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SQL Query to create a log report

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Re: SQL Query to create a log report
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You are welcome, Subhash. I am happy to help. smile

Again, you may want to look at Project Inspire:

We have an "Anonymise" local plugin that can de-identify your log records (and other tables) so you do not risk exposing personally identifying information while conducting your research. This can be critical to conduct (or publish) research in the US or the EU, and is good practice in general.

We welcome all researchers to exchange ideas about learning analytics and data mining within Project Inspire. Our goal is to develop high-quality, open source machine learning tools for learning analytics to improve student success. There is much to learn in this area, and I think we will all make more progress by working together. We will be providing de-identified open data sets as part of this initiative, and this may be helpful to many researchers such as yourself, for validating algorithms outside of a single institution.

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