently 1 Keegan Weber
Adding more than one assignment to a course. 4 Emma Richardson
Comments in Grading changed in 2.9? 3 Mark Pearson
Anything like Crocodoc for Moodle? 9 Mike Simurdiak
Blind marking with group submissions enabled 0 Tony Box
Assignment notifications issue 0 Mark Pearson
Assignment upgrade 2.6 > 2.7: What is the prescribed migration path? 0 Visvanath Ratnaweera
2.5.3 Assignment Grouping Help 1 Steve Ambro v3.1
Default settings for an assignment 2 Steve Ambro v3.1
Students are not allow to play any activity 0 Carmen Nani
I am not notified when some students submit their assignments 3 Katherine Robeson
is there a way to delete a student's assignment? 12 Richard Oelmann
Download all submissions ? 4 nainesh kathrotia
2.6 Assignment Filter Problem 7 nainesh kathrotia
Submitted Assignments showing up in Upcoming Events 0 Carl de Malmanche
Annotate PDF Problem 7 Juha Martikainen
Allow access until bug 7 Paul Nicholls
Draft submissions workflow is confusing 1 Dave Balch
File Upload Causing Grade Problems 7 Jérôme Mouneyrac
Why are my submission settings locked? 1 Mary Cooch
Moodle 2.8, duplicate rubrics 0 Annette Knobloch
Advanced grading, rubric, Moodle 2.8 2 Annette Knobloch
Moodle 2.8, directions to implement advance grading do NOT work 2 Mary Cooch
marker allocation without marking workflow 1 Martin H
Only Seeing Teacher Roles 6 Mark Samberg
does assignment 2.3 send e-mail notifications to students when they receive feedback? 27 Fernanda F. Ricou
Different submission deadlines for different groupings 0 Madhusudan Singh
Should 'Delete all items and categories' reset course also reset assignment 'Grade to pass'? 0 Gareth J Barnard
Feature Request: Allow students to see other submissions 6 William Lu
Submission notification question 7 Emma Richardson
Moodle Assignment - Previous grades not being displayed on submitting grades multiple times. 1 Vinod Kumar eAbyas
grade from outcomes 0 Takis Takis
Student feedback on their assignment feedback... 2 Shôn Prebble
Moodle 2.9 Getting forbidden message on submit 3 A. John Peters
Could Advanced Grading implement LTI? 0 Elizabeth Dalton
view submitted assignment... HELP 1 Mary Cooch
Submissions closed - emergency 6 Marcus Green
Multiple Questions in one assignment 1 Richard Oelmann
Custom Stamps in PDF Annotator on instructor level 2 Jill Zimmerman
How to view dates of submission/upload for multiple files in "Advanced uploading of files" 0 dom nerus
group overrule 1 Mary Cooch
Assignment: possible upgrades? 1 Richard Oelmann
Sorry, but you do not currently have permissions to do that (View assignment) 26 Ahmad Fahim Ayub
Why is it not possible to jump directly to grading page? 5 Marcus Green
How to get assignment and grades 1 Max Milov
Removing all Activies/Resources from a class 1 Emma Richardson
Maximum MB's for a document. 11 ben reynolds
Annotate PDF - creating a student version 7 Yael Z
Hide Group members' work from other members 4 V Paul C Charlesraj
Student Notification 1 Paula Clough
Assignments with different answers for each student 6 Tom F
Student ability to choose marker 4 Simon Heissler
Disable Assignment Student Notification 2 Erwin Ancheta
"submitted for grading" but no file 12 Susana L.
Students can't see asigment activity V2.8 4 Mary Cooch