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Development of methodical curricula (teacher-oriented)

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Development of methodical curricula (teacher-oriented)


I was faced with the task of "Creating a Methodical Curriculum Editor".

Since the main task is the sale of methodical aids by subscription, I chose the bundle joomdle + virtuemart + moodle.

I will be grateful for your help:

1. Could you suggest how to solve the task?

I explain the question:

A) create editors and tables on the Moodle level and connect these pages via Wrap to Joomla

B) create both an editor and tables in Joomla. This way seems easier, but I'm losing functionality in the Moodle Mobile application. Although I do not have the confidence that the new editors will appear in the Moodle Mobile automatically.

2. Do you have the time and opportunity to help in writing the code to solve this problem?

I attach the illustrations of all the missing editors. Only one screenshot shows the entry point to the editing system "Methodical timetables".

I hope for your kind response.

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